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The Original BORN ONES

by One Be Lo and Bean One

Bridge POLICE MORE LIKE TERRORIST HERE, TARGETING SLUMS TEST SCORES STARTING TO PLUNGE, FOR DAUGHTERS AND SONS WHEN DREAMS START CLOGGING THE PIPES, THEY POCKET THE FUNDS KILL US DEAD FILL US WITH LEAD WATER GUNS Verse/ lyrics Flashbacks Splash backs you might pose a threat Shot A Teenage mutant That ninja need sewer side help They Land mines, if planning the wrong steps Strategic, they give us a choice to choose our own death The food we eat The water we drink Don't know the signs, but we know the Ro-lex We so fresh We flow best So many black professional peeps but as a people can we pro-gress? We protest walking the streets The #Hashtags often repeat From officer grief For faucet and leaks Water Guns fill you with lead but won't clog up the sink A shower of bullets riddle bodies in all of this steam Soap devour the stink Politicians lobby disease Some property seized Get Shot in a dream It's not the same as drinking liquor but get Shot in a drink Color watered fountains I wonder what Martin would think? Where the real terrorist thrive? It's not the East The block sprayed up The kids wet up the river is red The Living Dead asking, "why the fisherman fled?" Don't be shocked this happen way Before the switch was in bed Them Emails on the web A long time ago Not trynna sign it tho Snyder Know/no Hidey Ho mighty blow People infected From lethal injections Secrets weapons Breathing excessive What she ingested When she was pregnant It's not game Get shot in the stomach shot in the brain He tried to shoot the answers in class His thought was a blank His enemy is not in a tank it's a water tank Emergency Manager pirates making'em walk the plank Fall off and sank like Africans when they crossed the waves Slaves tradin lives Atlantic Ocean the largest grave Soak up we sawed off, in double barrels Lead pipes test scores special Ed classrooms The Mission- It's Deeper than Snoop and Dre, it's Under cover Kwame in the pen talking shit like a mutha fucka All these father figures blaming all these muthafuckas Its so ironic, mis lead With plastic bottle rubbish Filter the slime buckets rebuild the infrastructure Common ills Doctor bills water bills Kids suffering Send something, Insiders move on Outsiders move in With water bottle coupons Fresh Lake Huron? Eerie and Superior? The Government, the media, We can't take'em serious -He said he was praying for the people sorrow He' better off playin and prayin he hit the lotto The New world water aint a damn thing change record So mos def, I drop a Yasiin Bey reference Water guns spray leaded Water balloons, grenade weapons Leaving you drained, stain, infected With the same method." Shootin Suckaz Amazin' Super Soaker Aimin' credits
First Draft NO HUMAN LEFT EVERY HUMAN RIGHTS NO MAN LEFT EVERY MAN RIGHTS NO WOMAN LEFT EVERY WOMAN RIGHTS NO CHILD LEFT EVERY CHILD RIGHTS Verse 1 You wanna draw the line, Don't lettuce get across You' lettuce getting tossed I dust you off, what you talk, dead and getting chalked My energizer batteries connected with assault And when the temperature boil Ya boys turn fettuccini soft Pepper and the salt Seasoned beef Vegetables and all (One bite) You need more than a dentist in ya' jaw You wanna see more (Seymour) Tell ya little shop of horrors How I spark the revolution with the Television off My people get up, You feel the ghetto when I talk Another line, set up in the Aux These moves come together like the feathers of a Hawk My wings wide, Keep dreams alive Like Coretta did with Doc Some rebels shake their ______ like its jello in their draws But the rebel with a cause, nope Never get involved No silver, gold elements to floss The wise people say the root of evil is the cheddar in the vault But you rappers trade ya soul for a necklace and a watch Big or Small? Any deal with the devil is a loss Hearts conceal what the pupils never saw But on the day of resurrection gotta settle with Allah Verse 2 We ingest liquid injustice with just ice What's wrong Tamir Rice And Too many names to write His story got us thinking savage thief in the flight On the average Fox News play it live day and night Making some news ratings keep raising afraid of heights But I'm sayin' like are you made of men or made of mice? Some fair weather friends never come rain but shine Some May Weather brothers gotta get paid to fight The black and brown colors treated cold flavored ice Maybe save ya baby life in cages with paper kites Four corners four brothers like Saginaw and Pike But I'm like, Right across the street raping mics I Turner couple punch lines Like Tina and Ike You read media hype You might flee the advice The Sky painted bright with songs key to my life When I can't see the light, I'm still Stevie precise You wonder where im Coming from Music of my mind These inner visions talking books hotter than July You wanna draw with lead That's where we draw the line Got it picture in my mind Soldiers are getting in line
Still Here Verse 1 With no supervision in our youth dimension Screwing women, food and liquor, it was too delicious Moving spinach bi'ness, wit' my crew of niggaz Broken mirror, true descendants, superstitious of our Zulu image Who the menace? Yo we on some 'Who is Dennis?' Moving through ya village, cruel intentions if ya' jewel expensive Felonious My trust homies only Sky blue the limit, even Steven when the moon is risen The freaks come out, the beast come out Black or Brown, slammed to the ground ya teeth come out Black and Blue, Dracula food, you leak some out 'Zoom!' To emergency room, you need some now... And I ain't just talking out my ass See some of us ain't here to talk about the past My pad is the canvas and the picture is real clear Big Jess in a wheel chair You blessed cuz you still here Verse 2 Chemistry bad, enemies blast On the curb liquor we splash, the memories last Sort of like our fore fathers, painted History black Fast forward, no fathers, more misery cast at momma's expense Silly you ask, What is called for? Eleventh grade, Swan got shot on the ball court (pow!) Skipped school when she called my phone I'm in the hospital room, I seen it all unfold Foul shots got made, Trotter still on the globe' Ten years later buck shots still in his dome All Praise due to God, didn't send for his soul Now a wife and six kids, barely Thirty years old, he still here verse 3 We play Tekken with skill Hold weapons and shield Feel the weight on ya' shoulders, peer pressure is real A lot of children fall victim get arrested or killed In the streets even summertime temperature chill You see ya' father and ya' uncle and big brother in prison Just look at the statistics, millions stuck in the system It's like Elmer's paste when the judge rest the case Each metal cage hold us till we reach elder's age... Fail to pray we either got hell to pay, or bail to pay No mail today Justice or Just us in correctional Collect calls home Outta sight, outta mind Living life with no parole We' still here
Free Dumb Verse 1 I learned how to voice at home Baby boy, the food and the toys alone Anything that i wanted I would wine and moan Speech unknown, my words like a secret code "Ma Ma...Da Da" I repeat what's shown Who is that in the background? Queen of Soul I would dance to the music Body got bigger... vocab bigger I would speak my own Playmates communicate... Momma used to say 'ease the tone' Especially when you speak to grown I was so damn 'oops' upside the dome If my poppa heard me cuss, my hide was Ohhh Where you learn how to say that? boy you wrong, I said 'I over heard you talking on the phone' See its a whole lot of things little kids can't do, When i grow up, i wanna be just like you" Verse 2 Move along to an older me Music is a J to the O to the B The world know me as a dope emcee Make girls wanna dance like Josephine A whole lot of emcees on the scene But i'm so complete And they don't compete When they lost their style The contract was foul Who, What, Where, How When they're told to speak My soul is free Even fans wanna lock One Be Lo in a box, But I hold the key Old man said if you don't please, Then you gon' starve And you gon' freeze And what they gone do when you' on the streets? I said, I don't know But play these beats And I'm gon' toil and I'm gon' teach In the soil you reap what you sew I gotta go these seeds Verse 3 The African American Slave Names and language, not the same today Back then no choice, had to pick in the sun No voice could speak in original tongue We would learn this English broken... We would work and sing devoted... Masta really didn't know what was going on When he heard we was singing about Moses like, Go down... Wade in the H-2-O Look around, everybody trynna save they soul It's a Negro spiritual, maybe so Break the code, its time to escape and go Underground railroad knew the verses too Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth Denmark Vessey, Nat Turner too Communicated in Private, the truth shall set you free The same words get you murdered too Catch a run away slave in return for loot That dash... Backlash... Quick to get'em hung Torture the old, and send a message to the young President Lincoln said, Instead of run Every nigga get a gun, and you're free when its done I fight for the Whites if it really is true When I'm free, I wanna be just like who?"
To Get Her Verse 1 On ya’ mark get set... Go with the flow All I really wanna know, is You ready for the race? Ain’t gotta be like Andretti on a date We can slow dance, both hands, heavy on the waste I read it on ya’ face I’m not even illiterate a little bit check it out test result- ace Multiple choice, I choose all of you above anything under the sun, Umbrellas for the rain Sound foreign or strange? I conquer ya love Now we speak the same tongue like Mexico and Spain My head’ll go insane livin’ life without you Make Freddy wanna chase, you're a dream come true You told me how your X man, slept on all your traits Who he treated like Garbage’ll never go to waste I’m taking in account you’re a treasure in the bank And my interest, one hundred percentage on the rates Caught up in the moment, not trynna get away You could trap Whodini girl I bet he won’t escape The Aisles, ring, vows, confetti and the cake Stuff like this happen, stuff Teddy get replaced Verse 2 Just think Justice Just us Just Ice on the ring finger you just might Be the most beautiful seen up in the sun light Love life tailormade, gotta be cut right? Silence is torture, I gotta confess I don’t think about U... I think about U-S “US” in the garden, picking some fruit, YES Knight with the armor, What should I prove next? I might saddle a stallion, battle a dragon Just to get you back and practice satisfaction, the whole time But all I needed is a fraction Talk is cheap baby, I’m lights, camera, action Verse 3 Sometimes somebody can sneak up Hit you when you least expect to see love This relationship immune to hate, Because... Feelin’ it He was... Feelin’ it she was... And now tongues speaking in French like “we” was... telling stories about the birds and bee’s buzz, honey Mama Papa bear sweet love, Baby don't look now, here come the she cubs
Saturday Verse 1 I remember back in the day my stay was on the East My game was on the court, them players was' on a streak Them books get me the grade, but i ain't wanna read It's too many kittens to chase, and I ain't on a leash Some people smile in ya face, if they could only reach For the blade, when you turn around, make it so you bleed And even when ya physical heal, remember 'Shids advice... Even Christ had traitors on his team They make it so it seems like, They was only clean like, You was only trippin'... Vacation on a beach Sometimes I use the N word, they don't give a bleep Yo I'm saying what you thinking, I just say it over beats I know you feeling my pain, but you ain't gonna scream She seen me back in the day, but she ain't wanna speak She see me rapping today, she think I want a freak But she gotta go... No Her tank is on the E I gotta flow, So, them babies gonna eat Creation from Lo and Bean We making it for the Streets We rage against the machine I pray I stay on my deen Bust a cold sweat... And wake up from a dream everyday is the second day of the week Verse 2 It ain't a style that I can't touch Some big shit dropping on the mic To the point that I can't flush The flow I maintain so stainless, I can't rust Got all the heads waving at me like a Dianne brush Got all the labels waving contracts, but I can't trust Anybody with pennies, prolly would sign that stuff You'll be lucky if you make a quarter back on the line, hut-hut Full blitz you with the five man rush Bullshit you with the right hand clutch Hand shaking with the Devil now ya' soul needs a fireman truck With hose and water leaking out the hydrant- Groupie hoes sneaking out the Hyatt Black gold written on papyrus You would think One Be Lo fingers got the Midas Beware of all the Pirates One eye open even asleep, Everyday is the seventh day of the week Speak Verse 3 During the week, Most people got school or careers Minds roaming elsewhere, bodies glued to a chair Thinking, 'What they gon' do when its here?' I'm talking 'bout the weekend Warriors be like the Zulu with spears For some, its a time to relax or go shopping Have a little fun or get they' night life poppin' Morning cartoons, so the kids stay calm Yo I had to make it into a song Saturday, yeah
BORN Ones 01:47
The Ones And Only Bean and Lo be like the homies Got some beats he can throw me Master of the ceremony Never phony Or bologna Or a hoagie Or a coney Get to know me Friend or foe S word play, Shinobi Hear we play for beats Play for keeps Play for trophies Run and hide with these, I'll take ya feet and name you Toby It's hard enough luck Trynna bag chips slowly Cuz I stay fresh dipped Like a bowl of Guacamole I make a lot of points They' hating on me like Kobe Tell the critics they can blow me They can stick They can stone me But names never broke me Shiiiit Call me Ginobli No matter what you State like Missouri Just show me Cheese and Macaroni Just pay me what you owe me The sherrif in town I son you like Opey We don't compare it's hard to bear like Yogi I'm a birdie You' a bogey Gettin cozy Listen closely A dope emcee was The potency of A key Sold to the OJ from A local authority buggin a rotary Phone who totally spoke free No need for further questions Evidence Or testimony We' the ones
Born OnesBorn Champions Verse 1 It's the Return of the Dragon Unleashed Breathe I strike like a book of those Raps and Drum beats Rhymes, I drop lines handled clumsy I pull a crowd sled style like Alaskan Husky A number 1 jam for the fans to bug me They get the latest fashion from me See I'm so fly if you ask Whaddup G? Players say "Lo coach the game, first 'class above me'" Bles1 scratch and cut me Jeromeskee and Twixx in the mix like Hash and Skunk weed You heard that I ran with Sub T? But no more hints, I represent with the Massive Monkees B-Boy, B-Girl jams get funky A question, serious as Cancer Lungs be You heard that I ran with Sub T? But no more hints I represent with the Massive Monkees Verse 2 Now When it comes to my pad, I'm a junkie Sorta like Sanford and Son reruns, ya Big Dummy Versed since birth, Little Rascal Up bring Never liked Alfalfa, pass the Buckwheat I never could dance, but I came Off the Wall like Jackson if the shorty back was lovely Krushed the whole Groove Jam Master, Run D Lo to Hip Hop Johnny Cash to Country We battle with writtens or the Gats amongst me But that's like wearing shoulder pads in rugby And that's when the jam get ugly I still defeat(feet) you like Kunta on a path to run free Police need more than a badge to cuff me Battle funds or free, you could barely touch me You can't cut the Mustard, Sandwich, Lunch meat Rosa Parks with a gun couldn't Stand and Buss me Expose you and Photo-graph ya mug piece Fake Al and Bugsy, Splash the bubbly Pull ya cards, ya pockets don't Carry money Everybody gon' laugh like you Carrie bloody Now the B-Boy B-Girl Jams get funky A question, serious as Cancer lungs B You heard that I ran with Sub T? But no more hints, I represent With the Massive Monkees
War Is BORN 04:48
War Verse 1 Now in a certain part of town you gotta roll deep These cold streets 'll make you wanna hold heat These cannibals don't always show you their teeth They watch you from a distance and wait for you to go to sleep Now what you doing driving late night? Your license plate say from 'out of state' right? These local cats will have you on the chase like O.J. Have you caught up in a game that you don't play Killing over turf, it's only getting worse The nickel burst, Hit him first Miss him in the dirt Another brother dead, 'cuz he keep shit live Twenty-Four-Seven on a Three-Six-Five Rolled up on a 'Stang with the V-Six shine But the owner had it on him, caught him by surprise (pow) One bullet and his chest was split Two years for the gun, no murder charge, self defense Verse 2 Now a man got a family so he work hard His wife's stomach grows large and she wears a scarf And tho she don't own the biggest car, biggest crib Hey shine like a Binary Star, thick and thin One God, they try to live a life without sin It's hard 'cuz you gotta live ya life around men So every where you turn, it's a physical war spiritual war chemical war mental or more Heads know he turn his faith over to God Now the Feds at his door, cuz he go to the Mosque Last year he went to Saudi Arabia Hajj Now they're trynna say he linked with Al Qaeda, Jihad In front of his eyes, raped his wife Then decided to to his life Put her on a plane, late that night Deported her back to Iraq She gave birth to a seed growing up, knowing facts like that? Dwelling on the past Twenty years, training to bust Blood stain in his path He's a dangerous man You would label him a terrorist, Say what you gotta say, But Allah knows somebody gotta pay, guess who's on his way?


The Original Born Ones

What happens when One culture takes over another? What happened when Christianity met the indigenous peoples in the New World? What happened when the Ottomon Turks invaded Constantinople?

This picture was taken at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey.

Here is one of the Original Mosaics that was plastered over after Constantinople was conquered by the Turks. The Church was converted in a Mosque, and the name of city Constantinople was changed to Istanbul.

In the early 20th century, the Mosque was converted into a museum and experts were brought in to remove the plaster to reveal the original art work.

So what happened when Chief Seattle Bean One met Chief Pontiac One Be Lo?

The history of this work reminded me of the music that I originally recorded with Bean One in Seattle back in 2006. The Born Ones (Bean One recorded Nahshid once Nahshid entered Seattle) is finally here. We started working on this album together in 2006 and then due to other circumstances we put the project on pause. While we both continued to record more music, this project sat on my hard drive until January 2016. I decided to uncover these original copies, for the world to see. Releasing this project during Black History month is symbolic, because here One Be Lo writes and records his own history. 80% of this project is the original recordings of 10 years ago. To keep the project relevant, I decided to uncover some of the issues being addressed right here in 2016 and beyond. This is what happened when Chief Seattle met Chief Pontiac, and now the Original Born Ones are reborn.


released February 27, 2016

Produced By: Bean One and OneManArmy
Graphic Layout: ReeseMaryam


all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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