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Water World 3

by Binary Star

KoBe 03:01
Wait til I exhale my flows ability The Dragon the fire the gold and shimmery I burn with desire in cold assemblies My voice thru da wire control the energy MC OG Chicago and Sicily Rap everywhere see me Rome like Italy Microphones gets blown in close proximity I don't stop kickin' these goals, without penalties Show you how to make it when I zone out mentally Make moves physically billin me you feelin me? liars, they wanna steal my whole identity I rain on they' parades like the hole in Kennedy Drop top, diamond in the back, solar energy Global warming, penguins meet the centipedes Wisdom, maybe you consider me Ministry of dentistry Menace to Society Nobody denying me
From Birth crying Circumsizing my Work applying Time burglarizing Persons retire To Dirt Alliance It's Perfect Science Like burger fries And Colonel Thighs Mines Turpentine These twerps tiny These serpents giant They' making hits but Im the murder writer Shitty rappers look like the shit It Make Us look like the fertilizer My Brother J Pioneer Grand Verbalizer X resting in Peace Peace To Prince the Purple Biker No Justice No Peace you Heard the Riots All Around the World many Shocked G words applying 'Same song' translated like the Word of Zion Swearing like a nervous liar hand on attorney bible I Len/lend myself to these lines, I'm certainly Bias Black boys playing with playin plastic guns, burnt with the iron Triangle patterns over my head, vultures and lions Eyes want a piece of ya pie Ain't no curbin' this diet I'm in my own lane Sometimes swerving but still driving With a permanent license Thru this furnace assignment Earning my stripes in this world war, further surviving Stars in my camp, concentrate like German Defiance The evolution of mind Gears working behind it Often conversing in private Treasure be lurking inside it Only the searchers can find it Deep with a burning desire See culture returning to violence When the workers get fired
Shogun 03:01
It's so real So ill Swallow a pill Gargle and spill Oil Automobile Control the wheel Burn Rubber appeal Never let the motor chill Seen more faces than Poker deals Tank tops, bare arms where the soldiers kill Pythons with Hogan appeal Holdin' the steel Blazin' guns Raisin in the Sun Hot as oat meal I Write poems for thrill They bite like a Doberman's grill Fade you like the Barber of a Seville Maybe it's over ya head Maybe you over the hill like O'Neal It don't take a Kobe to squeal Or the Coffee holdin' the milk But not the Cream get the money dolla dolla bill Fill the envelope Nope broken the seal You' coming up stiletto We ballin' like Wilt strollin' on stilts Fully built, You think like the Wolf blowin' at pigs You' too soft, It feel like the wind blowing at silk The rain blowing the brainstorming The lightening bolt on the hill Verse electrifying eel Power for a drill In the flesh Like the fangs Cobras reveal Throw the staff like Moses will Speaking of the spoken, God-chosen I throw'em a deal Everybody know that it's real/Isreal Politics Palestine time to go for your shield The only hope for Khalil Muhammad spoke to Ji'bril It's less snow on the window sill The more colder it feel Devoted to explode it at will Fuck ball, got bigger Jordan's to fill You Jack while I'm bonin' my Jill It's the Bad Boy Daily Coach of the Year The moment you fear Feel Still yeah
Have you said yellin this, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Decompoze embellish Lo speech impediment Flows on a pedestal Rooms call me Elephant Bombing your caSsettlement Resident of Terrorist Not killing the heretics With English speaking Arabic I'm talking bout America The Media with Narratives Mr Wizard of Oz, you might be thinkin Maryland Wishin you had brain, crows be on that scary ish Lion/lying you sayin my science wasn't on that rare ish Need at least ten/Tin man, to BANG in comparison Keep you on ya toes Witch/which ever beat I cherry pick Wide open layups And high off the J's butt I climbed on the way up Holdem up wait up, nope Foot on the Break up Wheels spinning beginning women Mo-men-tum straight up My lines never enough rhymes get buffet rushed Skills, they pay da bills eat a meal lick the plate up The only weight up On scale 1 to 7 you get 8/ate up Cookies I bake up Tell'em to wake up Sonny scare Cher and smear a lotta mascara I handle Barbells you boys Hannah Barbara One Be Lo said/set it, temperature dropping the weather I sell a a Capella like helicopter propeller That's Way over ya head of my time watching the weather Strike a vibe voluntary involve not a vendetta And then I kill his opinion As tho I chill as the villain As Proof you witness the killin Some people listen to Dilla Cold as Michigan winter See ever finger that shiver Don't mean it's pulling the trigger More like a temperature feeling Now clearly what you hear is a mirror image of Guinness Cuz before the record ended I started a new beginning From little pimpin' to pilgrims I circled around the building Malcolm X/Exit and Enter Metaphors in my lyrics I Shredder like Macaroni and Chedder for dinner And most rap ninjas snitches kick it with splinter Downtown drop it hot I'm crowned Jean Basquiat You crossin these words, you da SAMO/ same ole carbon cop Always making something fresh for tomorrow Beef- you looking kinda loose in a taco Magic- my state of mind dropping outta college You ain't Worthy for the position They shoot you in the googles I hook'em like Abdul Jabbar, do the puzzle that's As Salaam, the Laker the one, triple double 33 degrees Phoenix, Zeus and Apollo Compoze been freakin flows since high school wit Rahlo O Type, Juice, Chicago the proof is in the bottle I Cruise through deez Crews like the Coups in the Congo Skills on the Console Seals on the Envelope fans fell Domino one man yell Geronomooo Pirate the guess spot Find Treasure chest spot Sniper taking my best shot Aiming it at tha desk job Over the limit the Michellins Spinnin' I'm kicking it in yo' face If you wanna know what the hell it is? That venomous poison slang
Fresh 03:02
A Boy Can Die Early From Guns Held In Justified Killings Like Mike Brown Now Officers Patrol Quick Trip Returning Soon To Undermine Violent Weapons X Yes Zombies Africans Became Captured During Explorer Flaws Getting Hauled In Jumbo Kits Looking Mostly Nubian Opposite Perfectly Quipped Runnin' Shoot'em The Utmost Visionaries Were Xcecuted You (Z)Xenophobic Atheist Bitch Chinky Darkie Easy Faggot Gay Honkeys Itch Jew Kid Loose Mutt Niggers Outcast Pussy Queer Retarded Sluts Terrorist Ugly Vagina Weird X Zibit & Zip it Rip it Action Be Come Drum Everybody From Ghana Havana Indiana Johannesburg Kenya Luxembourg Medina's Navajo Nation Outdoors Preserved Quietly Situated Reserved Transformation Using Vaccinations With X-tra X-tra Yep Yep Zig Zag papers Air Biology Changing Draining Energy Famous Gaining Hanging In Jungle huts Killin' it Long Months Not Once Phife Quest Rules Shahid Testifying Universal Verses With Young Zulus Adrenalin Benjamin's Centering Degenerate Energy Givin'em Hemorrhage's Interview Jib-berish Killinit Limitless Minutemen Nemesis Opposite Penmanship Quivalent Resemblance Smooth Temperament Unlimited Verbiage Without Xrated Yankee Zimmerman's Guilty or innocent? Finish him Asiatic Born Cee Decompoze Equally Freakin' Flo's Good Hip Hop International Just King Love Mastering Nations Cipher (O) Power Hail to the Queen Rule Self Truth U n I verse the Victory Wisdom Unknown Y? Zig Zag Ziggety What you know about the Attic Be? Cee Ya
BeDiLLJuice 04:03
I Don't, join'em I beat'em Defeat'em like feet on dung scarubs the Beatles comparing my drums, be starring Ringo B' role/roll like the movies B' code these one, zeroes To be fair Some rappers be high Could never be Lo The beats entree like beef be on plates Every one in three thousand wanna be Andre Be wishin They could bewitching with Dr Bombay Beyond words Beyond J ladies Beyoncé Begone way rappin ambassador flood flashin The camera with ya amateur manager in the passenger Even if you traveled to vaticans tried cross me with Catholics Ain't shit happen like abdomens with a catheter Haters why bother They want me to bring it harder I'm pulling a Slang Blade from the sword King author Bars stab hard to the core deep chakra Websites post it on the wall Pete Parker Boom shaka lacka Number One chief rocka Til my sons bye Fords like Run D's father Al Ben/ been a Pay Pal Daryl Mac model Mean I crown McDaniels And clown McDonalds 'Justin' case you you wanna run it down a bit That's my Spontaneous Peeps On Other Kinda Shit! A Spook on the gas Unregular leaded squeeze What else? speed of sound stealth, Jetting through the breeze Who else? One be Lo, Beheaded with guillotines Nobody next/necks I promise you'll negative feel a thing
It's such a beautiful creation, God's Art And I ain't even started talking 'bout the body parts Voltron when we' not apart, Lion heart Warrior in the dark, and even the riots start Not the average B's/beast She aim for the higher marks Trade knowledge wit me College degree Hella Smart Thinking 'bout them times We pulled debit cards Jedi's The red eye flights came from hella far Just to get with the real deal Won't stab you in the heart like Vivica, Kill Bill But villain I will chill Deeper than a cat fish school no swimming drills More revolution less televised the real Gil/gill Hi Jack a Jill hill figure like steel mill Get behind the big wheel How did the meal feel? Blow in the wind mill To send chills Similar to notes I kill, whatever pen spills Being a Queen that's means having authority From the majority Similar her sorority It's kinda hard to ignore She' never boring me Got me looking forward to foreign And not important things Vacations Sand castles Royal things Real world love stories Without the horror scenes Support the King And plus, she got her own dreams Both working smart playin harder Than a sports team
Deposit songs into the memory bank Don't O /owe N E / any Man I hit'em with A/Aye R (are) We gonna show M (them) Y (why)? We kill'em away With lyrical spray Political world we live in today Lights, Camera, Cinema play And police say we shouldn't complain Cuz n!gg@s wit trigg@s would did us the same Blow us away it's a typical day So One Be Lo, the temperature stay The summer is cold, The winter is late I Spring before they fall in my way The Lord work in mysterious ways That man working for minimum wage The poor get poor The richer get prey The minister paid The middle decay Father figures addicted astray We miss him but hey, we're still in the game Don't always believe what they literally say You knocking boots? I'm Italy way Similar to paint I fill in the blanks I'm landing mines at enemy tanks The image portray Some lizard and snakes But really it's him in that mirror display All in my face Invisible hate Physically stuck in a miserable state The biggest disgrace Trump bigot debates Bernie, Carson, Hilary race Sippin champagne Cinnamon baked The media say, the privileges same This ain't about race so don't get in my lane You're digging more graves Lock us away Clickety clank The system fill and we're feeling betrayed Send me a lemon I'll send lemonade Lemon rice chicken Lemon meringue Lemon I squeeze And riddle ya brain Lime Light I did it the same Juice bars Ba Binary Stars Ma Molotovs Ba Ba Ba Bars Ba Ba Ba Bang Triggers I aim Both of us living, not living the same Ask me how long I been in this game? You cave man come live in my age Since the begininng like Genesis page Alpha-Omega unlimited ways Even/Eve and Adams/atoms gimme a break Nuclear bang Killing a page Pen and grenade Ba Ba Ba Bang
DemoCrazy 03:55
Big nation fist waving at a dictator Draining power from the generators The man woman and child, across the generations Everybody entangled Crowd under the arid clouds, but missles raining Gang banging see the blood and the cripple babies Poking out a nipple lady run away, they Lynch and hang'em They say the system's changing Turntables trigga fingers mixer fade em But the big stations still didn't play'em Bloodthirsty east to wes like mister kraven Is this Satan? demons waiting on a demonstration missed prayers tents pitched in the big square Welcome to the glitch matrix They omit data tick tick tick tick tick hanging getting impatient armed soldiers vs the brick masons penetrated tears dangle from the gas wears the ventilation Get it? get vacant No more kids playing inflation, infiltration, causing inflammation Mr-Mis-Information Pushing displacement disc causing discomfort like you piss razors Instigators teeth way sharper than a swimming gator not really complicated ignorant to danger sometimes the bullets went stray and a couple hit strangers Modern times like the Pharoahs from the distant ages It's an understatement if I told that the shits crazy It's really no time to get lazy Sun rais'em where the Nile is the river basin Winter blazing but some hearts seem refrigerator Bin ladens in the city no relation to a bin Franklin Receive a standing ovation on ya chin greying Wise said a sword ain't as mighty as the pen and page is Revolution in a Facebook/Twitter nation politicians over the hill, this more like Himalayas Lifestyles of the rich and famous Religious statements from the one who kiss the babies But their hearts seem rotten like the apple I ain't talking where the knicks is playing Figure skaters in the palace with the Piston players different neighbors Poor people with the pinched payments Vent hatred The early birds get it first, hook the fish later And that's deeper than a splinter cut traveled by some Witch hazel Heard it thru grapevine of my temptations Time to get naked for a minute, bare facts Dick, anus say hooee for the pimp players Licking lips fingertips feel shackles on the wrist ankles The newspapers printin hatred got it mistaken Propaganda hit the fan and now the shit stanking When the camera's shoot stars get spangled Watch the banners get tailored be the first one to get famous Life's a b!tch But some lives can be the Vic, Michael may be in the pits player
SUBTERRANEOUS! From WaterWorld, bubble, lakes and floods Planet of the Apes in Tux- Guns in Baby Clutch It's like a Jungle Dangerous, sometimes It makes me wonder How I keep from going Under Navy Subs Subterraneous! Tongue available in other languages Custom slang wit it, Or visit a couple ancient ones Like Corpus Habeas, tell'em "Open the cages up" Stuck a chain on us, and tainted mud with native blood Pyramid angles, plus Angels, plus Angel dust Complex, above the Aliens Humble the Atheist Uncle Sam troubles make a fuss Scud and Patriot Pilgrim to Peninsula Arabia and Prey on us I slam wins with the Pin/pen Hulkemania Off the top buckle cater kicks, knuckle sandwiches One Man Army General Subliminal Lofat, Nahshid, Lo Be One hundred Alias Subterraneous


This album is for WE

who evidently

Weren't Expecting...

WE explains what evolved when era's without elders watched executives with enormous wealth exchange well established word experts work ethic with easy wackly expressed weak efforts waving extra weapons expressing wild ego's wanting everything west east while expanding wardrobe endorsements, willing emptiness with emphasis. WE entered Water Earth World Entertainment with everything we embody, weather environment Winter Evergreen wizard experiments. Word experts who emcee without ever wasting energy. Wednesday's evening war example's winning enemies, without exception wack emcees won't escape wiped erased. Words elevate written essays with every witty escapade. We employ working entrepreneurs worth engaging without exploitation with economy well earned, while encouraging women empowerment with equal writing exercises well executed. Waiting ends with electrocution, while Earth's whole entire water element waves emerge with excellence. WOneBeLod Ecompoze with extra weight echos wonderful ethos. Websites emails will explode.

WE are Binary Star, Water World 3


released June 2, 2017

Subterraneous Presents: Binary Star, Water World 3

Produced by Decompoze and OneManArmy (Trackezoids/Autocons)
Featuring: Kodac, Mahogany Jones, One Be Lo, Authentic, Mic Phelps, Logic, Ra'dames, Decompoze, MC Juice, ILLite aka T Calmese, MC Tres, Amr Ali Bin Eeka, Stephanie Solis, RoSpit and Malaki.
Cover art by WizWon, Graphic layout by Jesse Stark
Executive Producer: GNRLsubLMNL


all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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