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The Looma (part 5​/​5)

by One Be Lo

LIGHT YEARS APART The black hole and the whole of its contents whether planets, molecules, sound or light particles were under total dark deadening dominance. Stars and quasars seriously solemn synonymous in a voiceless volume were swallowed in a belly, believably bottomless. It's very essence eliminated escape, Which made returning to open space an emotional race, slow motion pace. The gravity of the situation finally floated away like ocean waves with zero being the closest weight. Some celestial satellites revolved and rather rotated in solar chase while others chose to hold in place. As long as Motu was there to hold a flame, nobody froze in range of the golden blaze. Lo and behold, both astronauts biceps and bones embraced with bear hugs and spoke in celebratory phrases while tears floated from their faces. Returning to the Universe was like babies being born again, seeing and hearing faculties for the first time since the bottomless hole blackout laws were broken. Never say nevera. The Rocket ships role returned to regular, navigating nimbus nebula, celestial satellite's, and cosmic etcetera. The Phoenix flying featherless along with the Dragon dragging the Fellowship was effortless. Their speed outmatched meteoroid measurements, asteroids and comet companions, exited with exciting tales of excellence. Distant stars appeared as decimals, while rotating Planet rocks peddled moon pebbles. Shooting suckers amazingly sparkled and sputtered. Wunda stared at the wonders that were here, as they headed in the direction of Water World's atmosphere.
Ee'ti slowed as the Rocket ship approached the globe and humble abode. Her voice controlled the mythical creatures with ancient syllable speeches and code. Water World's elliptical atmosphere was a beautiful visual, but the reentry was critical. The gravity weighed heavy as they returned to an environment more physical. The ships air conditioned system switch to manual tradition and now Wunda inhaled the natural oxygen til his lungs were fully extended. He held his breath like pirate hands gripping gold, then exhaled slow like lips playing piccolo. Even though they accomplished the impossible, he knew what was written on Trackezoid temple walls and in scrolls was yet to unroll.
One below 01:23
The tilted Water World planet rotating below spins slow, now with both poles South and North filled with ice and snow. The Rocket ship reentered the atmosphere, reaching soaring temperature’s. Certain from seeing how some parts of its surface seared. Ee’ti lowered the landing gear clear on the Northernmost continent of Kigpush. The terrain is covered by ice, accumulated over many moons since the Blue Suns doom. The uninhabited Kigpush welcomed snowflake confetti without the wedding party. The couple landed in a snow bed and the hot craft cooled off outwardly. Ee’ti paused to praise the Most High, properly. Wunda bowed his head in harmony thankful for another opportunity to offer unity. “Ameen!” They concluded simultaneously.
Slanglava 01:35
The frigid climate was timid compared to the Black hole visit, but too cold for man or beast to live in it. The temperature begins to rise when the Phoenix arrives. From ice mountains to mud, Motu's moves continue to mold the melting mounds of snow cones evaporating into murky clouds that lifted above the ozone. As the sea levels attempted to drown the coasts and raise high above harbors, Motu evaporated most of the melted water with wings waging the barter. Clouds continued to expand their dark forms, daring to drop enormous doubt on lands suffering drought boiled topsoil. Margonos submerges into a hole blown in the Iceberg beneath it's float to breathe flames below the frigid waters that cooled the fire vomit with intensive force to produce Slanglava of course. As avalanche action advanced on Kigpush, the erosion exposed it's land mass allowing Ee'ti and Wunda to grasp Slanglava new growth en masse, collected on the coast where they encamped. In a Phoenix flash they loaded the stash and boarded the Rocket ship, headed towards Auto Khan settlement and Tyrant resident.
KEEP IT COOL KID, PEOPLE USUALLY SHOW HATE Celph's hunger and craving for power is a taste unique. With the Evils of Celph in power, the Ssa continue to devour with every dark hour. He continues to cast spells, “IN THE NAME OF OGE!” Then slow and steady, “TARE-OYOU-BE-ELLY!” With this magic medley, Celph gives birth to N’roblits, the half cat, half gorilla goblins who assist in conquest. Aligned as allies with the Mighty Conquistador confederate army, his cult becomes the Water World's most dominate party. They continued to torture bodies and form colonies beyond boundaries. The religion reinforced the parties politics with immortal myths of godliness. On Sun day they symbolically ate many bodies and drank blood in mini goblets. On Moon day they baptized their wolfpack of toddlers with rabid saliva, increasing their followers of holy howlers. Wood totem monuments spoke in volumes and obelisk monoliths stood colossal, clustered in columns. It was obvious the Wolfman's haughtiness howled ominous under the full Moon's glossiness, now being casually covered by an unusual cloudiness.
With the planet plunged in panic and battling, the Tyrant imagined the possibility of failure unraveling. Due to absence and secret pursuit of the Dragon, the Phoenix center was finally abandoned and covered with plants and tyrantula. Many inhabitants believed the Phoenix left them stranded on the planet so they turned to frantic antics and vanished. From the cockpit, Ee’ti projected towards Audo Khan continent and planted on the landing strip. They exit the Rocket ship, crowded by commoners and compliments. The Tyrant himself confounded, applauds the accomplishment in awful awesomeness. He proudly inspects the ship controls and inquires the occupants about any awkwardness. Standing between the guests, the Tyrant leans over to rests his long arms around their necks and shoulders, conveniently asking: “May I have your consent, to serve you a meal worthy of conversation?” Ee’ti rumbled, “Most certainly. Now that's being considerate.” And the consensus all laughed concurrently.
A feast was concocted to congratulate the astronauts for returning with the Rocket ship conservatively. They responded in full, the details of their cosmic experience and other worldly. The celebration is followed with plans to make hollow tips with the Slanglava bricks acquired from the Dragon's vomit spit. They return to the Phoenix Center complex with full confidence, but before they begin the process, the Tyrant says, “Every man has a conscience.” Then he handed Wunda a wallet containing twenty-nine diamond contents. King Kared concluded, “It’s not all about economy, but I did take one to pay the construction workers and Khan artists kindly.” Wunda’s smile acknowledge the generous contribution, then they pounded fist like bricks that compliment tall walls built solid.
Constitution 01:25
Consolidated the Constitution stated: This constitution is a consensus of confidence, conducted by a conference of conscious connessuier's who continuously construct compositions consolidated on consoles worthy of constant conversation. The Autocons conglomerate confederation considers each constituent a conspicuous star in this constellation congregation, convicted to controlling the combination of concentration and concealed contraband that can never be confiscated. The Autocons hereby contemplates the reservation of conservation for the Water World nations. Under contract, beats will be consummated on contact. Crowds with confetti will be confronted and connected with on consecutive nights at concerts. Whenever contested this congress has the right to concoct complicated conundrums without condemnation for the sole purpose of confusing the competition with consternation. Only after congratulations will the Autocons condone reconciliation. This concludes the Fellowship Declaration.
The weight 01:20
Manipulating Motu’s flames to melt metals harder than steel, the Tyrants technology wields weapons and shields, made from the Dragon's yawning yield. Equipped with enough to train soldiers in the field, Ee'ti and Wunda set sail for Tuwosiks and the Beak in Hills. The Maseeva Monks maintained their skills in preparation for the battlefield. Deep down inside, Wunda knows that he's not qualified to lead the monks in battle. He's not a professional soldier. He feels the weight of the ancestors and the whole world on his shoulders. Is he really the chosen? The whispers of doubt begin to shout, but anger drowns them out. Here it's quite clear, fears are not allowed. The memory of his family is too loud to shroud, but it's the spirit of the ancestors that make him too proud to stop fighting his way through the crowd. Ee'ti was the one who pushed Wunda to be free.
DRIP DROP RAIN The Clouds that huddled in the skies puzzled the eyes. This strange sunblock sent signal to the Celph something symbolic. He interpreted these powerful signs as proof of his divine climb and ascension to the mountain peak and waterfall. The Yellow sun rays shriveled like raisins and the darkness rippled over the oceans waves. The people who prayed began to praise those who preyed. The Mighty Conquistadors obeyed the Wolf waged war, capturing slaves inevitably enlisted in their brigade. Celph knew this was Tereem's prophetic dream come true, but really he had no clue what was in this brew. There was no distinction between day and night as darkness grew. The black clouds completed the plot. Precipitation poured nonstop but Tuwosiks was no stranger to rain drops. The fellowship ship surely equipped with barrels full of Slanglava arrows showed up on the shore and docked.
Top rocks 01:12
Obo was a Key who remembered Wunda and Ee'ti. He motioned for them to come alone, then unlocked the rainforest and opened a path to the hill tops. Where the air flares, they found Tot training with many monks in the top rocks. He saw Wunda and Ee’ti, but they waved for him not to stop. Obo joined Robal and the rest of the Keys, who mastered power moves, but when it rained in the dirt, they always trained footwork. Breaking rules was the rule in school. Sutef summoned the two, using a Key to leave the brew locked for tea. They hop a tree, and cop a seat before the abbots feet. By his right knee, a candlestick is lit, making it appear like he levitated. Beads of sweat rolled down the side of his face while he meditated. They sat in silence.
What was he thinking? Sutef started speaking, “See. Your thoughts are the flame flickering in the wind!” They both shifted their eyes to the small light on the wick, moving quick. He continued, “Shadows dance on the wall. THEY are slaves of mimicry. THEY mimic you.” Sutef paused to sip brew. Then his lips moved, “Let your thoughts remain calm and YOU will shine forever!” After a long pause, he extended his arms and said, “Now say this together, More shadow than flame!” They repeated, “More shadow than flame!” They both understood the game in there own way. Wunda thought “He's right! Without light, shadows are lame.” Ee'ti maintained, “Focus on the light, not the tunnel.” Sutef asked Ee'ti, “What time is it?” She couldn't tell because the rain was slick and the clouds thick. She looked behind him, and his hour glass was tipped. She said, “The time is now!” Sutef flinched. Then Sutef questioned, “Why don't you unsheathed the weapon in my presence?” Wunda followed his suggestion, and the abbot rubbed his index finger and thumb down the blades edges. When his fingers bled, he sucked on the red. From his lips, his fingertips looked like they had never been ripped. He said, “Margonos was created by magic to protect Water World with Slanglava. The reason why one can never use it for evil is because it kills demons and heals people. When the blade is forged, it can only be carried by a true hero. It's position is bigger than one man's mission.” Wunda and Ee'ti both nodded as they continued to listen. The Abbot finished, “Now that you understand magic is not our tradition, You have my permission to enlist the Maseeva Militia.” The Sutef signaled, “Emic G’sota!” That’s when Margonos cmae forth and hovered over the rainforest with flames blowing.
The Fellowship unanimously agreed that Ee'ti was the best leader without question, so following her directions and plans with Wunda second in command they marched well across the wetlands. The Tyrant supplied them the edge with slang weapons while a massive Monk militia kept stepping. Motu and the Dragon burst into flames on the stage, mirroring some of the tales carved into frames, words and shapes that marked the walls of the burliest caves since the earliest days. The first encounter met in the Rah Lows proper. The rumble arrived like raging wolves running wild, wielding weapons with Conquistador warriors while parrying primates match Monk muscle in the midst of the howl and roar. The head on collision saw both sides of the arrow catch wreck. The Conquistadors fight hard only to find their armor no match for Slang weapons. Fellowship archers launch slanglava arrow tips towards the oncoming charge, turning their frames into scrap metal. “STOP SHOOTING ARCHERY!” Tot shouted. The Mighty Conquistadors rerouted in defeat before they could meet a dead end. Nobody regretted reporting the rebellion to Han, who just said it and the captain was beheaded. In retaliation the General assembled his amor and set out to traumatize any treachery to his honor.
What happens next is depicted on Trackezoids, tablet and text. The battle is set where the land is wet under the clouds massive fabric net. Celph's military faction is ten times the size of the Fellowshi’s fraction. The Conquistadors metal crashing and clashing vets threaten with swinging swords and slashing necks in rapid sets. Still unaware of the Dragon threat, the General laughs in jest. With power from the moon, they presume to devour sour platoons deeming the final hour is soon. Brandished weapons held high under looming clouds, while the hour is noon. The fellowship army now stood before raging monsters waging to conquer. The Phoenix unfolded fire wings, fixing weather patterns for the daring dragon to drive light daggers into the heart of darkness. That included aircraft loaded with howling missiles dropping out of flight school with no principles. The dragon is capable of breathing hater aviators into vapors. On the ground, totems were disintegrated in the same process of elimination. The Ssa huddled on the mountainside, waiting for the golden hour to overpower, but the cloudy sky leaves them stuck at the moment. Hosted by Conquistador bodies, jinns fight in the open. Wolf packs continue roaming, alongside hybrid soldiers potent with the evils of Celph in motion.
Emerging from it's ocean room, Margonos roars while Motu soars the sky above all swords, parting the clouds that poured. The dragon breathes fire and blows flames at the remaining drops of rain that cooled it's slang into hailstones of pain. Only the shields made with Slanglava could withstand the drain. With one-fourth of the Conquistador ranks slain, the gaining panic equaled insane. Yellow beams pierce the darkness abroad, briefly blinding conquistador corneas and all eyes adjusted to the darkness of the dormant sun. In the moments of sunlight that magnify Motu's plunge, the Shadow army remains stunned. Swinging swords ample, and standing firm, fast footwork favored the Monks confronting the metal clad conquerors first. The Mighty Conquistadors killed some flashy feet but their pack strategy still suffered more casualties. The Fellowship slang weapons actually killed the djinns within, abandoning their metal and flesh cavities for remaining family. The N’roblits behaved in savage ways, while battling apes who had massive training. The howling hybrids had a slight advantage over the Mon Keys, because of their half cat agility and overall ability. But In this altercation of instincts versus intellect, discipline factored in major. The primates practically punched wolf packs out of their pelts, replacing howls with yelps, but the N’roblits required more help.
Hindsight 00:52
In the midst of the rave, a pack of wild wolves clawed towards Ee'ti, wielding ferocious fangs. Completely surrounded with nowhere to flee, she rotated full circle, flailing her blade in all directions of the gang. The first four furs fell. The next five freely showed their tails after the fail. In hindsight, one leaped from her blindside and the thigh bite burned like hell. She yelped at what she felt. Before Ee'ti could manage her dagger, the canine snapper high tailed on egg shells with his half dozen pack on the back tracked high trail. Ee'ti felt her hands where the blood stained her pants well. She knelt and quickly wrapped her leg with a rag tied well.
The sun had reached mid sky signaling that the Golden hour was nigh. In a manner discreet, a band of Ssa appeared at both armies feet, tripling Conquistador rival ranks in one beat. The battle proceeds while the sun continues to sink causing apparitions to grow like seeds until their limbs exceed the original objects in size and speed. When Ssa enter the battle, the tables turn in the Conquistadors favor. The soldiers paused involvement as the shadow nation tackled their makers. Some Ssa entered the empty bodies of dead soldiers who had fallen, which immediately inflated the Conquistador infantry also by birthing their own shadows instantly. Wunda was the only one who could handle the Ssa ranks. The Slang Blade illuminated with each strike, burning shadows with the light. Wunda switched his attention to freeing as many Fellowship fighters from the phantoms power plus whatever evils Celph spewed from his tower. The Ssa swarm storm shadow attacked and devoured.
Many of the militia figured they could avoid Ssa by jumping in the river. Not to mention, too much armor weighed on swimmers. Suffering minor injuries, Ee'ti avoids the shadow showdown by diving down into a well that trails into the Subterraneous underground she deeply knew well. Han noticed her secret and he also abandons the crowd. He ordered a pack of wolves and N’roblits to prowl until she was found. Before they mobbed, his only request was that they hold her so he can finish the job. Ee'ti had to navigate the underground maze in complete darkness. She focused on the light, not the tunnel. She knew this puzzle like the back of her hand, ever since the days of many childhood games played with friends. She ran as fast as she could sometimes fumbling forward at the forks in her path. She recalled the history of her ancestors plight from primal tribal days to Empire State. Mis' Terhide and Tereem both filled her with faith aspiring to be great. She maintained her pace as she heard barking echoing from behind, inside the caves.
The N’roblits and wolves were well on her trail. The air down there was stale, but if the scales were made of sound, her scent was heavy and loud. Han took a torch and followed his ears like hunting hounds. Hybrid henchmen heard her heartbeat dragging throughout the narrow niches, while closing in on her limping quickness. Now noisy N’roblits hurried through the labyrinth on the left side of the fork, while the majority went where her growing scent ignited their evil excitement. Soon they halted in their tracks, confusing the leader of the pack. He sniffed around but only found the rag stained with the blood of her wound. As the torch light grew, nobody moved when Han entered the dead end room. In essence, Ee'ti removed her bandage and planted it along the wrong passage hoping to spare herself some valuable seconds. Han Howled, “YAARGH! EE’TIIIIII!” “Wow,” she thought. This is the first time she heard her name appear from his lips in years. She figured he found the rigged rag, so she continued to zig zag in pitch black. The search party learned from their mishap, changed directions and continued closing in on the kidnap. Han ran behind the prowling pack and howled again, “IF YOU DON’T JOIN ME, YOU WILL JOIN YOUR MOTHER!” When she heard mother, she wanted to say something. She thought about things a daughter was never able to say to her father, but now it’s too late to bother. This evil monster is a clone with a heart of stone who won’t hesitate to shed blood, even if it's his own. “I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR!” Han jeered. “I SMELL YOUR FEAR!” Then his howl echo steered back and forth between the narrow walls like mirrors. Han’s deep delivery had no effect on her chivalry. They became sworn enemies when he rogued his soul in the name of Oge. In her rear she could hear them clear, but the exit was also near. The pitch dark path in her lens appeared dim and then brighter as she approached the exterior light that was invited in. The light was brighter towards the end. A growling hybrid got close enough to grab her leg and that ended up costing it's head. She hurried to reach higher ground while behind, the sounds of voices were also climbing out. She let out a shout, “EMIC G’SOTA!” Margonos hovered above the entrance with perfect timing. Once Ee'ti cleared the hole, fierce fire finally engulfed the tunnels lining including everything inside it. Ignited, Han and the hounding hybrids were reduced to ashes quite quiet.
She returned to the riot right before the Golden hour was final when the shadows were most vibrant. Soon a Ssa gang grabbed Ee'ti alive and headed for the mountain heights where Celph awaited the prize. Wunda continued striking with the speed of lightning. He recognized Ee'ti and her captors climbing and his temperature started rising. As the Sun dipped and died, the shadows combined and darkness gripped the sky. Shell shock armory aimed at arteries.
HEADED FOR CELPH DESTRUCTION With no Sun to dwell the shadows dispelled and many Conquistadors soldiers rattled when they fell back into empty shells. The Fellowship had prevailed, but Ee'ti was captured and the wolf man Celph still tailed a prophecy yet to be fulfilled. Kill or be killed, Wunda blazed a path that scaled parallel with the mountain trails. Deprived of sleep and tired, but adrenalin keeps him wired. His body is inspired by the fire of revenge that burns higher than any other desire he could keep inside. His emotions tumble back and forth between different memories allowing these feelings to fuel his energy. The blue hour unleashed it's most potent power of darkness and doom before the night Howlers could completely consume. The road journeyed jagged and steep, sometimes raggedy rocks rolled down rapidly and rammed into things randomly. The wicked wolf den actually sits high on the mountain inside of a cliff side cave with it's shelf shadowing the valley. The entrance of the cave is a rock ledge that resembles the jaws of a wolf. This is where transformation occurs and the Evils of Celph go to work. Scratch sniff activated on a cliff perked.
A fire pit sits in the middle of the den lit with magic flames that emit evils in the form of thick smoke, spreading across the sky for dark clouds to drip and contaminate public sips and skinny dips. The raging pit is a flammable cannibal that gives birth to Ssa animals more powerful than the shadows of the sun could handle. From the cave walls they peel out and spill over black into the cannon. Observing ritual rites, soon to be sacrificed in Celph's ceremonial bite, Ee'ti sits tight, bound in a corner cell. “SWODAHS-ERIF-PLEH-DEERG, REGNAD-D’NILB-NIS! REGNA-T’SUL-OGE, YVNE-EMAHS!” The flame heated. Then slowly he repeated, “ERIF-ERECNIS-SWODAHS-SSAAYA! ERIF-ERECNIS-SWODAHS-SSAAYA!”
His body begins to swell, forcing claws to form from where his fingernails fell. His painful yells turn into howls while he morph's into a werewolf, from head to tail under the Moonlight spell. Once the change is completely felt, the wolf shrieks at the wicked flame that continues casting powerful shadows on the rock walls, that bulged behind Celph's call. Wunda heard it all as he continued to stalk. The apex predator multiplied by five, then the powerful pack plunged from the walls in pursuit of its prey. There is no hide in this seek for hides. Along the way, Wunda ascended the shade gripping his blade. Stained with the blood of those who died, his sweet scent is very much alive, swirling up and downwind all around them.
Silent skill assassins. Once the fast phantoms found him, they quickly surround him. The first one plowed in poising black polished fangs, but Wunda parried and penetrated the apparition with Slang blade poke precision. Every swipe was a lightning strike leaving phantoms fried. The tension grew more hairy when the arrogant wolf man barely wary, with flaring nostrils becomes aware of Wunda's flesh and blood approaching the den carefully.
Celph Shrieks at the moon, "Hooooowl!" "Hooooowl!" He can hear the dance moves of Wunda's heart switch pace with the tune. Wunda reaches the entrance reluctant to trespass. Celph stands behind the flame while Ee'ti calls his name from the corner of the frame, She shouted, "Wunda, remain in the shade, don't let the light lure you astray!" The warning fades, as Celph leaps into a chase where Wunda runs around the blaze in attempts to dodge poison fangs and possibly get close enough to release Ee'ti from her restraints. A Ssa wolf leaps from the wall, but Wunda won't fall. He works his way around the flame to where the open side welcomed the sky. Wunda is grabbed from behind this time, by his own shadow. Caught by surprise, the weaker Wunda is one step slower in the rhythm of the rumble. The Slang blade is fumbled in the struggle by the hopeless hero whose position humbles. Celph chuckles, "No match for your own muscle? Completely lost in the shuffle, before Wunda could muster a rebuttal, Motu hovers above the ledge projecting a golden glow that illuminated every piece in the puzzle. The Ssa submitted to light accord, and Wunda quickly shuffled for the sword. With full vocal cords, the howling Wolf lord leaped forward but it was too late and the legendary Slang Blade scored. Celph roared, but his heart seemed to ignore its chores.
Ee’ti shouted from the corner, “Am I the ooonly one bored?” Wunda approached Ee’ti with a smile only a hero could afford, saying, “Tihir!” She replied “Tihir!” As tears toured her cheeks pores. After a long hug was torn, they fetched Celph’s furry form and poured it into the bloodthirsty gorge. The Moon that wouldn't mourn welcomed the morning. RISE ANE WALK MY SUN, COME INTO THE LIGHT Water World will never be the same as before the sunset was orange. But every day a new light is born in the skyline adorned. Bringing this story to an end.


DESCRIPTION (general):

Heaven sent, the time has come to return the Rocket ship, regroup with the King of craftsmanship and the Monk's candlestick to spark the Fellowship. The entire Water World is gripped in the battle of Light and Dark elements. The slang is prevalent as depicted in ancient settlement petroglyphs.


Audo Khans
Phoenix Center
Rah Lows
Wolf Den


26 tracks
42 minutes

DESCRIPTION (subliminal):




Human vs Beast
Woman vs Man
Nature vs Magic
Good vs Evil
Life vs Death
Light vs Dark

PROPHECY (songs):



One Man's Mission

The Saga Continues


The Underground

One Man Army

Wolfman Jack


ALL IS MINES - the mine filled landscape where captured slaves work for Celph under the watch of the Bird seer's bath lake.

AN - means protect or protected, and is a title accepted by Tereem and Onymous well respected.

AD - abbreviated parts for after dark.

AUDO KHAN - home of King Kared, the Tyrant who rules with benevolent merits.

BIRD ISLAND - A volcanic Island housing gems and hosting slave camps patrolled by Celph’s foul fowl friends. .

BIRD SEER - Large predatory birds that patrol the slave camps on Bird Island who never take cat naps.

BD - abbreviated parts for before dark.

EMIC G'SOTA - Known as the dragon sender.. It literally translates as, "Every mic I clinch, gets sent on this adventure."

FIRE TRAPPING - the Conquistador practice of burning shelters with people contained, who are captured in chains if they escape the flames.

KGB - abbreviated party for Kush Governing Body.

KIGPUSH - An uninhibited arctic Island of ice, whiter than rice.

KUSH - The First Empire to emerge, domesticate herds and herbs, dominate written words, master metals that merge and maintain splurge.

LIVE FUNERAL - when the underground ‘room and pillar’ mines collapse with quick sands of time and the miners inside buried alive.

LUPUS - A constellation in the southern part of the sky, that resembles a wolf. In Kush mythology, the Wolf deity Oge was cursed and chained to the sky, to assist the hunters eye.

LUZU - a tribal mix, that lives in the jungles of Tuwosiks.

MC - abbreviation short for Mighty Conquistadors.

MIS’ - A title given to Kush Kings and Queens to honor their beings.

NEW YAK CITY - Grand peninsula land, capital city of Yakistan.

OGE - A Wolf-god from Kush mythology who inspired Celph’s ideology..

PHOENIX CENTER - a temple near Audo Khan where the Phoenix is certain and the power of it’s flames harnessed for worship.

RHYTHM AND VIBE - a division of time that measures in binary vibes .

ROOM AND PILLAR - underground rooms built for mining skills drilled.

SSA - powerful phantoms created from magic fire and shadows.

SLANG BLADE - the legendary sword, prophesied to kill the Wolf lord and cut open the Sun from darkest of forms.

SLANG-OLOGIST - the Kushite priest trained to study the properties of slang.

SPOOKS (spontaneous peoples on other kinds of sh!t) - A tribe that migrated major push from KUSH and settled West on the continent in the bush.

SUBTERRANEOUS - an all around labyrinth of underground tunnels up and down.

TIHIR - a greeting in Sand Language that means to present your best self. The translation is literally meant as, "This is how I represent."

TRACKEZOID - Ancient trapezoidal temple built big, that precursor the triangle pyramids.

TUWOSIKS (206) - An Island-Peninsula resource mostly covered by a dense rainforest.

WOLVES AND FARMERS - a childhood game popular, similar to cops and robbers

YAKISTAN - Cold tundra home of Wunda.

ZHAO - A peninsula island deadly silent.


AN-ONYMOUS (anonymous) - Boy King of Kush dynasty

CELPH (self) - A half man, half wolf incarnate of Oge, the ancient Wolf-god.

EE'TI (E.T.) - an orphan girl who trains to become the baddest soldier in Water World.

HAN (here and now) - Wicked General of the Mighty Conquistador army of criminals.

HU-IZZY - King of Kush dynasty

JINNI - Oggie and Wunda's imaginary mother.

KHEMO SABI - King of Kush dynasty

KING KERED - The Tyrant who uses his technology to help forge the legendary Slang Blade properly.

LOFAT (lyrics over fat @ss tracks) - founder and first King of Kush

MIS' TEREEM-AN (mystery man) - Queen of Kush dynasty

MIS' TERHIDE (Mr Hyde) - Queen of Kush dynasty

MOSNAR (ransom) - Wunda’s childhood friend who was captured and enslaved on Bird Island to mine for gems.

N'ROBLITS (stillborn)- hybrid features, half cat, half gorilla demon creatures.

OBO (Original born ones) - A monkey Key with opposable thumbs.

OGE (ego) - ancient Wolf deity, reincarnated as Celph seemingly.

OGGIE - Wunda's younger brother.

OHNEE BELLO - King of Kush dynasty

POZE - a Kushite priest and favorite go-to in the Trackezoid temples whose powerful magic birthed Margonos. It's believed that he also fathered Motu.

MOTU (masters of the universe) - The Phoenix, cools the planet with clouds that quench thirst..

MARGONOS (Sonogram) - The Dragon protecting the planet is part of the plan.

SIN SEER - An evil wizard who teaches Celph magic that compels people to listen.

SSA (Saaya) - powerful phantoms, made from magic fire and shadows.

LUPUS (constellation)- The wolf constellation is the Curse of Oge, chained in space for public disgrace

MASEEVA MONKS (massive monkees) - A group who migrated from Kush, to preserve their beliefs, culture and skills high in the Beak in Hills.

MIGHTY CONQUISTADORS - army of conquered souls then reprogrammed to conquer men, animals and djinn.

MONK-KEY - advanced primates who train tough with the Maseeva Monks preparing for the battles to wake up.

ROBAL (labor) - A gorilla Key from Tuwosiks place to be.

SABLIMINO - Patriarch of the Sand people and grandfather of Ee’ti.

SAND PEOPLE - a tribe in rhythm and vibes ancient, that migrated from Kush and settled in the deserts near an Oasis.

SUTEF (Fetus) - The abbot of the Maseeva Monks, teaching deep in the rainforest trees and trunks.

TOT (Train of thought) - A Maseeva Monk responsible for training the Keys to punch.

TYRANT - King Kered

WUNDA - the protagonist also known as One Man Army.

YASNY (you ain't seen nothing yet) - Wunda's Grandmother, since the last time he checked.

YBAB (Baby) - A childhood friend of Wunda who was captured and sent to Bird Island. Also Mosnar's younger brother.


released October 31, 2019


Story written (literally on a flight from Cairo) by:
Nahshid Sulaiman aka One Be Lo aka OneManArmy

Narration by:
GNRLsbLMNL aka OneManArmy

Beat production and fx:
OneManArmy (Trackezoids, Autocons)

Audio Recording and Mixing:
Blaine Coffee (Phoenix)
MVG (Autocons) in multiple cities.

ConductorWilliams (KC,Mo)

Naim ibn Nahshid (Cairo, Eg)

Constellation and Map illustrations:
Savera Iftikhar (Chicago) and Nahshid Sulaiman

Cooper Neil (Colorado)

Cover graphic layout:
Cooper Neil







all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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