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The Looma (part 2​/​5)

by One Be Lo

SEE THE FULL MOON CLEARLY After the Blue Sun's demise, the Moon's rise was a new surprise. What was new to eyes was the absolute Night sky, hanging like a black blanket with bright dots highlighted as distant sights framed in it. The moon that hung dim since the sunlight was twin, revealed it's circular brim which trimmed reflected light into crescent sections every night. Astronomy became a new topic with the discovery of these glowing objects that floated alike. Astrology was the new hype, and religions continued to explain what doom was like, while superstitions grew to new heights. Don’t it chill ya spine? Parts of Water World cooled and even clouds drooled white. The weather changed literally overnight, giving rule to the owners of fur and wool alike. Animals adapted to the sun lights absence, growing more feathers, furs and fleece fabric with sleek patterns and seeing the advantage. Some places where the weather stayed warm, occasionally stormed but remained norm. Across the globe, the population foreign, was often bold and lost in cold. Animals that once coexisted in peace are now being killed for their furs and fleece. WOLF MAN Animals of the nocturnal fold began to gain hold. Lunar and sooner not later a luminous leader name Celph rose from the Lows and imposed himself on the throne and now the wolf has become a status symbol on many totem poles. Since the young days of old, a legend unfolds about Oge (also known as Lupus) being cursed under a Queen's robe, who sends a bold warrior to lighten her load. The twofold brightest stars in the constellation Centaurus counted as a whole are visible in the sword he holds. These yellow stars adorned in the constellations sword defies the Wolf lord from the heavenly wards But flattery from binary sun galaxies impact mutual gravity. In fact, the brightest blue star in the Wolf constellation pack, just howled before it went black. A hole in fact The howl impact, symbolically seen as Lupus’s loudest sensation, was actively within scattering constellation pattering attractively as a warning to all wolves pandering man or beast and a map that leads all hunters to a path that bleeds. In chronology of the mythology Lupus was cursed so far as to be turned into a group of stars and chained to the sky for all the hunters in sight of the constellation at night to avoid bite. As a result, wolves hide when it is bright, and only find refuge on the darkest of nights, devoid of light. Explosion of the blue sun symbolizes death after the sword strikes.
Astrology 01:38
Those who tinkered with the science of astronomy were finding their way through the darkness of thinkers. But the choir of fear invited more singers and howler preachers. This new religion proposed that the wolf was cursed for no reason other than human creatures fear and weakness. So the believers took the wolf as their powerful god-demon incarnated in the body of Celph, to honor his genes and genius. Some worshipped out of fear of the howl in their ear. “The time has come for the rightful leader to be seated!” Shouted a believer. “Praise Celph!” He repeated while many howled in agreement. With occult evilness, Celph attempted a spell that could compel the dragon to breathe for him, but when this fantasy fails, he magically spells the dragon flying into the black hole region created by the seizure of the Blue sun’s beaming features. In all meanness, Celph vowed to seek vengeance on human creatures for the blood of wolf beings killed in vain of these false preachers and dreamers. Others believed this evil was the exact meaning of Tereem's dream in sequence. These pages mark the beginning stages of the the Moon ages.
Celph used magic taught by an evil djinn who appeared in the physical sphere as a half blind- old man named Sin Seer. He had one eye like the Yellow sun, since he lost his blue one. Sin Seer was sincerely passionate about his student so he taught him the power of influence. Anger and Hatred could be projected on men through it. Envy and Jealousy can be tragic, but Greed is a powerful magic. The Sin Seer teaches Celph how to whisper fear into the hearts ear, then disappear and vanish when the seeds of doubt are planted and reared. With his hunch back being severe, Celph stood near and paid close attention to his eyes and ears. Sin Seer murmured, “Never depend on man for mussscle, for he isss weak. The ssstrength of man isss not hisss mussscle.” After a short pause Celph asked, “Where is it Teacher?” Sin Seer replied, “The ssspirit isss ssstrong! The ssshadows provide an entrance to the ssspirit. SSSeduce the ssshadowsss, because man isss afraid of the unknown.” Then he chanted, “SWODAHSSS-NOOM-PLEH-DEERG, REGNAD D’NILB NISSS!” He paused to spit. And then, “REGNA-T’SUL-OGE, YVNE-EMAHSSS!” Before halting he hissed, “NOOM-ERECNISSS-SWODAHSSS-SAAYA! NOOM-ERECNISSS-SWODAHSSS-SAAYA!” When Sin Seer spoke, the magic flame was provoked and the shadows he invoked were of a special cloak. A phantom shadow climbed from behind its sincere host, standing next to Sin Seer in the form of a faster, much stronger ghost. “SSCelph, meet the SSSa!” Sin Seer proposed. This shadow was indeed a powerful phantom form by standard magic norms, but the Sin Seer was no normal magician, with trivial tricks for children with candy corn.
The Ssa 01:29
Celph memorized Sin seer’s formula in bulk. After the Twilight dispersed, the planet’s inhabitants went completely berserk. Celph went to work with the dark secrets he learned by converting his own shadow first. Then as a dynamic duo, they went around converting shadows into their Ssa church. This included wolves in the lurch, as well as other nocturnal animals on totems also used for worship. Reoccurring dreams confirmed the legitimacy of the cult, combined with military assaults. The Golden hour glass sifted in before sunset, when the Shadow world was at maximum strength and more of a threat. At this time the Ssa are sent to stalk subjects for Celph's incentive, hardly even oddly. Ssa can steal, cloak or conceal anything in sight, including weapons that strike. They can also restrain with physical force, but in a fight they only feel light. When the Golden hour has ended, the individual shadows come together as one, under command of Celph the Apex predator, and the heavy weight of darkness champions lightweight competitors.
The General 01:30
With only one sun remaining lit, Kush is repeatedly invaded by armies of men, animals and even djinn when the sky gets dim. After the second war invasion, the Conquistador army weighed in dangerous, raping women and murdering some men in stages while holding others for cages. The leader of this army is a man named Han, possessed by a djinn that was assigned by Celph to protect the throne. Han was ruthless in his rise, and remains heartless in his marches. Many martyrs have marveled at his carnage, guilty of the worst war crimes that could ever be court martialed. Throughout the many wars, many souls have migrated across the globe, finding new homes away from danger zones. The Dragon indeed is a threat to heed so from beneath the sea, Celph delves in deception to drive the Dragon skydive flying across the Universe into the Black Hole hiding where whoever and whatever goes inside, has little chance of reuniting or surviving. Children born under one sun learn new concerns as the world continues to turn. Creating new terms and ways to work and earn. New challenges come with the night, but also imbalance of the light causes some parts to freeze while others burn.
The Conquistador army is legendary for their raiding parties and decapitating bodies. Their origin is unknown, but it is believed that these drones were once men who rogued their souls and then Celph cloned. Each soldier in his flesh is possessed by a djinn guest who never rests. With General Han and the Conquistador at his control, Celph plans to sunset the globe in the name of Oge. Solo, soldier, and army of the night. Cold hearts chilled harder than steel and metal shields and helmets that kill with pleasure. Their armor and weapons skillfully developed. The wolves pledged allegiance to the pack. Once the sky is black, the moon is round, and the pack howls, ensuring the sound is heard in nearby towns alerting folks to evacuate the grounds. The eeriest sound of doom eardrums ever tuned.
BOY WUNDA Far from the land of Kush, conquered and plundered is a place called New Yak City and suburbs, capital of Yakistan country and home of two brothers, Oggie and Wunda. They grew up under a number of one and zero hunters who revived old stories from the nights of thunder. The boys run with fun and make up their own adventure stories similar to the wonders told by the old folks to the youngsters before they slumbered. “Hey Wunda, tell us a story!” Oggie blundered. “What's your favorite story?” Asked Wunda. “I have so many.” He uttered. Another friend named Mosnar chimed in, “The best storyteller is my Uncle. He told us a story about a dragon monster in a dungeon.” “That's weak!” Oggie squeaked. Mosnar thundered, “The Wolfman hunger to take the over world under!” Oggie butt in, “THAT’S NOTHING! The legendary blade and the warrior is the greatest glory told by my brother, END OF STORY!” He rumbled.
Yasny 03:21
The argument was interrupted by a loving grandmother who planned supper to buffer the young men’s hunger. Most young rising sons were oblivious to the land of Kush, and where they come from. The older ones who shunned the ancestors tongue over the years became numb. Wunda was the youngest to use a compass with potential humongous under the one sun. His grandmother was a strict believer whose monotheism didn't tolerate wolf talk in her home either. As a boy, Wunda had to secretly play 'Wolves and Farmers' similar to Cops and Robbers. Older kids pretended to be Wolf men but Wunda never bothered with the howling. He wasn't afraid of them, it was his grandmother that would frown and scowl him. They thought it was clowning but she just wanted to reroute them from problems that didn't involve them. Just hollow men foul in the night howling wind. He really wanted her to be proud of Oggie and himself. Their parents died for a special cause when they were small, but their grandmother helped take care of them through it all. Wunda proudly recalls his grandmother Yasny telling stories about his mother Jinni. She asked her mother Yasny if she could cradle them while they still crawled because she was their only family. After happily accepting, Yasny explained how their parents fought alongside other farmers to protect their village, but the peace was stalled, until they eventually died in the fall. They made the greatest sacrifice of all, so that their sons entire world could evolve when their hope was not false. Yasny, truly recalls how she took the boys in after discovering them wandering under a bridge near the piers, without a family. It appears their mother may have smuggled them on a cargo ship to flee her worst fears, but she never made the trip along with her peers. Yasny adopted the boys as her own grandchildren dear, as well as the unknown lady who never appeared, as her daughter. She always wanted to believe that Jinni was a hero who wanted her boys to live, so this is the story version she always preferred to give when they ask questions about what she did. They visited the piers for years, with Yasny sincere in her hopes to find the woman who steered them clear. In an atmosphere of true love, she never revealed the secret of their true bloods having a mute plug. She never met either one of the Parents but she did care for the boys like her own, and she was the only family they ever knew of as they grew up too tough.
Sword fighting was made popular and quite powerful if you could hold a sword proper. Boys made up familiar scenarios like forever pretending a clever dragon treasure is guarded. There were many swords but only one could be the legend, and it was more powerful than the dragon and phoenix put together, meaning absolutely no one can do it better. The one who carries it is usually the elder, so when Wunda played with Oggie, he had more fun leading him so young.
Here and Now 01:50
With military strength and multiplying membership numbers the Mighty Conquistadors stumbled across the water and tundra with a voracious hunger that tore new cities asunder. The first invasion of New Yak City metropolis conquered the city’s confidence. The crying howl accomplished a cockiness that cautioned the common sense. The Conquistadors came to conquer the flesh at night when the majestic Moon was breathtakingly bright. Surely a fright floating on freights ferrying for Yakistan shores, the borders were breached when the foreign fleet feet featured on Yakistan beach. The raid on soil continued rolling until reaching full boil. Their thirst for conquest slayed the humble. Many people died in the raids and rumble but just as many were captured and bundled as p-o-w's. Fire Trapping is the Conquistador practice of burning homes and buildings containing civilians. Whoever survives is normally taken prisoner, including men, women and children. The unwelcomed visitors spark their sinister plot and plenty blocks smell smoke. Without being provoked, the blitzing Conquistador heat stroke caught the soft and hard off guard. Pardoned when the arson is complete, are the people who die in their sleep or get trapped in the heat. Patients and older faces move slow in the chase due to smoke inhalation, lungs failing with no room for patience. All those who make it out into the streets get swallowed in the general sweep. In the slave game, all ages, frames and genitals were considered a keep.
Nightmare 02:22
While the knights creep Wunda leaps into deep sleep. Reaching for its peak and diving for deeper meaning in dreaming about the same fire breathing demon Mosnar beamed in earlier that evening. With empty palms, he felt calm in its presence even. Oddly enough, a teething wolf bites the dragon for apparently no reason. Instead of bleeding, an additional limb branches out from the neck region leaving a sprouting head equally demon, but seemingly more evil. He paused when he heard Yasny screaming. Then Oggie yelled, “USE THE SWORD!” But Wunda didn’t have a sword. Before getting burned by breathing, Wunda woke up in a cold sweat, his chest heaving. His eyelids lifted slow, in the moment he woke he breathed in smoke and choked before he spoke. “YASNYYY!” No response. “OGGIE!” All he heard was outside voices and noises. Wunda screamed their names frantically as he felt his way through the smokes anatomy. Smoke filled the room, just past his knee. Staying low to the ground he looked around and saw his grandmother laying face down in her nightgown, not making a sound. Wunda put a peace sign on her puny wrist but there was no pulse to be found. “YASNY!” He sobbed in disbelief. “YASNY!” She wasn't waking or sleeping because she wasn't breathing. Not far from her body he found his brother, victim of the same symptoms. The smoke killed him.. It's time to exit before hell’s kitchen becomes a farewell prison. He covered his face with his shirt and squinted his way through the smoke and flames. He crawled his way outside into open space where more howls and screams cursed the fresh air that bursts in his face. The frame that still remained standing, finally folded into the flame. Overwhelmed by the pace of all the events taking place, this is a living nightmare experienced wide awake.
He froze, looking at the flames full of shame. In a way he sees his relations cremation as a form of escaping. In this humiliation Wunda is suddenly seized by soldiers and thrown into chains without explanation. He sees Mosnar and his brother Ybab in a similar situation. “Where's your brother?” Mosnar weighed in. A single nod from Wunda communicated in sign language, and painted more painful words than a picture hanging. The ones who tried to fight brave in the mix got faded. Now Wunda is shaking with swords pointed at his neck, for behaving not for shaving. Along with neighbors and strangers they were all taken in braces still steel stainless ‘til the tight shackles changed this mainly at the wrists But on the ankles, scars do exist. . All the more, the more they resist. Some sale away in the mist.


DESCRIPTION (general):

New pages document the Moon ages in stages. There are no zoo cages for the wild and dangerous. Killing, conquering and capturing all ages in cages for wages making the evils contagious.


Rah Lows
New Yak City, Yakistan


12 tracks
23 minutes

DESCRIPTION (subliminal):




Light vs Dark
Good vs Evil
Predator vs Prey
Soldier vs Civilian

PROPHECY (songs):

Cold World

Wolfman Jack

Evil of Self


Here and Now

Double Essays (SSA)


ALL IS MINES - the mine filled landscape where captured slaves work for Celph under the watch of the Bird seer's bath lake.

AN - means protect or protected, and is a title accepted by Tereem and Onymous well respected.

AD - abbreviated parts for after dark.

AUDO KHAN - home of King Kared, the Tyrant who rules with benevolent merits.

BIRD ISLAND - A volcanic Island housing gems and hosting slave camps patrolled by Celph’s foul fowl friends. .

BIRD SEER - Large predatory birds that patrol the slave camps on Bird Island who never take cat naps.

BD - abbreviated parts for before dark.

EMIC G'SOTA - Known as the dragon sender.. It literally translates as, "Every mic I clinch, gets sent on this adventure."

FIRE TRAPPING - the Conquistador practice of burning shelters with people contained, who are captured in chains if they escape the flames.

KGB - abbreviated party for Kush Governing Body.

KIGPUSH - An uninhibited arctic Island of ice, whiter than rice.

KUSH - The First Empire to emerge, domesticate herds and herbs, dominate written words, master metals that merge and maintain splurge.

LIVE FUNERAL - when the underground ‘room and pillar’ mines collapse with quick sands of time and the miners inside buried alive.

LUPUS - A constellation in the southern part of the sky, that resembles a wolf. In Kush mythology, the Wolf deity Oge was cursed and chained to the sky, to assist the hunters eye.

LUZU - a tribal mix, that lives in the jungles of Tuwosiks.

MC - abbreviation short for Mighty Conquistadors.

MIS’ - A title given to Kush Kings and Queens to honor their beings.

NEW YAK CITY - Grand peninsula land, capital city of Yakistan.

OGE - A Wolf-god from Kush mythology who inspired Celph’s ideology..

PHOENIX CENTER - a temple near Audo Khan where the Phoenix is certain and the power of it’s flames harnessed for worship.

RHYTHM AND VIBE - a division of time that measures in binary vibes .

ROOM AND PILLAR - underground rooms built for mining skills drilled.

SSA - powerful phantoms created from magic fire and shadows.

SLANG BLADE - the legendary sword, prophesied to kill the Wolf lord and cut open the Sun from darkest of forms.

SLANG-OLOGIST - the Kushite priest trained to study the properties of slang.

SPOOKS (spontaneous peoples on other kinds of sh!t) - A tribe that migrated major push from KUSH and settled West on the continent in the bush.

SUBTERRANEOUS - an all around labyrinth of underground tunnels up and down.

TIHIR - a greeting in Sand Language that means to present your best self. The translation is literally meant as, "This is how I represent."

TRACKEZOID - Ancient trapezoidal temple built big, that precursor the triangle pyramids.

TUWOSIKS (206) - An Island-Peninsula resource mostly covered by a dense rainforest.

WOLVES AND FARMERS - a childhood game popular, similar to cops and robbers

YAKISTAN - Cold tundra home of Wunda.

ZHAO - A peninsula island deadly silent.


AN-ONYMOUS (anonymous) - Boy King of Kush dynasty

CELPH (self) - A half man, half wolf incarnate of Oge, the ancient Wolf-god.

EE'TI (E.T.) - an orphan girl who trains to become the baddest soldier in Water World.

HAN (here and now) - Wicked General of the Mighty Conquistador army of criminals.

HU-IZZY - King of Kush dynasty

JINNI - Oggie and Wunda's imaginary mother.

KHEMO SABI - King of Kush dynasty

KING KERED - The Tyrant who uses his technology to help forge the legendary Slang Blade properly.

LOFAT (lyrics over fat @ss tracks) - founder and first King of Kush

MIS' TEREEM-AN (mystery man) - Queen of Kush dynasty

MIS' TERHIDE (Mr Hyde) - Queen of Kush dynasty

MOSNAR (ransom) - Wunda’s childhood friend who was captured and enslaved on Bird Island to mine for gems.

N'ROBLITS (stillborn)- hybrid features, half cat, half gorilla demon creatures.

OBO (Original born ones) - A monkey Key with opposable thumbs.

OGE (ego) - ancient Wolf deity, reincarnated as Celph seemingly.

OGGIE - Wunda's younger brother.

OHNEE BELLO - King of Kush dynasty

POZE - a Kushite priest and favorite go-to in the Trackezoid temples whose powerful magic birthed Margonos. It's believed that he also fathered Motu.

MOTU (masters of the universe) - The Phoenix, cools the planet with clouds that quench thirst..

MARGONOS (Sonogram) - The Dragon protecting the planet is part of the plan.

SIN SEER - An evil wizard who teaches Celph magic that compels people to listen.

SSA (Saaya) - powerful phantoms, made from magic fire and shadows.

LUPUS (constellation)- The wolf constellation is the Curse of Oge, chained in space for public disgrace

MASEEVA MONKS (massive monkees) - A group who migrated from Kush, to preserve their beliefs, culture and skills high in the Beak in Hills.

MIGHTY CONQUISTADORS - army of conquered souls then reprogrammed to conquer men, animals and djinn.

MONK-KEY - advanced primates who train tough with the Maseeva Monks preparing for the battles to wake up.

ROBAL (labor) - A gorilla Key from Tuwosiks place to be.

SABLIMINO - Patriarch of the Sand people and grandfather of Ee’ti.

SAND PEOPLE - a tribe in rhythm and vibes ancient, that migrated from Kush and settled in the deserts near an Oasis.

SUTEF (Fetus) - The abbot of the Maseeva Monks, teaching deep in the rainforest trees and trunks.

TOT (Train of thought) - A Maseeva Monk responsible for training the Keys to punch.

TYRANT - King Kered

WUNDA - the protagonist also known as One Man Army.

YASNY (you ain't seen nothing yet) - Wunda's Grandmother, since the last time he checked.

YBAB (Baby) - A childhood friend of Wunda who was captured and sent to Bird Island. Also Mosnar's younger brother.


released October 31, 2019


Story written (literally on a flight from Cairo) by:
Nahshid Sulaiman aka One Be Lo aka OneManArmy

Narration by:
GNRLsbLMNL aka OneManArmy

Beat production and fx:
OneManArmy (Trackezoids, Autocons)

Audio Recording and Mixing:
Blaine Coffee (Phoenix)
MVG (Autocons) in multiple cities.

ConductorWilliams (KC,Mo)

Naim ibn Nahshid (Cairo, Eg)

Constellation and Map illustrations:
Savera Iftikhar (Chicago) and Nahshid Sulaiman

Cooper Neil (Colorado)

Cover graphic layout:
Cooper Neil







all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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