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by One Be Lo

LabORhood 04:25
verse 1 Back up... One Be Lo was doin’ art for the love... Stick up... Plea bargains with judge... Don’t sleep, wake up... smell the Star, to the Bucks Wise up now it’s all profit, property, market and such... Pay up... Skills sharper than a dart in my clutch I aim High for the Bulls-eye, targets destruct Adrenalin startin’ to rush, like a car with a drunk I seen my door of opportunity was startin’ to shut I forced my way in, like Jedi’s...with Jabba the Hut Hut-Hut...Twenty yards, Steve Largent and cut... Had to leave alone “Phillies”, no more sparkin’ the blunts Now my game like “Barkley” with “Suns” Stars and above I’m a thoroughbred, emcee’s be talkin’ to us But you aint sayin’ much, you mutts, you barkin’ with pups... I be sayin’ “What, the f#%k”... pardon my cuss I leave better lines in heads, than barbers who cut Ahhs and oohs(ooze)... sorta like when lava erupts... From the crowd, permanent smile, I’m carvin’ a pump...kin somethin’ outta nuh-thin’, pockets with none... Now I know about the profit (Prophet) Ark and the Flood Other rappers make it rain for the stripper showin’ parts in the club... “Lo-Rain-a” make you “Bobb-it” and tuck In a photoshoot, all of’em Mug... Acting like they’ve been to the Core they’re barely even hard to the crust Sit you on the edge of the street... they pick you up like the garbage on trucks... I keep’em sittin’ on the edge of the seats... Like Rosa Parks on a bus Or see me in the Hood, sparkin’ the plugs... Animated like Curious George- Parliament funk, jumpin’ outta the trunk while you watchin’ car-tunes Saturday afternoon, outta ya bunk... two different levels... like bass and the trebel... Ya equalizers gotta adjust, now people turn it up!!! They ask me why I do this? I do this for- Love, Allah, Bills, Opportunities, Revolution for years people, Land Agriculture, Beasts, Occupation, Resources like Large animals Bovine, Obedient, Reliable or like the little animals Locusts, Ants, Bee’s or Roaches This is Language Arts Based on Reality they say Lo Adventure’s Belong on Railroads get it? tracks Legendary Acclaimed Beyond Ordinary Ranks Leader Among Billions of Rappers they want these Lyrical Abilities Blocked Over Radio Thats when I say, “Welcome to the Laborhood”
HOOK Gotta Carry my Load... Stay busy working... Through the struggles we toil... As the Ants keep marching... Gotta Carry my Load... Stay busy working... A new day is approaching... Immo keep Marching... VERSE 1 I draw more crowds and more pictures than McGraw, but more quicker than New York minutes You forfeited when the Beef is done, I stick a fork in it When it rains, it pours my brain got a storm in it... Spit a rhyme, it shine just like a torch lit it Same as the end of the world- Sinners get tor-mented “Daaamn” you don’t come back no more, get it? I Slam... You can let the door hit it, where the lord split it... Wide open like the legs on a whore get it??? Income (In-cum) butt the Outcome is horrific... More vivid than King or Speilberg, Im bringing these real words, like Damien I was born witted (with it)... You used to see me on the floor sittin... Now you see my face in a space, where Elroy and George livin’ Now you see me in Source, and on a tour with it Rap is a science you can study in ya dorms with it... It’s heavy enough, to forklift it... Ornaments, a skull and crossbones you being warned with it... What you hearing is real, We killin’ ears in this field... But, you probably thought the children of the corn did it... VERSE 2 Who wanna test, I’m the best, I’m the One-Zero-Zero (100)... Be-low-G-O-D The One, equal Neo... The Black wearin’ villian or the white wearin’ hero... My raps tell-a-vision sorta like, Terrantino... Anything dealin’ with a speaker I’m the key note... So while you’re freestylin’ I’m the one, getting C Notes... The dope fiends needle... The dope mans Kilo... now am I my brothers keeper? YES I am Nino... But I don’t need no- Coke to Blow I am HIRO- SHIMA on that ass comin’ fast I’m Libido... These ladies wanna gas me, I’m already diesel... When niggaz act foul like Shaq I’m the freethrow... The Only one can see Lo? The man in the mirror, I am He, I am We These other rappers Coleco... Vision, When you listen I’m the voice of the people... You want bars? I’m not hard to find, I am Nemo...
Monkey Biz 03:05
HOOK Who you Came with? Who you gon’ Be with? Who you Rollin with? Who you gon’ Leave with? Who you Came with? Who you gon’ Be with? Who you Rollin’ with? Who you gon’ Leave with? VERSE 1 Never heard this before... I came in the door feet-floor hands Luke SkyWalkin’ wit the force, Be-fore... Anybody can roll with their keys I can make sure you leave, wit a favorite sixteen Starvin’ artist gotta eat... I came with a new style, S-U-B wit them ladies who can move crowds too loud... rollin’ with Twelves in the trunk It’s too early to leave, We about to get it pumped, listen up... Your favorite DJ know me llamo... Came into Being, rhymes roll off the tongue, Never leave home without it like a credit card motto... They’ still diggin’ in crates, and rollin’ with Serato VERSE 2 Now if you came with a dude Don’t Be an I-T-C-H, with a attitude rollin’ with ya nose in the air, Emmy actin’ rude Everybody mad at you You can leave- gooooo Ego, battered and bruised ‘cuz some niggaz act fool... I Came with a hater-proof, game might play with you B-with an I-T-E like Sabertooth Rollin like an Avalanche, this is how we play with you... Freezin’ you leavin’ wit a Ambulance, taking you I Came with the Massive Monkees on that Dance tip B with the Boy mentality to smash shit, Confident, You would think I roll with the arrogance See you lookin’ rattled, Leave a battle with embarrassment...ent- I think she came with her home girl nothin’ like them other chicks, she be in her own world... rockin’ rollin’ with a dope emcee... After this, guess who leaving with the O-N-E? VERSE 3 Once upon a day time, Critics tried to hate mine, Came with a Plan A, Plan B with a great design... I roll with a Grace Divine... Truth Gravitate in the Booth, they can’t defy... Hands up if you came with that stress on ya mind And you looking to release that, Be with me and mines We can reach that goal, Come and have a good time You can Roll in a soul train line... And Leave with a Gold Chain Shine... You heard it on the Airwaves, I came with the “Hang-time” Mikes (mics) on the (Bassline) Base line B- with a A-N-G not a gang sign Real killers roll wit a Thang on the side Make you leave wit the 8 lives... One-time if ya brain ain't wise...
Ox y Moron 03:31
VERSE 1 You know you got a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ when the checks start comin’ and you grew up with nothin’ The meals aint stretchin’ and the Bills aint stressin’ got the ill shit electric and you still aint accustomed/ New Money- used to be the food stamp lunchie... King Sized- used to be the Boot Camp bunkie... From Studio to Two-Stories, fam’ gotta eat up... the Jones got 3 what? you know you gotta keep up “F” Livin’ Large, New Money livin’ DELUXE... Walkin’ out the Mall, lookin’ awe, from the feet up... G’d up... guest list in all the V-I-P clubs You used to bring the fake I.D. trynna sneak up In highschool invisible, you didn’t speak up... Now we see you... You actin’ like you don’t see us, The people that you grew up with... You don’t call’em back Now they think, that you think, that you’re all of that... HOOK Say Make Money Money/ Make Money Money Money/ Some people/ pirates/ and Tyrants/ they take Money Money My Pockets wanna be Giant I save Money Money From Michigan to Switzerland Bank Money Money Spend Money bring it to an end Money Money Some hands Bloody/ Murda/ Kill Kill for the Money... My soul not for sale but I deal with the Money Little House on the Hill but it’s still Money Money VERSE 2 Welcome to New Money Country Full of new Funny Duddies Old crew Buddy Buddy... Here you see the most Obscure types, Turn into the most Popular guy or girl over night... The Bank can’t hide new money, “YOU THE MAN” now YOU a STAND out Everybody got they hands out At your door, Pocket tug-of-war weigh your pants down... This give a gold digger tickets to Advance now... Back then you couldn’t get the number... But now she gave you the address, the place where she slumber... Just in case you thought she had a change of heart... The only change, come in small bills... She will accept a credit card HOOK Make Money Money Fake Money Money Money The Church say the Hurst/ Cars/ Faith/ Money Money No Pape’s, in the Chase/ for that case full of Money No Pace to Waste in ya Race for the Money VERSE 3 How somebody with an N-F-L salary Go to jail, trying to sale a Hundred dollar bag of weed? New Money might take you out the Ghetto But it can’t take the Ghetto out of you, if you asking me She drove a Nissan, Never had no Gas... Now she drive E Class... Still got No class... Loud in the Restaurant Sailor kinda vocab... She Claim that she keepin it real, psssh... Don’t ask... New Money make you Change your ways... You used to Claim Lay-Away but now you same day take-away... A New car, New Place to stay... The situations look different... but some things never change... You used to go to the Park shootin’ fade aways Now you in the Backyard, both rims Breakaway... You used to turn the game on to see the Picture But now you wanna see the Pistons... season tickets... Old money in the ‘Burbs livin’ way good, Here comes the New Money, There goes the Neighborhood...
BRIDGE Made for love... Made for love... Made for love... Made for love... VERSE 1 So many Struggles to get here I packed a lot of gear ‘Cuz momma said I “got some mountains to climb”... My step father showed me how to work so I gave it a shot... Everyday the clock started at Nine... Ended at Five that’s not enough- I started walking with Cane... Like people do, when their opiticals blind... And reading Braille lines that hustle and Rob, landed jail time, Finally I asked God for a sign... Parole “Free” style plus the Option to Rhyme... I do it for the Love plus the Wallet and shine... For Blue collars alike for anybody getting dollars with crime, For college minds... Hip Hop is alive But now a days the real shit is harder to find... And if you spittin’ real shit, it’s hard to get signed... ‘Cuz the game is full of Decepticons I even had to transform But I did it like I’m Optimus Prime... I must have been ahead of the clock and my time jottin’ these lines, ‘cuz years later, still you gotta rewind... Now record labels come with the contracts, to lock me in a bind Nigga pleez, Is you outta ya mind??? BRIDGE It’s not enough time... It’s not enough time... It’s not enough time... For me... To change your mind VERSE 2 So many Snakes in this Game trying to gain your trust So many Haters make it seem, like it aint no Love... Is it the egg in the Skillet, or my brain on drugs? Got me addicted to this music ‘til my Gray grow much You can feel it when you hear it in the way Lo bust They aint livin’ what they spittin’ they just make flows up... But if your beats aint loud or you got a weak style You can try to move the crowd but it aint gon’ budge... Never will go pop, but I will Blow up... On the Internet they sayin’ that I changed, so what... All my real fam know me and you aint Lo judge... If ya “boy” can’t change- “man” he can’t grow up... Time to get that Raid gotta spray those “bugs” Gotta make those moves Time to lace those Dunks Trying to see new thangs gotta make those bucks Money on the table Record labels bank on us... VERSE 3 And they charge us the Interest... God’s Intervention... This talent got me looking like a Star from a distance... They argue and defend this to grab their slice... I should Arson the building but that aint right...
VERSE 1 One Be Lo is like Shaft wit the fro... On an African coast... Even if the action is slow, I’m rapid with flow... Anybody making hits Tell the rappers you know... My vocals pitch from the “Booth”, Like Satchel the pro See me lookin’ like Atlas, when he handle the globe... I see you lookin’ like Alice, Wonderland is your home It makes me wonder if you practice your flow... Or it must be a practical joke... You aint tough ‘cuz you pack in your flow You the type to lose Bladder control... The only thing you shootin’ is cameras, to capture a pose... I can tell be the stains in the back of your clothes... who’s runnin’ sh!t, but you aint after the gold... I aint gotta say it twice- We know who got gadgets to go... Like the Inspector got under his Hat and his coat... #%^$ %*& $#^@ &^@#&^%&^%Q@ And you can still get the message like the caption is closed... You can still have somethin’ from a gat in your nose You can still have service, but the casket is closed... It’s Too late to act friendly, now you’re casper the Ghost... Obituary in the back of the post, CANCEL THE SHOW!!!!! VERSE 2 They was hoping the fat lady would sing Instead here come’s the Rap Phantom Whip, Johnny Cash in a black fabric... Don’t hate me, in Haiti they call it Black Magic... White shirts civilised, now the “Man” savage... Half man, half dragon Pants sag, in a trench, where they sand bag it- POW What’s the difference between a Flag, and a bandana? Uncle Sam, son of man, summer jam, Santana... I’m the opposite, Imagine- attract magnets On top of lillie pads, deep as Atlantis Deep as El Hajj Malik El Shabazz family... with a ham sandwhich... Time to think fast... You can’t handle, Immo keep paddlin’ and splashin’ you kings in your sand castles I’m the master
VERSE 1 Whether you’re amateur, immature, either or... They took the tether off his leg, he step in the door, record store... She say she met him for, metaphor... After the show, second floor she want a bone... a dinosaur You think I’m lyin’(Lion) I can let it roar... So why you think she at the dresser drawer? what she gettin naked for? He pulled his weapon on it... She surrendered with no protection on her “body is a temple” he said “Thank the Lord” Call it religious or sec-u-lore... They’re blessed-be-yond, the reg-u-lore sweeter than honey moons let’em resort... rest a shore (assure)... like love birds of a feather, together flockin’ forever more... exaggeration- read between, the rapper lines Battered her eyes, now it’s “Hammer time”- to strategize... Rick James was the record on... He the King, she the Queen... with or without a checker board VERSE 2 It’s a thin line... between love and strong feelings... And that can include love, could be over ya head, you still fall thru the ceiling a puppet on a string A lean dream, steaming a string bean, in jeans I float like a butterfly wing bumble like a bee rumble like a ding ding jungle in the ring Double on the sting Butterfly knife, couple swings Cut like a Upper swing... Make ya’ stomach sing, like a big-boned lady Voice shatterin’ glass droppin’ Black coat, white phantom, Black opera Second act harder coming like sap lava Cussin’ like a cab driver, can’t Dodge a Ram Charger Same thing like sewer and tap water I rather dig a well where the bucket splash harder Try to minus or divide it you got a math problem Some dummies still trynna to add it up in their noggin
VERSE 1 Whether you trynna see G’s or you trynna see Jesus My people on lock-down trynna see freedom... I don’t know a lot, but I know what the key is... Some get it from the streets, some get it from a teacher Study all week then Party on the weekend I work all day catch me playin’ in the evening... Trynna get some dough.. I need a lil cheese but to top it all off I aint trynna make a pizza... Fans show love for the Beats and the Speeches... Groupies show love but I think they want a Penis... N!@@az wanna hate but I think they wanna be this... Lo could give a damn, you would think he was a Beaver... You rappers with the contracts- see yaaa Looks can be decieving... You cooking but you aint eating Wild Life with the Cheetahs and the Zebras... I keep’em in the air Passport full of Visas With Africans, Asians, Arabs and Europeans Then Back to the states, Flyer than a Bald Eagle... Everybody know so it really aint a secret When I heard the beats, told D Will “that’s a keeper” ‘Might as well join cuz you sho’ can’t beat us... You rappers cant test... like substitute teachers... Get paid to rock shows, ‘couple mo’ to do a feature... Whoever get salty must walk and chew Peanuts... Cuz when the Beat drop, guess who turn into a creature? Even back then I was coming to the meetings... Ever since...(inhale) Young and doing reefer... A Pontiac Prince now the King live in Egypt... VERSE 2 Last time I checked I’m the Rhyme Architect, Who make lines connect If you ask anybody if my time is next They would Check... the B-O-X Y-E-S... I’m fresh wit the tag still on, Size addressed And that’s for my people wit no time to guess I’m blessed wit the secret behold my success I can tell you how I did it but yo- Why confess? No time for stress... No time for less- than givin it all I got when my mind is set... If it don’t make dollars it’s dumb, blind, and deaf Nothin’ wrong making dollars and sense (cents) Sign the check When Lo end theories with No Tribe to Quest Gotta have strategies in this game Life is Chess Many claim Majesty and the Fame trynna impress But I dont’ mate Kings only thighs and Breast...
BRIDGE See I’m another specimen... They don’t want to let me win... But this one’s already won... The top is not for everyone... CHORUS Honies on me... Where I am is where the wanna Be... Come Fly with me... Maybe you can be my Queen... I’m widely known... I stay buzzin in the Streets... I’m widely known... I stay buzzin in the Streets... VERSE 1 Yak Two- Forty Eight- to the D three thirteen I’m Malcom X-Rated Ya’ll is P-G thirteen My life behind these Bars, Where C-O’s turn keys It’s madness, You don’t wanna See (Cee) Lo turn “Green” I’m Incredible records show, ya verses was Wack kid... Now here me commin “Atchu”...allergic reaction... Until Infinity chill... I came to build, wit fam... Display the skills, get fans... Pay da bills, get grands... The way I feel Can’t conceal Similar to aiming steele Tommy Hearns emcee’s... You aint a real Hitman Blood money, No doubt... The game is real shit fam I “handle bars”, without... The training wheels, kickstand Grown man walking these Streets, You need to hold hands wit ya bangin sister... Pay me little to Babysit her... I’m making hits that bang in systems, Mercedes Benzes... Haters exist, I make a business to Eighty Six’em VERSE 2 You take away the fashion statements The cash and Famous... All you got is One Be Lo, wit the classic Bangers... Protein, One Bean, I leave you Salivating... You rappers don’t want Beef... Don’t even ask the Waitress... Don’t even ask for a Collaboration... That’s like Friday thirteenth, sending ya kids, to Camp wit Jason I kill’em wit skill, the track left Assasinated... Then pass it to a “Worthy” Jersey like a Magic Laker... I got goals in this “Soldier-field”/ land of Pagans... You’re like a linebacker -waitin’- trynna tackle Payton... I rise above and Beyond, Earthly Imagination Only let you down when the count, is on a Nasa spaceship Sound like you countin’ on a platinum playlist... You copy, scan and faxing pages, lack creative, flow exaggerated... And now you talking on the mic, like the gat is dangerous... But you aint signing record deals, you signing affidavits... That’s one-dimentional rap... I keep the Baskin flavors... I keep the saddles blazin’... You keep the cameras tapin’... You can’t escape from being Captivated... Lyrical Hostage, You wanna stop this Show some ransom Papers... CHORUS I know it stings... I’m something you could never be
Hand-off My voice carry like Tyrone Wheatley... Straight out the box Make it happen like a bowl of Wheaties I’m in the spot same rapper on a dope CD... You’ Jamie Fox- “Ray” Actin’ like you don’t see me... From here to Georgia (George across) Cross Zaire, to Foreman... Thinking you a star Get tossed by ninja swordsman... Sharp steel vivid come wit it, like Bill Bitches I kill vicious, with lyrics your mission, clinic aborted... Hands in the air Look like a Michigan Portrait I’m First...Second...Third Place Maybe you “Four-fit” (forfeit) Five...Six...Seven...Ate (Eight), many Emcee’s, But Nine times outta Ten, I be aiming at Corporate... Young, Black, and don’t give a Flying fuck, Tiger strut On his path Act like, you know the Math- Minus-Plus... Families “divided” up we don’t “multiply” Cuz we dying from the bullets flying- Duck- from the Iron tucked... Sirens come Five-O’s wit guns Deer (Dear) brothers Don’t try to run they’ll scope you out with the rifle- Hunt, Chalk line’m up... We pack enough Heat, to car-jack a fire truck and make the Hoes wanna ride wit us...
Beat Biters... Dope Style Takers... I tell you to ya face, “You aint never touchin Labor”... True Originator, Innovator, and Creator... Thinkin’ independant but I’m sayin’ somethin’ Major... The Government experiment with Beast in the Cages If people don’t rise we at least see, the flame is... Niggaz like “Why do Police need to chase us”... “Extra Extra”... but don’t believe the papers... Cuz pictures get taken and framed in Big cases... My life is a gamble I dont need to go to Vegas... Ya boy like Magic in this Michigan State... I feel the draft out in L-A... but far from a Laker... You want us off welfare, We gotta have money... My people want Health Care... we gotta have something... I love this HipHop shit, but far from a dummy... You not baking that dough, Ya stomach get hungry...
PIGS 04:03
HOOK When the Street Lights come on... And the Darkness sets in... Watch yo back... Cuz we might catch you... Cuz we know yo naame... Yo crew and your ways... What you you say... When the street lights come on... VERSE 1 In Uniforms Blue they storm thru... With Lightening Speed The Sirens Scream Inside the Streets... Heads Turn, Wheels Burn In pursuit of a Thief... Another Bite out of crime, more food to the Beast Similar to what a carnivore do to the Beef... Keep the Belly all Swelly ‘tell he true to the feast... Sprinkle salt in the game Take it bitter or sweet... They the reason why you Niggaz aint feeling the Heat... Block Hot... You might see’m walking the Beat... Pop Pop... They chalk bodies under the sheet... Lock up the precinct, That’s what we all think, but The Judge don’t throw away keys, or toss sinks... They aint cleaning the streets They makin’em stink... Hands dirty in the Pig Pen shit where they eat... No Justice or Peace With corrupt Police... Crime Pays... You just won’t get a reciept... VERSE 2 Now this ‘what we about to do... Take you on another mission with the Boys in Blue... There’s a few out there that serve and protect But the Pigs on the other hand get no respect, like... “Here they come in the Police Car” Abuse the P to the O to the W-E-R Pull over them runners that make Drug connects Won’t put’em under arrest they come to Collect...”Cha-Ching” Crimes Progress It’s all about Green They can roll up on the Scene but they not here to help She got pulled over for not wearing a Belt But the Ticket aint written if she not wearing a Belt, get it? So watch what you say kid Undercovers tape it That’s what you call a “Pig in a Blanket”... No matter what the Rank is Gettin that Bank Do our tax Money pay dat shit? Yep... VERSE 3 Okay... Let’s explore... Pigs never sweat through pores... So what they wanna sweat you for? Why the Black, Brown youth feel less secure? Pat’em down! Hands up! Feet spread the floor! Poverty leads to crime, they arrest the poor Some people cant afford a lawyer when they step in court So when the suspect is caught, You can rest assure They use no less of course, Than excessive force And it’s next to Norm... Get beat like you stole Leave ya cheeks all swole’ like Gilespies horn What if camera’s in L.A. never pressed record? Do you think Rodney King would be dressed in court? In a law”suit”? bless the Lord... It aint like we aint never seen’em outta line, step before Black boot with the Heel out... Spill out- Coffee when they peel out... Then fill out... The next report...
BEEF 03:54
VERSE 1 Now that's some Bullshit A lot of rappers talk a lot of beef got gats, wit full clips Balls 'bout as big as those Rocky-Mountain-Oysters You Aint sayin nothin’ just makin a lot of noises They aint tougher than leather, you gots to keep steppin’ In video's: look at the rumps, on these heifers Young tenderloins gotta skin their hides For the meal ticket, Xzibit can Pimp 'dey rides What the U-S-D-A say? Grade A Prime So that’s a prime-time slot, Just to say they shine For the 30 seconds of fame, you can't resist But seven days in your colon and you still aint sh#t! VERSE 2 It's waay too many lives at steak (stake) “YES SIR, NO SIRloin” the soldier say He supposed to be the Macho Man See you holdin' on to some Beef Jerkey knock it out yo’ hand "Cookin" in a foreign land? watch the beef, stew The women and the Children on the ground, that’s beef too And both sides claim God, missing the focus... cuz one say "Halal"... the other say "Kosher” They Both hate pigs love Abra"ham" and Moses so why we see commandments broken? Moses talked to God on the mountain, when he came back down... The people started worshipping cash cows Today we got the U-S-D-A trynna leave their mark It's all politics, slaughterhouses-chop those parts Now ANY grade less, than the US-Select Still serve you that beef, but did you know it was Processed? VERSE 3 America consume mo' beef, Than every country on the earth even toddlers Obese A quarter pound burger you can pick on the Menu some people don't like it (rare), forbidden to Hindu's and "vegetarians" won't be beefin against you... the same category, Pork chicken and fish too Get all 'their Protien from Soy, Rice and Beans now these vegans on another level, rebel to Ice Cream It might seem crazy but the flow don't stop Hippies say they don't need roast, to smoke no pot Now da U-S-D-A say "recall that beef" cuz the C-O-W was M-A-D But the farmers keep fillin'em up, We keep killin' for what? "Meat-grillin", the "Beef" keep "sizzlin" Mike was a "Bull" Now we got King james some n!99@z dont like "Kobe" but he still got game Who want Beef???
Rabbit Food 04:01
VERSE 1 Lettuce Begin The veggie-table of contents I give you a parsnip-pet When then DJ start to Spin-ach I put the songs on wax, they want a couple pears (pairs)... Search da barrel for bad apples but none is there now I plant seeds and bury the bone in different area codes on blackberry, macintosh or windows Easy a peel (appeal) like bananas The man with the plan-tain Keepin it organic Over deez golden beets I y’am so sweet A different grain, I'm known to rice on a beach U could say I'm a fungi party in a plush room You feelin blue in ya small world- like mushrooms It aint hard to tell a smurf from a Gargamel Father, Sun Tzu strategy, behind my art of sale Protect ya Neck-tarine Cuz all these crabs in a bucket.. Just wanna see ya record sales Plum-met VERSE 2 Crime pays but you not a felon Honeydew jail Waiting for dispatch like a watermelon I'm in the lime light, not because my art is sellin’ Rhymes Automatic- lemon squeeze like mac 11 Now Who's that Pecan thru my window Pow!!! nobody now dats ta-ma-to You might say ta-may-to I'm 24 carrot underground Just imagine if my sound made it mango They say its for the love and the Passionfruit That’s when I say get deez nuts, we got checks to cash-ews... I got a academia in macadamia Neva like pimp-artichoke- slappin ladies up... I metaphor (met her for) pickles in the jar Or- I might blaze grapes in her face, Still raisin (raising) the bar And you granola emcees can't handle those I see cabbage folks they (see)C-antelope -Green Machine like McHale Kevin I'm chile chill red is familiar, my name ring a bell pepper "Stalking" ya’ "ears", you might turn corn Same rappers turn “pop” when the heat turn on When the flame turn orange Time to do dat shit... If its still hard to be leave I prune that shit Pomegranate don't panic, I'm the cherry on top of the Ice Cream I squash beef, Thank you berry much peas
rootS 03:49
VERSE 1 A long time ago they used to calle’m Clans or Tribes And Politics, played a part in how you planned your Bride Gave a man his Pride A name wasn’t just a name And don’t be gettin’ blamed, puttin “Us” to shame... Now a days, kids running away Like water run in a drain Then a prodigal son he Be-came At the Family Reunion, a couple of names... I forget- ‘But I remember that summer was Great Some of us “late” I remember the ones in the Grave... Uncle Johnny with his fishing pole, Bucket and Bait Uncle George at the Holidays, Stuffin’ his face... Young Oggie brushing his fade... Nothing but waves... Some of my friends and family, One, and the same And we aint even gotta have the same blood in our veins I got brothers from different mothers we call friends cousins... I give’m my all I know they like that I love it VERSE 2 Sometime’s it’s hard walking a narrow... Path straight, like an Archer with Arrow These last days, Dark as my shadow... Target practice on you tall-tale, Towers of Babel... One Be Lo to wack rappers like, Water to Pharoah... Hard to the marrow, or bone X-Rays often examine Our D-N-A strands say our father was Adam Til every brother, Every sister, play they part in the family I’m the voice, that you listen on a mission with Cap D Social commentary yo that’s me... See a problem, Bring solution person, rap version of Black seed Serious as cancer, whats the answer, you ask me? Five Pillar dimension, pay attention it’s tax free... Seeking pardon, this road could lead to gardens My jargon Original they say it sound “like” a bargain... A message to whoever wanna spark it... Remember yo You battle One Man alone... That’s known as an Army
Jenny 01:41
It’s so alone In that broken home... She knew her daddy was a rollin’ stone Momma stay working her fingers to the bone... To keep the light rays on Not raising her own Grandmother playin the role too gray and too old So shorty had to teach herself the card play... Now wit a Brother-Father missed, She learned a lot of this the hard way... The fast lane got nothing on her car chase Bar place boyfriends, Keep her looking Scarface... Line snorters call her crime soldier... Confiding in her fake ass friends... Good luck, trynna find Solace... Denim linen, over shed skinning cobras got the best feelin’ venom in’em, told you not to mess wit’em women grinnin’ grillin’ behind ya back bending killin’ momentum, Life’s OVER... It’s time to rise like the Pipe smokin Hydro and High rollin’ and Dozin’ but only wit her eyes open... Thermostat every where she turn, see her own Breath when she breathing, believing not even Ice colder... A bitter taste the only thing she ever got out of life... Can you explain how she made it this far with out God in her life... Twenty Birthdays lived without Pops in her life... Strange how da man change, wanna “pop” in her life... Apologized at her gravesite, The victim of a shooter- That’s right... No happy endings... and no reunions
VERSE 1 Before we had email or cell phones, I rolled wit a tight crew You caught me wit them Hazel eyes, maybe I like you Hesitated to make the right move, cuz ya brother truly was my dude, We Hoop together in Highschool And I was a player on the court- off the court... Tackle wrestle homerun chicks, all the sports But I couldn’t disrespect my mans sis... We kept it on the cool tip, even tho we flirted in classes ‘Complimented my game face... You hit me with the seven digits... I called you the same day The coolest female i swear, Ya mother passed same year, shed a tear, but my shoulder was there We shared secrets and all that Voice mail beef if I didn’t pick it up But you know that I’ll call back... pick it up pick it up VERSE 2 After school I went away for a couple of years Just handle your biz your daughter’s gettin big... I came home, old friends, most of’em “x’ed” off, the list me and you, pick it up where we left off My truck pulled up to her home...get in She never liked my music turned the radio on She said “Rahlo you my nigga and I love you so... But i’m a Mary J fan, not a One Be Lo” That’s cool, I never asked My girl ghetto fab Her baby daddy sent upstate for selling crack... She Pick it up, when He called collect Love this...ring that...she think his mind correct He came home, moved in, knocked her up, moved out consequences cant rewind, second time regret She said “it felt like, the whole world hit the floor” I said “you gotta pick it up girl, the time is yours” VERSE 3 She said, “I’m the only person in the world she could talk too... so please pick it up if I call you” She felt like she didn’t have a reason to go on... I told her she was so wrong... Them babies need a mommy to hold strong Man problems... fam problems... bill problems... health problems... “Please lord can you help solve’m” She feeling better and strong Big smile on my face, when she say she picked it up and read the Qur’an couldn’t pick it up, when she called me that day excited for her daughters birthday party on Saturday Now Sunday, I get a call from an unknown number... I usually answer these calls with reluctance It’s Her, calling from a hospital room... with i.v.’s in her body... she sad cuz she missed the party Nobody knows what’s going on... Doctors wanna keep her for a couple of days, her blood is drawn She so strong, crackin jokes as usual I’m on tour doing Lo, beautiful musicals Checked the voice mail and I’m laughing when- She talking shit, cuz she called last night, I couldn’t answer it My sister called the next day...asking “What happened to ya girfriend, I heard she passed away” I can’t believe what I heard... I called her phone but she didn’t pick it up so now I’m all concerned I called back... she didn’t pick it up, so I called her grandmother scared to ask but it was all confirmed... The news hit me like a mack truck, that sucks... She called last night, but I couldn’t pick it up...
VERSE 1 In the Beginning it was darkness, Let it Be Light... Eleven-Seven, Heaven Sent him Let'em Breathe Life I was Bred to Lead Second thing Blessed to Squeeze Mics... If Hip Hop is wrong I could Never be Right, see Music is my Therapy... Sick of all the Wack Emcee’s, sellin' me dat Celery... Talkin' all that sex to me... Treasury and Cheddar Cheese... Jailin' me with Felonies... Weaponry they Never Squeeze... Ejectin’ Me Lead Debris... I'm not the Hater, You a Player I'm the Referee... official... with the whistle... "Check out the Melody" You can be the Best Emcee from West to East and never be Celebrity... Maybe when you "Rest in Peace" Let's agree... You don't want War You should run and be a refugee... Whether coming or goin’ I'm runnin where the Rebels be... Aint nobody touching me I guess they think it’s Leprosy It prolly be the Death of Me Body and Soul, Seperately Destiny VERSE 2 When they arrested me, Let's see I was One, Plus Seventeen Never Dreamed... Tell me how you can when you never sleep Far from Freddies Elm Street gotta stay alert behind that Metal Screen Criminals and Killers wit that expertise... Puffin' Evergreen... Hustle, Work, Every Means C-O’s searching everything “Hold these and cough” the pipes that connect the sink... Gang members laced up, Ready to eat Predators praying for peace We studied the language that the Arabs speak Nahshid, Abdur Rahim... You got beef we could Squash it like a Jelly Bean My aim to Gain- “to Afford Better things"... Maybe the Fame... chain... porshe set of Keys Brains mentally in Chains, gotta set ‘em Free... Nobody can Rescue me Especially from myself and Me So I wrestle me, and Question me, Excessively Betta’ Clean that Mirror that Reflected me... Serious Expression B... How could this be my Destiny? VERSE 3 They say Experience the Best to Teach... Gotta keep a shield and a Sword, that's Necessity The Lord must be testin' me... Best Believe, Enemies and Friends standin’ next to me... Many of the first and We knooow how the second be... -Less-Than- ‘lotta "Yes-Men" Sayin “Yes” to Me... Momma always said, "boy you gotta Check their Recipe"... Listen what they tellin' me- "How much they respected me" Jealousy and Treachery was Buried in their Chest Beneath... And now the "He Said-She Said" That was Never Me... I get it from the Main Source, Like Extra P Cuz If it's just a rumor I remove it from the memory Prove to be It true, then Let us See Who got the Remedy Neva let them Devils see That Hell in Me it's better we should Never Speak, Let'em Leave, Regret it Please... They Only Bringing out the Best in Me... The Top Pedigree's Got Hella Fleas, Dawg... It’s called Destiny
The G.O.A.T. 04:36
VERSE 1 We see you don’t get the Credit Deserved It’s Impossible to Measure your Work We can’t repay you cuz we could never measure your worth I decide not to Describe, You could never be measured in words... Some say, “Big Bang” Theoretical, Church... Say you Created and Rested on the Seventh, Absurd... Every day, New life cycles- Death and the Birth- Said in Reverse Seeds, settled in Dirt Egg and the Sperm Make waay for the Organs With or without Sexual Urge Skeleton bones, the flesh is the turf... Im be-lo (Low) You the one above, Second and Third... Atheist, Agnostic, Intelligence, Search... Twelve years of college, professional-Specialists, Learned But your knowledge and degree, Is a level Unheard We Admire Engineers, and Architectual nerds But they could never build Heavens and Earth... I read about Docs praised for their Medicine works... You put the same Nutrition In the fruits and the Vegetables first... We honor Veterans and Let’em pin medals on shirts... Genocide in your name... their Oppression is worst Everybody Shell-shocked From the weapons that bursts... Where the real Terrorists lurk? Color Red is Alert... Brothers dead in a Hurst... Mothers Head is Berserk... she say she asked you for Protection and you let’em get hurt... But the Ones you love the most, get tested the worse... That’s why some people worship ya prophet, The message is blurred I got a whole lotta questions, Plus the devil at work... Should I vote for the Donkey or the Elephant Jerk? Should she cash her Paycheck? or tote a tek in her Purse? We go to work... You help us to earn Some of it use to fund wars, we protest wit our words... Blessing or Curse? The Verse... A lesson to Learn, Let it be heard... HOOK We Hear a lot of rappers Braggin in they rhymes ‘bout who got the crimes... and who got the shine... and who got a lot of skills and dolla bill signs... But you not/ You not/ The Greatest of All Time... VERSE 2 Sing... they say i’m preaching to the choir... I “spoke” now the en-”tire” leakin’ thru da “wire” Don’t wanna see my people in the fire Black, Brown, Yellow, White, Red instead... they keeping us divided... A gap between the Highest bidders and the cheapest buyers but everybodies neat attire is shrinking in the dryer... She wear it still, Victoria secrets you admire... If she a beauty queen, don’t believe it with your iris... See where i’m coming from? you gotta reach a little higher than penis and vagina they spit... semen and saliva... I spit hot lava burn ya kingdom with the fire and I won’t-stop-rockin’ til I... Rhymes like David, watch me bring it to Goliath... One-shot Bed-rock sleep if you desire... I’m touchin’ everybody in sight, my insight recognize whats inside us, immo incite us a riot...
WILdeBEEST 02:31
They told me to keep my eyes on the road, and my hands on the wheel I am... But Will I am not, NOT! willing to trade spots... But if it’s Lord’s will, come as you will... Let them Devil’s know I got a force field and swords to wield... One day it will make sense... Somebody leaving Prints in Bel-Air, and I aint talkin Will Smith I’m writin this, like a will with six mills Whether i’m making millions, I gotta make six meals So will I William Shakesphere? YES I will When you’re gone, will or will not... they’re stuck with your nick name- Bills Head spinnin’ like a PinWheel... or wind mill... If you can make it stop, tell me when? will? The checks come, and you got fired or layed off And you aint even got the rims paid off? I’m on the road again like Willie Nelson till the wheels fall off Elmer Fudd said he will, make the heat go off And you aint Wheely twynna see no loss Poppin off like a wheely and you will get your ego tossed I still got it... You used to be fly but you Will Rogers... My heart brave and my Will Wallace... Like Christopher, gotta gimme the loot Got plenty rhymes to shoot, John Wilkes in the Booth Leave ya widow... weepin like a willow... for many days I will amaze, “say Hey Kids”, like Willie Mays without a ball team... Without a will still a way, heads bob or get slayed (sleighed) I got a dog team D Will get props throughout the verse From K.C. to Williamsburg, touring the earth We conquer ya turf, Lo killin’ the verse, like William the first... Let’s buy a vowel- Wheel of Fortune, flippin these words... I stand tall for all, I wheel and deal fair Nobody got yo back, you need a wheel chair With big wheels... I handle bars like a wheel barrel on construction sites, carrying big steel I got a strong foundation so I build towers They say I couldn’t, I re-invented the Will-Power * But all of this aint shit, without the will power They say it couldn’t be done, I reinvented it Snakes, Dragons and Pigs...look what I did Ox, Cocks, Tigers and Sheeps... Rabbit’s, Falcons, Donkeys... Cows, Goats, Ants, Bees and Monkeys... Will call... Last but not least... I’m spittin like a real mc, a Wildabeest Spittin like a real mc, a Wildabeest One Be Lo, do what I will, I will da Beats
PIGS (Clean) 04:03
BEEF (Clean) 03:54


Language Arts Based On Reality || Love Allah Bills Opportunity Revolution || Land Agriculture Beasts Occupation Resources || Large Animals Bovines Obedient Reliable || Locusts Ants, Bees And Roaches


L.A.B.O.R. is arguably OneBeLo's most cohesive album yet. An acronym for Language Arts Based On Reality and another play on the birth concept before B.A.B.Y., the disc sees Lo cleverly using a theme of animals and occupations to metaphorically convey an assortment of issues, storylines and displays of lyricism. “Pigs” speaks on corrupt law enforcement, “Ox Y Moron” shows the highs and lows of upgrading your bank account, and “The G.O.A.T.” sees him examining the ins and outs of peoples' interpretations of God, or “the greatest of all time.” On the stylish tip, he slyly uses “WILdeBEEST” to showcase elaborate wordplay of “will/wheel.”

LABOR also incredibly showcases DL7, Lo's all-female band that made its debut at SxSW 2010 and has since performed with him at shows around the world. DL7’s production adds a notable live element to the record, amplifying Lo's conceptual rhymes more than ever before.


released September 6, 2011


all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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