Wolfman Jack

by Binary Star

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In 1998 Binary Star released Wolf Man Jack, a song co written by One Be Lo and Senim Silla, co produced by Decompoze and OneManArmy. This is a fictional story where nobody believes a drunk man who seems to be spreading rumors about a werewolf that is supposedly on the loose and killing people.

In 2016 Binary Star releases a new version of Wolf Man Jack, produced by OneManArmy. In this version, OneManArmy does more than jack the beat from Decompoze. Binary Star appears to be blown away by gun play. Only fragments are left to piece together on the trail of the Wolf Man Jack. With Wolf Man Jack on the beat, nobody is safe.

In Wolf Man Jack (behind bars), One Be Lo skillfully weaves a tale between the Binary clues that have been left behind on Jackin for beats. Officer Jack Wolfe aka Wolf Man Jack strikes again.


released March 16, 2016

Produced by Decompoze and OneManArmy
Subterraneous Records



all rights reserved


One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan.


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Track Name: Wolf Man Jackin' For Beats (strike 2)
Wolf Man Jack strikes again!

Story to an end!

The Same thing could happen to you!
Track Name: Wolfman Jack behind bars (strike 3)
Before and after midnight it's dreary
The full moon is clearly eerie
It chill spines like Gray bullies in Court hearings
the bullets whisper
the bodies buried in cemeteries
Blowed away,
life goes on
That's how the winds carry

Officer Cracker Jack
badge wit a gun
He anti-socialist,
liberals, and moozlums
Don't say much,
You might Get maced up
or sprayed up
Nights like tonight he would rather stay up
Instead of going to sleep
He's in the dark streets,
milking old goats
Chicken heads and preachers leading the sheep
If murder was the case,
then the case I speak
Is really murder,
it's really not a case unique

Most people In The neighborhood afraid to speak
They called Jack a savage man
For hunting the black man
Most likely won't shoot they operate by the pen
When the Arm Leg Leg Arm Head has lighter skin

Some wouldn't understand
His Animal instinct
They Question chain of command,
It's missing a couple links
The whole institution sitting in it's own stink
Racism in amerikkka protected by the ink
Not the tribal tattoos,
Nobody take you serious
Immediately defame ur character in the media
Racial slurs in talks
Another victim assault stagger and halts
And this time on camera it's caught
But the Wolfpack, abused
The Film shooda been used/confused
Like did he play it cool?
Make a move? Break a rule?
Well Whatever went down
Nobody went to trial
Jack still on the prowl
That foul bite make a man wild


Another victim
Cuz The Squad Rollin deep
Blacks Smokin in the streets like a pack of stolen swisher sweets color Brown
Hands up Hands down
No time for fairy tales
These kids live in world with Clan Clowns
and terrorized
The Revolution died
and televised
That night
- No wonder why the kids from school
Look at the Elders driving like some drunk old fools
So the planning
Independent stance
Never work for the wolves who take advantage
They shot a man panhandling

While The Wolves on Wall Street,
And government tax bails
Only crimes we hear about is murders and Crack sales
Pharmaceuticals snatch wealth, until you lack health
Its true
Capitalism they pack cells,
Rack sales

You feel the tension in the air when they stop the ride
Traffic Stops be turn into homicides

- He fulla Beer, driving like a rockstar

- I bet he fulla fear, when he see the cop car

lights in his vision clear, sirens gettin near
Crooked steer
Lookin back, everybody had disappeared
Uh oh, something's wrong
He turned a couple corners
Then crashed, whiplash, coma,
assumed he was goner

derailed, from the train wreckage, And ran like hell
- bullets Howling like a wolf under the moonlight spell
From a shell, from a gat hand held back at the cop car
- The Wolf Chuckled when his victim fell so hard
In the press conference sheddin tears when he spoke
But everybody had an idea, it was a hoax
These actions Provokes riots
he nicked him with the cannon that he carry like Mariah

The only reply
When five minutes go by
The cameras report it live

Wool before my eyes

Whos the man
Werwolf Americans
Kill'em like black panther chair mans
Or Sarah Blands
Out the corner of her eye

Peep the checklist:
Never rich
Weapon less
Two friends headless from POW POW

WOLFMAN Jack strikes again
Bring another life story to an end
Just like the captain and Lieutenant
Attacking wit cruel intentions
The same thing can happen to you Niggas