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The Looma (part 1​/​5)

by One Be Lo

In the beginning and before the fall, was the One and All. With no time to stall, the word 'Be' was called and many creations installed. Actually, all 1's and O's upon a galaxy there were two Suns shining at full capacity. A Binary Star system trafficking mutual gravity around a Water World planet teamed with a single moon companion annually. Along with no canopy in its atmos P- here floating happily in a state of perpetual shine, never lacking beams caused plants and things to grow rapidly. Scientists credit this happening to explosions operations mechanically while others say magically. Some call this blasphemy and place faculty on Creator (autocratically but others say plurality) whose clean hands calculated with mathematic mastery. BINARY STAR Two Suns aligned in the sky on opposite sides of the eye. One yellow and bright, hypergiant type. The other Sun hue, ultra violet blue, mellow in light. The temperature didn't rise significantly high it was more consistently kind for lizards bigger in size. Now picture in mind, jungles twisted in vines, thickness and wide. WATER WORLD Green produce from the Yellow and Blue unlimited shine on Water World liquid designed Oceans that drifted with tides. If you lived in the sky, One's below vision would find Sea, Lake, River and Rivulet kinds intertwined with minerals in mines giving life to the ones who Scale Stratus, Atmosphere, swim or sit dry. THE EVOLUTION OF MAN Beyond attraction of the physical kind, the evolution of Adam's atoms even minimum size had the ability to build families of living creatures Able to grow bigger in time. Original kinds with primitive minds developed a system for time division before years and minutes arrived, using Rhythm and Vibe. Millions of Vibes passed before descendents were inclined to put lyrics inside. They communicated with sounds, divided into syllable bytes, right before images write, written inscribed on cave walls picturing what communication bridges looked like. THE FETUS Over vibe signature time, one note element specimens sent spine development sliding from belly dancing heritage to walking on all 4/4 inheritance. By now, these crawling beasts parented treble and bass decibel marriages, instrumental in the development of upright position and two legged regiment. Hunter gatherer efforts became more relevant but later on, evidence of residents who formed settlements became more prevalent. LABOR The origin of those once negligent or ignorant began to form tribes, that were now interested in more complex questions and living excellent. This can be credited to the discovery of metal elements like copper, bronze, iron, silver and gold metalsmith. Culture became pregnant, giving birth to technology, tools, instruments, weapons and even jewelry decoratives, further separating the savage from the intelligent.
Kush The development of writing could represent speech without impediment. The first Kingdom was Kush in all of its excellence. Settlements became Cities, States and Governments with armies that protected them. Farmers planted seeds, plowed in rich soil sediments while scientists developed many medicines and studied the nature of insects, jellyfish, leopards and elephants. Only Kings were allowed access to animal flesh and skin for ceremonies and sacrifice to the heavens twins. Religion and State were not separate. Kushite Kings and Queens in all Excellence ruled residents, noble and peasant men with eloquence because they respected Djinns or Devils With Angels in the names of Gods reverenced and accepted then. Somebody should acquire special mention. KGB (Kush Governing Body) Executives of the ancient world to represent: LOFAT MIS' TERHIDE MIS' TEREEM-AN AN-ONYMOUS HU IZZY OHNEE BELLO KHEMO SABI Were the most relevant. At this vibe in signature time, the Royal bloodline deemed divine, created laws, religions, magic and music that blessed the wind. The ocean's bright sky that never dried occasionally dripped comets from heavenly heights, impacting Water World bodies and minds. TRACKEZOIDS Architects were employed to erect edifices and taller temples dedicated to testaments and ritual festivals set to win. These original Trackezoid constructions were made of special brick, mixed with the extra terrestrial strength in questionable length. Their trapezoidal shapes provided platform for worship and activities meant to honor both burials and myth. The topside of these Trackezoid structures could be stacked to form pyramidal towers consisting of any number of stories but the tallest ones reached only fourth and fifth. An accessible trip to the top with wide winding stairs was the lift. Decorated doors at the base, allowed access within its chambers, for those who witnessed the glyphs written on its interior brick. Souvenir shops always capitalize quick. LOFAT As primitive speakers and thinkers became more lingual, Water World’s perennial season reasoned farm life more regal than that of hunter-gatherer menial. The rise of farming people spread across the fertile region, along with healers and priests that warded off evil from demons and creatures believed to be leaving crops eaten. Furthermore, the discovery of fire and even metals heated made blacksmiths and builders equal in the social class mingle with each group forming their own chiefdoms. Lofat was the first leader to gain the great achievement of maintaining peaceful relations amongst each Chiefdom, united into one Kingdom. He is famous for speaking and teaching the phrase "One Kush, One People" Many statues were built to honor his genius, but later generations came to worship him as miholE returning enecsehtnokcaB soul. (After Lofat reached his highest esteem, the title Mis' which means Ruler or Pharaoh was also given to Kings and Queens to honor their beings.)
TERHIDE Terhide which means Healer was the granddaughter of Lofat, who died in his rhythm and vibe prime. She was given the title Mis' at the rhythm and vibe of 29, which in turn anointed her tribe as Healers of mankind. During her reign, the great gardens of Kush were cultivated and many herbs and plants now extinct, then thrived. Mis' Terhide ruled Kush with pride that multiplied its size. Her visionary eyes are described on the sacred Trackezoid walls inside. MIS TEREEM Tereem which means Builder of dreams was the granddaughter of Mis' Terhide, the great Healer-Queen. Mis' Tereem-An ruled ancient Kush 100 rhythm and vibes during the time when many metals were being discovered and applied. With bigger buildings and taller temples on the rise, tools and weapons were fortified, increasing the strength of Kush military and pride. One rhythm and vibe, Tereem had a series of dreams that her younger son Onymous suffered and cried from a wolf bite and died. She prescribed soldiers by his side but soon after, she died early in his vibe. In hindsight, during ancient times the birthright belonged to the youngest members of the Kushite who would learn from the older members what everything should look like.
An Onymous 01:18
An which means protect or protected was a title given to Mis' Tereem-An's youngest son Onymous. An-Onymous was the Boy King. In his early vibes and shortly after Tereem's death, a Kushite Priest built a Trackezoid shrine to ward off life on the other side. During the rule of An-Onymous, extreme religions and superstitions arrived, granting more authority to the Holy Guides. Inside the Great Shrine, doors were inscribed with gifts and bribes and these beliefs were birthed and taught far and wide. Wolves were cursed and deemed illegal to be alive, and ordered to be killed on sight. The Healers and Priests predicted that if Tereem's vision came into fruition, it would begin the end of Water World time dimension. The Healers even mentioned that the cure was in prevention. Shortly after this extension, Onymous died by accident in a sporting exhibition during a soldier expedition. The curse was eventually lifted but the Priests held their positions of power in the tradition, maintaining the superstition and immortalizing An-Onymous written on ancient petroglyph depictions.
Since the beginning of spear and bow, hunter gatherers high and low have combed the brush with much to roam. Large animals migrated south into warmer climate zones. The Rah Lows to the south became home to another throne with back bone. The Blue ocean on the east coast was the host of Bird Island, known for diamonds, and later a huge prison for the world's finest criminal likeness. The highland peninsula-island called Zhao is located opposite side of it. Across the Yellow ocean, new lands were becoming home to those who could get along. HU IZZY Hu Izzy is Tereem-An’s second seed to succeed the throne after his younger brothers early ascension. During Hu Izzy's royal enlistment there was much tension due to religions invented by the priestly division, not to mention competition with the superstition of his lineage. To rise above the trenches of An-Onymous mention, Hu Izzy turned his attention to the wisdom of powerful Magicians. He became one of the most celebrated Pharoah's of the ancient world's men, women and children. Hu Izzy denounced religion during his reign, but never prevented those who comprehended or pretended it. He developed musical instruments percussive and winded. After his death, he was never included on the walls of the temples by religious men but his accomplishments filled the straws of all the villages. Poems and songs from all the lyricists.
BACK OFF THE SCENE A second wave of migrations took shape after much debate about the soul and its spiritual state. Many believers of the An - Onymous faith, escaped Kush during the rule of Hu Izzy the great. Magic wasn't their appeal, so they migrated deep on the continent of Tuwosiks with a rainforest shield. Here, tribes like the Luzu’s and the Maseeva Monks could preserve their culture, rituals and skills, isolated deep in the Beak-in Hills. OHNEE BELLO Hu Izzy died with dignity after reaching 153 rhythm and vibes of nobility. His grandson Ohnee Bello was the next branch in the bloodline family tree. Kush culture and civilization was at its height and everything seemed alright until a great quake shook Water World with all its might. Many buildings were destroyed but Ohnee Bello didn't give up the fight or flight. With the help of powerful magic he practically rebuilt Kush overnight. A Firebird and a Dragon, that balanced the light and became even more bright. During his reign and desire to display greater heights, Kushite's actually became weaker during his plight. The monuments were manufactured by masters, who couldn't afford to live average because the empire was basically bankrupt and couldn't afford to pay much. 75 rhythm and vibes.
Phoenix 01:38
Based on the rules and sacred laws regulated by the religious robes rearing the myths within Trackezoid bricks The Kushite Priests were the only guests permitted to enter its midst. They performed ceremonies and rituals with a miracle twist. The acoustics of the Trackezoid walls echoed spiritual trips that transitioned believing bodies between worlds beyond bricks., big banging like boom boom tick. The glyphs inside pictured in length, told about then known history, military strength and future prophecies of things that didn't exist. According to the glyphs carved on walls, sarcophagus and crypt, Ohnee Bello's Priesthood provided a great gift proving to lift from the ash that drifts when the wind shifts in the form of a Phoenix forged from a magical fire perpetually lit. Known to few as Motu, the Phoenix soared with tempered wings. It’s spiritual trip over land and sea caused evaporation and steam to rise above everything, forming clouds in the heavenly sky that wet the trees. The two Sun's maintained warm temperature in balance, but the Phoenix's challenge was to cool the planet. Darkness did not exist, not even shadows, but the great walls depicted past and future battles with animals, which included dragons. A mighty earthquake ravaged Kush inhabitants with panic and the Pharaoh's castle along with the great temple suffered irreparable damage.
Trackezoid construction lasted 17 rhythms on average but a powerful Priest named Poze managed to convince the Pharaoh to complete the new temples with powerful magic. Whatever Poze imagined, could influence the Ruler's commandments so the construction planning became standard for every family. Accelerated at a pace 100 vibes faster than previous active Pharoah's, the greatest of all Trackezoid temple's on ancient calendars now stood standing of the highest caliber. The natural disaster embarrassed the Ohnee Bello's character so as legend would have it, the powerful Poze packaged superstition with magic using these talents to birth a Sea dragon. It became the Ocean's inhabitant and many human sacrifices were offered as ransom, tossed in at random. In return, the fire breathing Dragon would protect Water World from actual disasters whether battles or natural eliminating dangerous challengers. Six thousand leagues cavernous beneath the reef on bedrock with no need to sleep, the ultimate balancer equally monitored haphazard vibration and frequency patterns that seemed to be hazardous.
Slangologist 00:55
Frequently the Dragon's volcanic breathing that leaked deep in sea scenery sometimes mixed with wing debris. This igneous recipe cooled immediately like magma casting landmass increasingly. Over time, one obvious consequence was the birth of expansion known today as islands and continents. In confidence, the lava vomit mix formed a precious metal anonymous to the periodic table of elements called Slanglava. The prominent Priests of Kush dominance had extensive knowledge, but Poze was the first Slang-ologist to discover and study its properties. The Dragon breathing deep within the oceans spills, continued to build land mass without yield. Emerging from the depths as mountains and hills, valleys and fields. Spitting slanglava at will.
Lyrictricity 01:43
KHEMO SABI By the time Ohnee Bello set quiet and still, his magical shoes were a giant fit to fill. Before he fell ill, his grandson Khemo Sabi was well drilled to deal with next Pharaoh- King- Mis' billed until he was dead or over the hill or killed. When Khemo Sabi represented the Royal Highness ascent, he ruled Kush Kingdom environment during it's mightiest period of enlightenment. He took learning as a hobby, completing calculated construction assignments composed of great libraries filled with prize writers pens, alongside scholars and scientists. Many inventions are worthy of being mentioned, but for now, one released from the detention of ignorance is Lyrictricity, discovered and harnessed by combining vibrations and rhythm with mind precision. Lyrictricity typically is a force that occurs when high volume vibrations activate electrons that bond with neurons, causing protons and neutrons to vacuum in varying velocities, depending on the rhythm. This vacuum allows electrons to bond rapidly, moving through energy fields with fuller polyphony. The strength of lyrictricity depends on the rhythm and vibration frequency in the mind determined, and transferred where magnetic fields produce a flow or current. Metaphorically speaking, If electricity is a soloist inflection, Lyrictricity is more akin to a choir section in delivery.
High powered societies had more harmony because they held healthy hearts, heaping harvest in high fruition so there was no need for crime, police or prisons. The height of this period of enlightenment showed a picture bold and vivid. In cosmic courtship the Yellow and Blue solar centers produced green swollen members. The Blue sun sent solar tremors when it started to shimmer brighter and bigger, twenty two times the size of the original. The entire heavens beckoned to the blinding spectacle until suddenly the temporary blindness became questionable. Eyes pressed closed to the sound of doom definitely deafening in three-directional zones. Shortly after the ultra blue surge shattered into shiny shrapnel, pupils peaked thru the pieces in search for the unusual signals until they saw that the Blue sun appeared invisible. Where did it go? Only the heavens know. Out of the blue, the sad sky stared at the surviving sun that seemed wounded by the episode. Priests in religious robes blessed the souls, while the rest of the globe guessed about extraterrestrials, unknown X and O's adding stress in loads. Surely, slowly aging stars eventually explode.
Eyes started to see some aliens in the form of black Shadows for the first time, swelling at the feet and base of every shape. They appear to be leaking from people, objects and landscapes. If this is how the soul escaped then empty bodies roam today with no control or say. But many minds imagined these dark Shadows emerging from the ground, growing rapid when the sun starts sagging, increasing their darker grip on the entire planet. Inanimate objects and their dark companions stand in wait, but the living souls have ghostmates that gesticulate. Some people tried to run away but the Shadows hands are too fast and strong to escape. Even though these Shadows were safe, they seemed to be a cursed race in battle with the human ability to search for faith and currently in first place. People couldn't trust their own shadows. It was madness in the worst way.
Sunset 01:29
All this commotion from the supernova explosion distracted witness's vision from the exact moment the Yellow sun compromised it's normal zenith position. As the surviving sun begins to fall on its victims, the Shadows dimensions grow long and tall, attached to all with no chain and ball. Yellow pigment warms into golden orange, as the sun sinks halfway past its norm. The newborn shadows continue to grow their forms from the ground sworn to perform their swarm. The Orange sun hangs like ripe apples ready to fall from the pink sky behind the blackberry horizon. Bully Shadows crowded the mountain ridges before they raced the sun down to pound submission into the surrounding villages. Under the colorful display on this darkening day, no discussion could explain the disarray. Heads continued to pray for a brighter day, but instead intense orange shed into red like it internally bled. The white moon watched as the sun sped towards its deathbed.
The red disc dropped and kissed the horizons lips. The latter engulfs the cherry drip until the only hint remaining is a dark purple tint across the chocolate mint sky in length. After the first sunset, visibility is one-tenth. Now that a way, this a way, both Suns have went away and many rays have went astray. Today the Shadows have joined hands Placing the whole pigment hole Gripped in a lunar hold. Gravity gives Water World orbit a new mold weathered with sunset, sunrise, night and cold. Total chaos around the globe from these events means new Superstitions and Religions are told. The science of Astronomy begins to unfold now that distant stars and planets in the night skies for eyes held high, to low and behold. Water World Two and Three globes became visible before telescopes participated in the probe. New animals evolve, into the fold. Religious people with hope think the gods are angry with their souls, so they fight hard to capture many foes from the Night wars to sacrifice to the Light gods. Many superstitious people who have never seen the moon or stars began to conjure new beliefs about what or who they are.


DESCRIPTION (general):

One word is all it takes to BE (begin evolution), now Lo and behold the Binary code unfolds. History was foretold in song mode and prophetic scrolls while the Kingdom of Kush grew bold. When the Blue sun explodes, Water World hearts turn cold and shadows gain hold.


Ancient Kush


14 tracks
24 minutes

DESCRIPTION (subliminal):




Human vs Nature
Human vs Beast
Light vs Dark.

PROPHECY (songs):

Evolution of man

New Yak State of Mind



Double Essay (SSA)


ALL IS MINES - the mine filled landscape where captured slaves work for Celph under the watch of the Bird seer's bath lake.

AN - means protect or protected, and is a title accepted by Tereem and Onymous well respected.

AD - abbreviated parts for after dark.

AUDO KHAN - home of King Kared, the Tyrant who rules with benevolent merits.

BIRD ISLAND - A volcanic Island housing gems and hosting slave camps patrolled by Celph’s foul fowl friends. .

BIRD SEER - Large predatory birds that patrol the slave camps on Bird Island who never take cat naps.

BD - abbreviated parts for before dark.

EMIC G'SOTA - Known as the dragon sender.. It literally translates as, "Every mic I clinch, gets sent on this adventure."

FIRE TRAPPING - the Conquistador practice of burning shelters with people contained, who are captured in chains if they escape the flames.

KGB - abbreviated party for Kush Governing Body.

KIGPUSH - An uninhibited arctic Island of ice, whiter than rice.

KUSH - The First Empire to emerge, domesticate herds and herbs, dominate written words, master metals that merge and maintain splurge.

LIVE FUNERAL - when the underground ‘room and pillar’ mines collapse with quick sands of time and the miners inside buried alive.

LUPUS - A constellation in the southern part of the sky, that resembles a wolf. In Kush mythology, the Wolf deity Oge was cursed and chained to the sky, to assist the hunters eye.

LUZU - a tribal mix, that lives in the jungles of Tuwosiks.

MC - abbreviation short for Mighty Conquistadors.

MIS’ - A title given to Kush Kings and Queens to honor their beings.

NEW YAK CITY - Grand peninsula land, capital city of Yakistan.

OGE - A Wolf-god from Kush mythology who inspired Celph’s ideology..

PHOENIX CENTER - a temple near Audo Khan where the Phoenix is certain and the power of it’s flames harnessed for worship.

RHYTHM AND VIBE - a division of time that measures in binary vibes .

ROOM AND PILLAR - underground rooms built for mining skills drilled.

SSA - powerful phantoms created from magic fire and shadows.

SLANG BLADE - the legendary sword, prophesied to kill the Wolf lord and cut open the Sun from darkest of forms.

SLANG-OLOGIST - the Kushite priest trained to study the properties of slang.

SPOOKS (spontaneous peoples on other kinds of sh!t) - A tribe that migrated major push from KUSH and settled West on the continent in the bush.

SUBTERRANEOUS - an all around labyrinth of underground tunnels up and down.

TIHIR - a greeting in Sand Language that means to present your best self. The translation is literally meant as, "This is how I represent."

TRACKEZOID - Ancient trapezoidal temple built big, that precursor the triangle pyramids.

TUWOSIKS (206) - An Island-Peninsula resource mostly covered by a dense rainforest.

WOLVES AND FARMERS - a childhood game popular, similar to cops and robbers

YAKISTAN - Cold tundra home of Wunda.

ZHAO - A peninsula island deadly silent.


AN-ONYMOUS (anonymous) - Boy King of Kush dynasty

CELPH (self) - A half man, half wolf incarnate of Oge, the ancient Wolf-god.

EE'TI (E.T.) - an orphan girl who trains to become the baddest soldier in Water World.

HAN (here and now) - Wicked General of the Mighty Conquistador army of criminals.

HU-IZZY - King of Kush dynasty

JINNI - Oggie and Wunda's imaginary mother.

KHEMO SABI - King of Kush dynasty

KING KERED - The Tyrant who uses his technology to help forge the legendary Slang Blade properly.

LOFAT (lyrics over fat @ss tracks) - founder and first King of Kush

MIS' TEREEM-AN (mystery man) - Queen of Kush dynasty

MIS' TERHIDE (Mr Hyde) - Queen of Kush dynasty

MOSNAR (ransom) - Wunda’s childhood friend who was captured and enslaved on Bird Island to mine for gems.

N'ROBLITS (stillborn)- hybrid features, half cat, half gorilla demon creatures.

OBO (Original born ones) - A monkey Key with opposable thumbs.

OGE (ego) - ancient Wolf deity, reincarnated as Celph seemingly.

OGGIE - Wunda's younger brother.

OHNEE BELLO - King of Kush dynasty

POZE - a Kushite priest and favorite go-to in the Trackezoid temples whose powerful magic birthed Margonos. It's believed that he also fathered Motu.

MOTU (masters of the universe) - The Phoenix, cools the planet with clouds that quench thirst..

MARGONOS (Sonogram) - The Dragon protecting the planet is part of the plan.

SIN SEER - An evil wizard who teaches Celph magic that compels people to listen.

SSA (Saaya) - powerful phantoms, made from magic fire and shadows.

LUPUS (constellation)- The wolf constellation is the Curse of Oge, chained in space for public disgrace

MASEEVA MONKS (massive monkees) - A group who migrated from Kush, to preserve their beliefs, culture and skills high in the Beak in Hills.

MIGHTY CONQUISTADORS - army of conquered souls then reprogrammed to conquer men, animals and djinn.

MONK-KEY - advanced primates who train tough with the Maseeva Monks preparing for the battles to wake up.

ROBAL (labor) - A gorilla Key from Tuwosiks place to be.

SABLIMINO - Patriarch of the Sand people and grandfather of Ee’ti.

SAND PEOPLE - a tribe in rhythm and vibes ancient, that migrated from Kush and settled in the deserts near an Oasis.

SUTEF (Fetus) - The abbot of the Maseeva Monks, teaching deep in the rainforest trees and trunks.

TOT (Train of thought) - A Maseeva Monk responsible for training the Keys to punch.

TYRANT - King Kered

WUNDA - the protagonist also known as One Man Army.

YASNY (you ain't seen nothing yet) - Wunda's Grandmother, since the last time he checked.

YBAB (Baby) - A childhood friend of Wunda who was captured and sent to Bird Island. Also Mosnar's younger brother.


released October 31, 2019


Story written (literally on a flight from Cairo) by:
Nahshid Sulaiman aka One Be Lo aka OneManArmy

Narration by:
GNRLsbLMNL aka OneManArmy

Beat production and fx:
OneManArmy (Trackezoids, Autocons)

Audio Recording and Mixing:
Blaine Coffee (Phoenix)
MVG (Autocons) in multiple cities.

ConductorWilliams (KC,Mo)

Naim ibn Nahshid (Cairo, Eg)

Constellation and Map illustrations:
Savera Iftikhar (Chicago) and Nahshid Sulaiman

Cooper Neil (Colorado)

Cover graphic layout:
Cooper Neil







all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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