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The Looma (part 3​/​5)

by One Be Lo

Forty of us 01:01
The human cargo received a brand on their hands, then every woman and man was packaged into ships resembling sardine cans. On the ship they were fed bits and bled when they felt whips, making this more of a head trip. The scales tipped. On the waves, some lost weight in their waist, while many wasted in their wait. Once the ship arrived, the contents were sorted into dead and living, from four hundred to forty, for giving. Mosnar was already skinny so by the end of the journey he looked even more scrawny. Wunda and Ybab were built more brawny, but his branding was different from the brothers so he got separated from the others.
Bird Island 01:45
The great earthquakes that rumbled under blue shining rhythm and vibing was not only violent but invited magma arriving from geothermal risings and finally forming a volcanic Island. The mountain terrain contained thousands of caves inside it. By now there were no towns in this state, only mining camps housing slaves guarded by big birds of prey and a surrounding barbed wire gate. From many places there were faces from cry babies to courageous, crammed and cramped behind bamboo cages. Nearby hot springs bubbled with a sulfur fragrance. Above the valley, the patrolling vultures hanging were just as armed and dangerous. This all gives culture to cages with muscles that hold escape discussions from shaping into runners. Slaves were brought from far and wide to work in all is Mines. Digging for precious gems and metals all the time. Wolframite, magnetite, and hematite were handled light, mostly by women but larger loads, heavy lifting and digging required man alike. Minimum flora littered the floor. Black sand topping land and more, or even ore deposits hid rubies, sapphire and diamonds behind rock doors unlocking mineral stores. Slave mining for profit padded pockets in closets, funding Celph sustained projects.
Living dead 02:14
Wunda couldn't decide what he hated more. These daily chores or the Conquistadors who raided his world? He wished he never knew this nightmare. He wished he woke up way before the flames roared. He wished he never woke up at all. He blamed himself for how their bodies burned in the blaze because he was too lazy to wake up and save them. He even blamed them. He went on edge for some time wedged between revenge and regression. Regret and depression. A living dead man, with no direction. There were bamboo holding pens for only men, and seperate prisons for the women. Everybody sleeps on the earth, ankle to shoulder. In the mornings they are fed porridge, but in the evenings sometimes, they eat dead rodents. After many moons separate from the brethren, Wunda sees a familiar face being threatened By friends that flock together in their feathering. Mosnar was accused of rewarding himself with a huge diamond from a river finding by another slave mining Mosnar’s business license. “That's a lie!” He claimed. The Bird seer's quarantined him for three days in a small cage under careful eye. After he finally passed a bowel movement, they examine his stool and traced diamonds and rubies in his waste line. Once the hiding was proved, the Bird seer's didn't waste time having his left hand removed. Next they tied him to a stake in the open space and let the vultures have their take. After two days of hanging in the same somber state, carnivorous beaks dipped and ripped big chunks of flesh from his chest plate, causing tremendous ache. He was still alive when they picked his eyes from his face. His skeletal remains still hang, as a warning to all sticky fingers in the game that the loss is greater than the gain.
Mosnar’s youngest brother Ybab was now a part of a gang that had very little range, being attached to a chain. He told Wunda his plan to dig under the gate but it sounded more like a suicide escape. Since that day, Wunda never saw his face again. Before the new moon, another life was at stake. Some of the slaves joined the ranks of the Conquistadors to avoid life in chains. This means another soul gets sold to Celph, in the name of Oge. Wunda resisted the urge to go rogue, but he even wonders how long he could hold?
All Mines 02:16
Underground mining was gruesome. Room and pillar mining was more work than usual, but it was cooler working below the surface so the drudgery was doable in conditions unsuitable. Three more people died beneath when a whole room collapsed. This is called a live funeral because the ones who get buried alive may die days later, the whole time possibly hearing other miners trying to save them from the cave in. Down in these caves Wunda remembers the games played with his friends and younger brother. Crazy adventures and unlimited fun with his buddies. Sometimes he even heard the voice of his grandmother. Yasny said, "Whatever don't kill you, will make you stronger." He wished she spoke longer, but a couple words is all she had to offer. The rigorous repetition of breaking rocks into rubble strengthened his mental muscle. In all is Mines, the gems he mined were the ones in his mind. Some time passed in this maze and puzzle while Wunda slaved in the bitter struggle. There is a woman who prays, also seemingly seized in one of the raids, but not screaming or even being afraid. What she whispers to Wunda, is that she's an undercover Kushite soldier really sent to sneak and secretly orchestrate Wunda's escape from captivity and then taken back to Kush to learn some of its history and prophecy that awaits. Her knowledge of the culture and language mandates what she translates. It's important that she convinces Wunda that he is the chosen One Man Army after the exploded sun. The journey is long and cumbersome but it's only just begun.
“Who is she and where did she come from?” In the year he spent here, those who attempted escape never made it out so Wunda had every reason to doubt. "What was different about her route?" That night he thought: "How is escape possible under the Bird Seer's watch? Where will we run on this volcanic rock? How will we cross the water without getting lost?” So many questions tossed in for the cause. The next few days, he sought her face but it was for naught. “Maybe she attempted escape and got caught?” There was nothing else to say, so in all is Mines he continued to work away. On the third day it was her from an alien space who spoke to Wunda with a veil on her face. The next day came around without making sounds, so she slipped down into the room and pillar mine and showed him the way. A new hole in a particular place introduced a whole different cave. They could both enter through the hole, filling a boulder in its place leaving no trace, or better yet they could just collapse the hole, entire space. Wunda made sure the pillars were loose, so the next day when it was time to make moves, the room would vacuum burying the actual clues. There was much to lose, but the plan was hard to refuse. It made just enough sense to attempt the dangerous escape via subterraneous tubes. These tunnels and caves funneled into subways that run into trains under the waves. Ee'ti knew of these paths like she studied them in earlier grades. These trails lead all the way back to the land of Kush, where the Kingdom once stood tall behind walls built by her ancestors hands. Wunda took it all in, but this was part of the grand plan as they ran. As they approached the land of Sand she saluted the Chief in Command, “Tihir! General Sablimino!” The old man replied, “Tihir! Whenever I'm here.” He looked at Wunda and said, “I never spare the spear in my hand unless the spirit of man is at war with the spirit of my clan.” He smiled as he reached for his hand, exposing the brand.
The sun tanned people of the Sand once a green clan greeted Wunda with clean arm, leg, leg, arm, head, feet and hands and traditional meal plans on a feeding mat. He studied supreme math and science from scenes past, and quickly learned basic speech patterns. “In our traditional language,” Ee’ti explained, “We say Tihir!” “What does it mean?” He asked. “It's a slang greeting, but it's more about how you present your intent.” Wrinkles on Wunda’s forehead weighed on his eyelids when he wanted to know, “As in, friend or foe?” “As in, I not only offer myself, but my best, best self.” While she patted her chest convinced, and winced. “That's like, one hundred and ten percent” He lent. “Exaaaactly!” She told him, simultaneously slapping his shoulder. They laughed in motions fanning the bonfire more golden. For Wunda, a rare intimate moment.
Awakenings 01:45
That night Wunda laid like blades in a truce. This marks the first time he slept all the way through since the flames introduced so many vulnerabilities in one poof. This day was a proof that change could be true. To save some abuse and self hatred produced he decided to let his shame hang in a noose. Forever. Wunda had a vision and awakening too. In his sleep, he revisited the dreams he had in his youth as proof While the room in between moons, he learned more truth and that his family were descendents of the Spooks who migrated from Kush roots long before Conquistador troops. Sablimino picked his brain too. Wunda explained where he came from and everything he went through. When Ee'ti wasn't around he asked questions about her too. He assumed Sablimino knew so he asked, “What's her story?” Wunda waited. Sablimino smiled and said, “The child grew up without parents. Her father disappeared in the shadows, and her mother disappeared with her brothers shortly after.” “Abandoned?” Wunda asked, undecided. “Maybe she thought the boys had a better chance of surviving.” Sablimino prided, “She's my favorite soldier. I trained her myself.” They both laughed and Wunda knew why. He wasn't the best spy.
Prophecy 01:27
Behind a strange door, the days of yore were depicted on ancient Trackezoid walls way before the Blue Sun reigned no more. The legend pictures a sword being forged from the tongue of a Dragon lord. A great Warrior uses the blade to kill a Mighty roar in the height of war. Therefore a Giant bird must soar, while the Dragon stores behind a dark door with a hole in the floor of the core. SLANGLAVA The precious metal known as Slanglava, is produced when Dragon vomit (magma) is cooled by water. Once Slanglava is formed, no metal is harder. The Phoenix once conceived by a magical author, is the only flame that can impact it's armor. There's only one way to harness Slanglava, and the Phoenix must be a partner. Wunda couldn't ignore as Ee'ti explained more about history and how he was the missing key sent to be from the same core and lineage of the Pharaohs family tree and more mystery. His escape from Bird Island was a small chore in comparison to the mission called for. Slanglava is an ore, unknown to most but it can be found in store, only with one whose knowledge is sure and who's Kush blood is pure.
Tuwosiks 05:49
Ee'ti was sent to inform the One Man Army who was born Wunda to identify his true uniform and perform the making of the sword. The risk is much to afford, but what is at stake is the entire world. SUBTERRANEOUS The Subterraneous tunnels are a series of roads that lead to many places. Since the days of ancient, these roads helped Kush traders avoid caravan raiders. Over the years, the tunnels helped many migrations and evacuations from invasions. Wunda and Ee'ti travel west of Kush, headed in the direction of Tuwosiks. The first migrations were settled here, along with ancient traditions and secrets no outsiders eyes and ears can see or hear before time was years with the pioneers. Clouds constantly hover the continent of Tuwosiks often tumbling rain and thunder. Tall trees barked with long perky tails highly held in the birds eye where even monkeys take turns to fly. Under the canopy of flora and bug life, the mud life motivated no fun guy, unless he were fungi. Occasionally a fallen tree breached the bright sky but for the most part, Ee'ti and Wunda navigated dense undergrowth and shrub life in dim sunlight. The faculties of hearing and sight could very well cost life, if not paying close attention during day and night. Large leaves leap out from left and right. Vines hold on tight, but if you look and listen, even mushrooms mention monologue log positions in decomposition competitions. On the ground level the chorus of insects, frogs and foul feathers sang aloud perpetually like a year round festival. Lizards and snakes were small on the scale in comparison to ferocious fauna felines with long furry tails. Panthers and Jaguars preyed on selected trails, waiting to exhale. Every night the nets fell. They caught fish and camped next to a fire kindled by the river to ward off critters, snakes and lizards including anything bigger. The rainforest that covers Tuwosiks have many areas that are still undiscovered and many clans live in complete isolation and barriers from outsiders and colonial marriages. The Luzu clan was a hunter tribe whose enormous diet thrived on the rainforest abundant life including tortoise, bats and mice. One night, rolling thunder rumbled the jumbo jungle and a musical monsoon mumbled til the morning mud and puddles crossed Wunda and Ee'ti paths with a band of hunters who huddled in the shrubs. Clearly outnumbered, Wunda calmly reached in his bucket soon making his fish offering public but suddenly, a spotted leopard caught him off guard, plunging from the shrubbery and landing ten meters in front of him. Wunda stood frozen, holding the fish. Thinking quick, he tossed it at the Leopards left paw but the predator tilted it's head and intercepted the fish in its jaws. Two of the hunters launched from the left and right leaves at large, Springing surprise spear attacks speeding towards the leopards jugular vein and heart, sparing the other parts Like true masters of the martial arts. After those two hits, it died quick. The leopard was being tracked for the last 3 days prior to this, and now Wunda just happened to stumbled across the line of fire. Good thing they didn't miss. When he approached the Spears for hire he noticed they were weird and quiet. In the dim environment he couldn't see right away that they were primates. Being isolated under the Rainforest landscape undisturbed, they developed into an advanced race. They communicated to each other with grunts and hand gestures. Eight hunter apes escorted Ee'ti and Wunda not far away. Further into the rainforest reveals a Massive colony situated high in the Beak in Hills.
Once they reach the herbs that heal and a holy ground birthed with persons paying ritual gratitude service to the fertile surface, Ee'ti knew they had found their purpose. They looked up and saw hidden tree houses perched in all the trees, blending with the tropical birds chirping and insect interpreters. A monk greeted them first, “Peace and Light!” “Throughout the universe!” Responded Ee'ti. “I see you have already met Robal and Obo. And my name is Tot.” As he placed his right hand over his heart. “Sablimino and the Sand people send greetings as well. I am Ee'ti.” She said. “Wunda!” Is how he introduced himself, reaching for a handshake. “These monkeys are incredible!” Wunda yelped. “Close enough,” Tot detailed, “We don't exactly call them monkeys. They are more like Monk Keys.” “Monk Keys?” Ee'ti repeated. “Yes, the Monk Keys are like our keys when it comes to accessing the rainforest. They are jungle diplomats in fact.” Tot explained. The Monkeys and Gorillas mirrored the Monks mannerisms almost perfect. Wunda was extremely nervous, but through acts of worship, the Monks communicated with Ee'ti in ancient tongues, reciting scroll verses. Ee'ti was determined to learn from the hermits what Trackezoid walls asserted. This group migrated long ago, in order to preserve their beliefs, rituals and traditions from being compromised. They rejected the magic that was being practiced in Kush, but they did have modern day knowledge of all the strange problems, including Slanglava. The Monks protected this secret from the common lot. For thousands of years, there is an ancient rock, small enough to carry away in a box. Locked. The abbot was an elder name Sutef. He presented the box inscribed with symbols and serpents and then he beckoned them to come closer. Sutef said, “Lesson number one! If you want the Dragon to serve, Do not forget these special words.” Sutef continued, “The secret name of the Dragon is Margonos.” Then he added, “And when you see Margonos, remember to say, Emic G’sota!” Sutef concluded, “Send Sablimino my best greeting. Peace and Light throughout the Universe!”


DESCRIPTION (general):

Our hero is stuck in chains and the black hole in his brain, where deep depression leaves a stain. Wunda eventually works through the pain to gain true mastery and reign over his slave frame. Once Eeti enters the game, she ignites a flame. In the name of Kush, prophecy redirects his aim and twain they entertain Subterraneous lanes in the quest for the legendary slang.


Bird Island


11 tracks
24 minutes

DESCRIPTION (subliminal):




Mind vs Matter
Will vs Emotion
Ignorance vs Knowledge

PROPHECY (songs):


I Know why the caged birds sings



Reality Check

Water World

Born Champions

Lesson #1


ALL IS MINES - the mine filled landscape where captured slaves work for Celph under the watch of the Bird seer's bath lake.

AN - means protect or protected, and is a title accepted by Tereem and Onymous well respected.

AD - abbreviated parts for after dark.

AUDO KHAN - home of King Kared, the Tyrant who rules with benevolent merits.

BIRD ISLAND - A volcanic Island housing gems and hosting slave camps patrolled by Celph’s foul fowl friends. .

BIRD SEER - Large predatory birds that patrol the slave camps on Bird Island who never take cat naps.

BD - abbreviated parts for before dark.

EMIC G'SOTA - Known as the dragon sender.. It literally translates as, "Every mic I clinch, gets sent on this adventure."

FIRE TRAPPING - the Conquistador practice of burning shelters with people contained, who are captured in chains if they escape the flames.

KGB - abbreviated party for Kush Governing Body.

KIGPUSH - An uninhibited arctic Island of ice, whiter than rice.

KUSH - The First Empire to emerge, domesticate herds and herbs, dominate written words, master metals that merge and maintain splurge.

LIVE FUNERAL - when the underground ‘room and pillar’ mines collapse with quick sands of time and the miners inside buried alive.

LUPUS - A constellation in the southern part of the sky, that resembles a wolf. In Kush mythology, the Wolf deity Oge was cursed and chained to the sky, to assist the hunters eye.

LUZU - a tribal mix, that lives in the jungles of Tuwosiks.

MC - abbreviation short for Mighty Conquistadors.

MIS’ - A title given to Kush Kings and Queens to honor their beings.

NEW YAK CITY - Grand peninsula land, capital city of Yakistan.

OGE - A Wolf-god from Kush mythology who inspired Celph’s ideology..

PHOENIX CENTER - a temple near Audo Khan where the Phoenix is certain and the power of it’s flames harnessed for worship.

RHYTHM AND VIBE - a division of time that measures in binary vibes .

ROOM AND PILLAR - underground rooms built for mining skills drilled.

SSA - powerful phantoms created from magic fire and shadows.

SLANG BLADE - the legendary sword, prophesied to kill the Wolf lord and cut open the Sun from darkest of forms.

SLANG-OLOGIST - the Kushite priest trained to study the properties of slang.

SPOOKS (spontaneous peoples on other kinds of sh!t) - A tribe that migrated major push from KUSH and settled West on the continent in the bush.

SUBTERRANEOUS - an all around labyrinth of underground tunnels up and down.

TIHIR - a greeting in Sand Language that means to present your best self. The translation is literally meant as, "This is how I represent."

TRACKEZOID - Ancient trapezoidal temple built big, that precursor the triangle pyramids.

TUWOSIKS (206) - An Island-Peninsula resource mostly covered by a dense rainforest.

WOLVES AND FARMERS - a childhood game popular, similar to cops and robbers

YAKISTAN - Cold tundra home of Wunda.

ZHAO - A peninsula island deadly silent.


AN-ONYMOUS (anonymous) - Boy King of Kush dynasty

CELPH (self) - A half man, half wolf incarnate of Oge, the ancient Wolf-god.

EE'TI (E.T.) - an orphan girl who trains to become the baddest soldier in Water World.

HAN (here and now) - Wicked General of the Mighty Conquistador army of criminals.

HU-IZZY - King of Kush dynasty

JINNI - Oggie and Wunda's imaginary mother.

KHEMO SABI - King of Kush dynasty

KING KERED - The Tyrant who uses his technology to help forge the legendary Slang Blade properly.

LOFAT (lyrics over fat @ss tracks) - founder and first King of Kush

MIS' TEREEM-AN (mystery man) - Queen of Kush dynasty

MIS' TERHIDE (Mr Hyde) - Queen of Kush dynasty

MOSNAR (ransom) - Wunda’s childhood friend who was captured and enslaved on Bird Island to mine for gems.

N'ROBLITS (stillborn)- hybrid features, half cat, half gorilla demon creatures.

OBO (Original born ones) - A monkey Key with opposable thumbs.

OGE (ego) - ancient Wolf deity, reincarnated as Celph seemingly.

OGGIE - Wunda's younger brother.

OHNEE BELLO - King of Kush dynasty

POZE - a Kushite priest and favorite go-to in the Trackezoid temples whose powerful magic birthed Margonos. It's believed that he also fathered Motu.

MOTU (masters of the universe) - The Phoenix, cools the planet with clouds that quench thirst..

MARGONOS (Sonogram) - The Dragon protecting the planet is part of the plan.

SIN SEER - An evil wizard who teaches Celph magic that compels people to listen.

SSA (Saaya) - powerful phantoms, made from magic fire and shadows.

LUPUS (constellation)- The wolf constellation is the Curse of Oge, chained in space for public disgrace

MASEEVA MONKS (massive monkees) - A group who migrated from Kush, to preserve their beliefs, culture and skills high in the Beak in Hills.

MIGHTY CONQUISTADORS - army of conquered souls then reprogrammed to conquer men, animals and djinn.

MONK-KEY - advanced primates who train tough with the Maseeva Monks preparing for the battles to wake up.

ROBAL (labor) - A gorilla Key from Tuwosiks place to be.

SABLIMINO - Patriarch of the Sand people and grandfather of Ee’ti.

SAND PEOPLE - a tribe in rhythm and vibes ancient, that migrated from Kush and settled in the deserts near an Oasis.

SUTEF (Fetus) - The abbot of the Maseeva Monks, teaching deep in the rainforest trees and trunks.

TOT (Train of thought) - A Maseeva Monk responsible for training the Keys to punch.

TYRANT - King Kered

WUNDA - the protagonist also known as One Man Army.

YASNY (you ain't seen nothing yet) - Wunda's Grandmother, since the last time he checked.

YBAB (Baby) - A childhood friend of Wunda who was captured and sent to Bird Island. Also Mosnar's younger brother.


released October 31, 2019


Story written (literally on a flight from Cairo) by:
Nahshid Sulaiman aka One Be Lo aka OneManArmy

Narration by:
GNRLsbLMNL aka OneManArmy

Beat production and fx:
OneManArmy (Trackezoids, Autocons)

Audio Recording and Mixing:
Blaine Coffee (Phoenix)
MVG (Autocons) in multiple cities.

ConductorWilliams (KC,Mo)

Naim ibn Nahshid (Cairo, Eg)

Constellation and Map illustrations:
Savera Iftikhar (Chicago) and Nahshid Sulaiman

Cooper Neil (Colorado)

Cover graphic layout:
Cooper Neil







all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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