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Songs of Songs

by One Be Lo

I wanna thank You for Being The Most Gracious Most Merciful Truth Light Mighty Strong Absolute Eternal Unique Designer Fashioner Artists by all means Creator of All things The Ruler of All Kings So Generous Unlimited Infinite Self Sufficient Forgiving Acceptor of Repentance Magnificent Pure Peace Love Highly Above The Greatest thing you can imagine You be the Judge One
Suez Rode 02:15
Love it here Everyday the sun is clear Summer here Call of prayer brung us here Churches crossing up in here Tourist bringing bucks in here Customers and Customs here Arabic on tongues in here As Salaamu Alaikum here Ramadan and hunger here Nubians from Wonder years Politics and puppets here Nigerians get money here Nile river running here Refugees be running here Bare feet and Bunions here stray kittens and puppies here Traffic always stuffy here People in the busses here Motorcycles humming here Horses on the buggies here Taxi drivers fuck the meter Gas tanks, guzzle liters Satellites look up in here Jalabiyya’s hung in here Balcony’s and underwear Scarf on man and woman here Henna on some thumbs in here Some in heads, some in beards Koshary and Mulokhia Sipping tea in cups in here Sugar cane abundant here Shisha smoking lungs in here Blades ain’t no guns in here Uniforms in trucks in here Bread for every stomach hear Revolution won in here Watch what you say in here Hoop! they don’t play in here Outta towners outta here Disappear nobody hear Spirit air Making “Mo’ Salah” when I kick it here American wit privilege here Yep still a nigga here
Pura Vida 05:57
Universal Negro Improvement Associated with people who overlabor underpaid by corporations La temperatura One be Lo the equator Iets hope you know a neighbor Wit paper in Negro World post Jamaican Sparkin parsley Wit gangsters leaning like parking Harley’s From Marcus Garvey Got some Ken Folk$, who body Barbie’s Bless you like tourist sneezes Bismillah from from Surah Readers Poor people with fewer visas Pipeline, sewer screaming Waterfalls, Pura Vida Capital region Back on the scene wit a Afro-Latina Slappin adhesives Graffiti character features who capture the ether Of the people lineage Uno Be Lo Casta Mestizo Before you Si No any opportune Watch the rules Amigo They say un burro sabe mas Que Tu Better be ready For the machete We use to chop the food Stomping thru whoever wanna Cypher with A Monster crew
Culture 00:56
You don't need tracks To train You don't need a studio Do-Ra-Mi-Fa So-La-Ti-Do Vocal cords can plug into any space Hide in the corners like BASS! “How low can you go?” In kid zone, not even baritone Maybe alto Sister whatchaMcCaller was more than the choir teacher She was married to the preacher A singer Do-Ra-Mi Queen So La-Ti-Fah She ‘set it off’ in church service worship the ‘First Lady’ voice was perfect She didn't play the piano in churches, but she played at our school concerts and rehearsals She was the first real music person That I knew in person A Madonna closer to Virgin than industry version I played with her sons, they treated me like cuz' I was the only one in school choir who knew who she was On a scale of 1 to 8 She coulda been a tenor Or a Soprano bread winner She was the truth though even in falsetto That was the ‘Nature of a sistah’ Diva Queen Singing my life with her song Strumming away with her fingers My ‘Ladies First’ music teacher Do-Ra-Mi Queen So La-Ti-Fah Sister whatchaMcCaller
Falaq 03:39
Bilqees lyrics: Tell me what you see A melody so sweet See the signs that shine for you and I Written in the truth The one that's made for you Surrendering the past is so divine And the fear of having it all Getting all the things that call to me I know it's just a game My mind plays Every time I open up and start feeling some way "Is this right?" I'm gonna let things be how they need to be What's really meant for me will bring clarity They say, "Rejection is protection" Redirected on my path There's no need No, no need for stressing Alchemizing blessings Is it love or just a lesson? Surrendering my wants for what I need Freeing up my mind Bring it to the Most High No confusing what's inside of me No longer letting old things flow I'm letting go Giving time to love divine Cuz I got one more time in me One Be Lo bars: You gotta ponder, reflect, or contemplate a thing The strangest dreams mabeline, maybe make believe Reeler than sittin in theater seats Bilqees, occupation Queen Solomon son of David King The same as he Poetry language could tame a breeze Understand the ants Language of birds When Nature speaks Things ain’t always what they claim to be She see the signs Now she changing scenes SHEBA! SHEBA! reign supreme
Love, One 05:04
Whaddup T Bird Don’t mean to disturb Or see you be hurt Woke up to a dream I deferred You didn’t deserved I’m here cuz the choices I made Was Totally cursed I Used to write Ronnie in jail, our roles reversed Five counts of A-R what I stole from the clerk You go to work The dough that you earn go in ya purse I heard you whisper to God, hands folding in church Think my grandmother Goldie would prolly roll in the hearse If she saw the letters O-C-J wrote on my shirt Writing letters from M-D-O-C, what could be worse This life in the belly is full of hunger and thirst But it’s hell on the outskirts, devils coming to flirt Touch and you burn Never complain something I learned From seeing my uncle stuck in it first Tucking his shirt I know why the caged bird chirps As the Earth’s rotation turned 18 times after my birth But don’t curse No time for looking back immersed In the past like the Ghost of Chriss-Mass to lurk The present is a gift like gold for what’s it’s worth Tomorrow gon be better than now when I emerge My back against the rope, survival is my concern When the outcome is Marvelous swinging on Tommy Hearns A scuffle broke Shuffling brothers exchanged words I took notes, threw in some blows like Donald Byrd The same as a punch, the earliest get the worms Had to crawl in a hole for a month on different terms I hate sound adverse Back to a cell, fermented spud juice We making sure the bag don’t burst I scrub down the shower cuz Niggas be spittin germs His letter came wit a bitch wit a perm, picture his sperm My first case, The court appointed told me to plead guilt Before the court is adjourned, The Judge wasn’t as stern Throughout my time serve you visited me in person All you had to say is those three words, Nothing rehearsed One Love Verse 2 Whaddup Pops We met when my bed was a bassinet Walked in, as my Father why bother to add a Step? The wedding pics looking like 12 mannequins dressed Then my birth certificate switched, a couple alphabets The features of our flesh didn’t need matching sets Still Nobody in the S-family treat me as a guest Seem like you had the best job, always had a check Krazy Books plus the Albums We Want Das Efx Don’t mean to leave a Sermon in these albums credits Rap and Beats for example My First samples, Ya Jazz Collect Taught me to manifest goals through a basket net Eye of the Tigers, no Sylvest mo’ like bat and catch That was then, now I pad the pen The ball point I’m trynna make is javelin, as battles progress When God love you He budge you to pass his tests When Freedom on the bucket list, the more crabs Connect Never let the marathon determine how I handle breath More insomniac More cardiac after arrest My bunkie Hotep flippin the Hieroglyphs Said I looked like the Ancient Egyptians, I laughed in jest Confused, kinda thought it was silly, I’m sad to confess I asked you to send me a Bible, you’ happy to bless Accepted like the prodigal son back in the nest This The first time I read it alone, no pastor to prep Donald Goines, Iceberg Slim contrasted the text One old man asked me why I was attracted to death? What happened next, Hailey Alex Story Of Malcolm X After shocks, after I read, after effects The way he explained these last names had me vexed It’s the Same Pages turning Nat Turner to a jagged edge They took our language gave us chains and cages Names, the same as his That’s how Ancestors disconnect Jesus was black in the flesh Feel like I’m Lazarus Called collect, not to disrespect It’s Raland X One Love Verse three Whaddup Sis Excuse my examples of bad behavior We went to steal kicks, they caught us after we lace’em A lost sheep after the Season I started blazin Then really started straying soon after my graduation Now you’ tenth grader, potential to do it greater Watch out, the ones who say they Really love you be the fakest I called you from the hole you told me how Mama BF Was on that BS, it’s Bullshit and We’ da Lakers And he ain’t even Worthy I swear Immo see him later But I keep it to myself, like Kobe, ain’t gotta say shit Whoever bring him up, I’m changing the conversation Like “As Salaamu Alaikum!” one take and Allah saved him And that’s how I handle my cable, channel my anger You told me what happened to Oggie, blood started racing Stain’em Doctors and nurses couldn’t sustain’em A Nightmare and Well… Joseph couldn’t explain it I’m ready like Freddy and Micheal Myers and Jason Need to Call a fire station the fire inside is blazin I feel I wanna kill, whoever killin relations My faith say they locked me in prison to kill Satan The only thing flaming is Phoenix, my new creation First, it was complicated but really I’m truly bae sick I Wonder if you could do me a favor nothing major I Called Nicole collect, her daddy started hating I wanna send her a letter I prolly shouldn’t mail it If I send it to Moma crib, then maybe you can take it I wanna talk to my lady alone if you’ able Call her on 3 way then lay the phone on the table Her daddy told me I was too old for his baby I said “I’m 18” He said “NOOO YOU’ INCARCERATED!” Some people wanna get dem Judge Judy ratings The greatest thing about your mistakes, is you can change’em Lamar the one who told me that you was having a baby Just sixteen, but still a Real Queen In my prayers One Love
In this corner! Wearing the white apron! Weighing in at One hundred and hush yo mouth, pounds. Born champion model Gold medal Mouth of the South shortly after being milked from breast Muhammad Ollie's first challenger was death Quick sketch of a mother's last breath, on life's canvas Laying to rest Like ten, nine, eight, sev- Before the ref could count Ollie out A true champion no doubt This cash cow ‘cash is’ From the land of Tennessee ‘Clay’ where some family members could pass for whites In the sun Light Heavy Left handed but forced to go right Back against the ropes Never losing hope A fighter that would sore to new heights Fight after fight After many challengers to contest Exchanging some blows below the belt Or Trainer Done Dee was knocked out in the first round William in the second Body blow, body blow!!! TKO Teresa knocked out a round the third time she got pregnant Heavy Weight Expecting like Mommy Would defend the title. A fourth victory round Ronnie After jumping in and out of the ring with Big Daddy Les The fingers needed rest Before getting knocked out, they threw the towel in Ollie's camp moved to the Midwest Boxing gloves And furniture with lots of love The mitten was cold But the kitchen was never too hot or tough Another day, another hit Sometimes the going got rough Dripping in sweat For a paycheck Quick off the block Rain, sleet or flurry Ollie punched, and surely the clock punched back Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee in the press Body parts in the factory yes But even with Foreman No stress Like blue collar dress while every muscle flexed She never lost a step Or stumbled Even when the combination of jabs and hooks came in bundles Ollie remained humble Helping the Motor City rumble in the concrete jungles Single mother and grandmother in her prime Ollie was the champ Greatest of all time
Monster in the closet Opposite of vacant Now it’s time to X it Like El Shabazz was in the nation It’s serious as Cancer like the powder with the babies Black Magic couldn’t aid me, Even Johnson with the ladies I slipped through the crack era Surrounded by the pavement Couldn’t stay on point You tried to blossom out of vases And now u see the pain like cyclopses with a headache But As Salaamu Alaikum Every Ali Boxed a Frazier Apollo Arm raising Atop of the Appalachian Solid glacier Ahhh What’s a faucet to a Vapor? One Man Fan Army bases On Oasis Knotting up my laces Where the population Asia you lost in translation I hate to cut you off, Stop the conversation Just “rock it” in constellation Pocket operated harder than chocolate now and laters (W)Rapper with out the paper No Grammies but nominated
Got it Worse 03:10
I can’t complain yo Even though it’s painful Even though it hurts yo Somebody got it worse yo
Verse one With no supervision in our youth dimension Screwing women, food and liquor, it was too delicious Moving spinach business with my crew of Negus Broken mirror, true descendants Superstitious of our Zulu Image Who da menace? Yo we’re on some, “Who is Dennis?” Moving through your village, cruel intentions if your jewel expensive. Felonious My trust homies only Sky blue the limit Even Steven when the Moon is risen The freaks come out The beast come out Black or Brown, slammed to the ground You teeth come out Black or blue, Dracula food, you leak some out Zoom to emergency room, you need some now And I ain’t just talking out my ass See some of us ain’t here, to talk about the past My pad is the canvas and the picture is real clear Big Jess in a wheel chair You’re bless cuz you’re still here


The Present is a gift and these "Songs of Songs" are also my gift that I share with you. Each one represents a Celebration of Life in a different way. This is how I express my gratitude, first to the Most High. I'm also grateful for every listener and supporter, past, present and future. Music from the soul, for the souls to connect and reflect. Celebrate! Enjoy!


released November 7, 2022

Al Hamdulillah = All Praises are for God (Allah)

Graphic design/layout - Bilqees Sulaiman

Produced by The Autocons

Executive Producer - One Be Lo


all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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