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The Looma (part 4​/​5)

by One Be Lo

This box was to be protected at all cost. They hid it amongst other items randomly tossed. Along with the important export and escorts, the two headed off the hilltops, leaving Tuwosiks on a floating water box, headed toward Audo Khan docks. This land was South of Yakistan, where a Tyrant named Kared ruled by popular demand. His command was welcomed by a mighty band that orchestrated technology with special hands, building advanced vehicles and craft for water, air and land. Water World wide, the Audo Khans were known for their brand. Powered by vibration in sound, Rock and Heavy metals on automated tracks. The speed of sound measured levels of flexible penetrating treble decibels. Audo Khan was suggested with the Tyrant selected because the Northern border neighbor next in question is the silver domed Phoenix Center Temple zone, erected with doors in all directions. This Temple is where flaming religious folks flock to feel the force of the Phoenix flight and focus on the light. Motu continues to fly because it's temperature is too high for humans to go nearby. The Phoenix Center is the closest way to engage Motu and not die.
THE FELLOWSHIP Wunda wondered. Can King Kared be convinced to use his technology to capture the Phoenix flames essence and manufacture the legendary weapon? That's a good question. Ee'ti mentioned a pension to a gentlemen whose pinching eased tension for the intervention. Han had many soldiers and henchmen enlisted in divisions. There were also many people across Water World that shared similar anti-sentiments for the dark dimension and wanted a light intervention with peaceful intentions. Most of the world was clinched in the war's pinch, but some places like Audo Khan had more defenses than many of the civilians found in the trenches.
MOST PEOPLE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD AFRAID TO SPEAK In light it seems, Celph continues to reign supreme. The Night made him King of the Dark world, while day is for sleep. Most people work and play during the yellow day, but at night they hide inside or ride get away. When the packs go on the prowl, no parent feels safe for their child. Han and the Conquistadors are just as wild, with no bounds. Men are mown down in the name of jokes and smiles. Women are thrown down for go rounds. Children are sold based on their profiles. So parents make sure their children are tucked in tight by the time the streetlights get bright.
Totem poles 01:27
INSIDE THE DARK WE ILLUMINATE The howl was more than a sound appealing, it was a freedom and a feeling. The internal burn in turn was like a heaven to yearn, but for many it was more like Hell on Earth. The occult members welcome fellowship with shadows, mammals and jinn regulars. Nocturnal night owls, and predators. In crepuscular circles, some were secretly secular. Quite a few follow out of fear, but most men cast a shadow vote based on forever following the status quo. Wood totems carved and placed in front of each home, told Howlers of Celph to leave these people alone. Under solar power, shadows passed by the poles til the Golden hour turned silver old and the twilight took its toll. The Blue Hour was brief but every twilight falling into the night saluted the Wolf chief, only consummated with a ceremonial bite.
A savage man 02:18
Full moons were at the height of these rites, but a lunar eclipse was the ultimate sign of triumph over the weak light. Most symbols on the totems represents strength and wealth, also known as the Evils of Celph. The first invasion happened during the ninth night, when the Dark riots and panic reached its height. When the wolves came out to bite they howled all through the night increasing fright. Celph claimed to be the legitimate heir to the Kushite throne as Tereem had Prophesied in her time. He cites the Mis' Tereem's infamous dream as proof of a divine sign, bringing truth to her most highest esteem. This rationale means that the Queen knew the Wolf was a superior being and the moon symbolizes how the dark would conquer the light as it seems. Now the wolf god has cursed the Kushite seed in the same manner his Wolf ancestors were cursed and dismissed by the Priest and Mis' who created the myths. This ritual bite is to take place on the darkest of nights, where cities are raided and Kush descendents are killed on site if they dare to fight. If captured, they are taken to Bird Island to mine various sites. Sooner or later they look to get bitten and the wolf pack gets bigger. There are many who have remained hidden until the Conquistadors recently expanded their mission to include children. The bad deal was sealed and good times stood still in New Yak City when the Mighty Conquistadors planted heels and Oggie and Yasny were killed. Wunda survived, but was outnumbered and captured in the drills, wounded to feel what only revenge could heal.
Con Sequence 02:46
THE TYRANT King Kared, consistently sharp and witty knew the discussion with Wunda and Ee'ti wasn't for the normal committee. On the Audo Khan continent every action had a consequence, so they continued the conference in confidence. The Tyrant confessed, “I consider my people first. If the contribution is confirmed, what they earn in return is my biggest concern.” Ee'ti goes on to contribute, “The Evils of Celph continue to bloom under consecutive Moons until the entire planet is consumed.” “And sooner or later, Audo Khans will have to contest the conquest.” Wunda cautiously conjured. Kared couldn't contain his reaction, “You don't have to convert me there, I constantly condemn the Conquistadors.” He carefully contemplated all of these concepts, connecting prophecy, conspiracies and curses in his conscience. But in concrete reality, Kared is not convinced that what they contend can be accomplished. Ee’ti tries to convey how the Tyrants participation could help penetrate unknown possibilities considerably. After a moment he confesses, “Listen, l’m a practical man. I just don't understand your plan or how it can work under these conditions.” Before He could contribute another word, Wunda reveals a small purse concealed in his shirt and continues to pour thirty diamonds in the Tyrants hand first. He looks at the crystals confused. “What is this for?” Not even Ee’ti knew about the diamonds, but now she for sure thought they were from the all is Mines on Bird Island, either ore. Either or, She looked at the Tyrant and concluded, “Considerate King! We’re not asking you to convert your faith in our conflict. We just need a sword and a ship, fully equipped.” The Leader squinted at the cuts with contorted countenance and said, "I’ll consider this.”
That evening the constellation Lupus could be seen from afar but it was missing a blue star. When King Kared fell unconscious, he had a dream about a long tunnel. The end of this tunnel funneled into a hole where there is light stuck inside of a bubble. The following day consisted of regaining consciousness and conducting business as usual with an unusual conviction. The Tyrants Rocket ship is engineered specifically to be powered by lyrictricity. This technology is a new challenge but Ee'ti is a fast learner. She continues to train mentally and relentlessly until the commands work instantly. The precious diamonds Wunda slipped from the all is Mines are worth more than the ship, making the Tyrant even more rich. In addition to wealth, World peace and nobility were moral perks. To even the oddjob, really all the Tyrant needs to do is assist with the Slang Blade delivery, and the Phoenix Center Temple facility has the ability to capture the Phoenix wing's flames but only temporarily. Sweat shop accommodations factor in faculty.
Slang Blade 01:13
A special case is made to hold the metal mold, set and placed under water for the cooling to unfold the legend untold. Once the Phoenix flies above the water and through the Temple's arches with wings hotter than lava, flames melt through the columns, falling upon the Slanglava that pours into the case hollow. Special hammers start shape on the metal to form the sharp blade. During the cool down, much of the water evaporates, until the case cracks and breaks open to reveal a handsome blade. Once retrieved, the handle awaits. The Sword is heavy, but easy to unsheathe from the belly held by hands holding steady both edges ready for deadly.
Wide Track 00:51
Entering the Black hole is a great risk, not easy to take. “Motu! Emic G’sota!” Ee'ti speaks the original language used by the Priests in the days the Phoenix was made to keep it constrained. Without Motu's enlist the entire mission would cease to exist and all life is at stake. To blaze a trail this deep in space, the Phoenix flames will maintain light and heat in place. The draft from its flight pulls the ship close enough to keep the pace. At this speed, the trip is almost a breeze in the race.
ROCKET SHIP Now the ship shape and date, reserved for Ee'ti to navigate is not of the average make. This Craft is built for space patrol, possibly even black holes but no soul has ever surpassed those goals so now the task is at toll. The Tyrant grants his best ship for the next trip. Extra equipped and big enough to attach a second lift. Wunda had high hopes of staying awake long enough to watch the planets pass by the window. Until then, the Water World 2 and Water World 3 planets had only been seen through telescopes. Solar system apparatus flying so far satisfying. HUNT LIKE SCAVENGER, FOR MONTHS ON THE CALENDAR The Rocketship carries two pods for long nods, plus an assimilation chamber to maintain muscle conditioning and training on the job. The biggest fear is that the dragon hunt could last months, if not years. Luckily lyrictricity powers the gears. While waiting for everything to line up, the Conquistador army grows more powerful with every night run considered a triumph. Wunda is a believer that the options for success linger on one finger. The fate of the world rest on the shrine prophecy rhyme echoing in his mind.
What is the black hole? A taker of souls? Space debris all moving towards the same goal? At a certain distance, the ship boss is no longer using its own equipment to lift off. Everything including time seems to slow down as they drift along. The outside temperature is extremely cold but the Phoenix flames remain boldly gold until lo and behold, the darkness puts everything on hold. Nothing exists, except the bubble of light that encompasses the Phoenix and ship. For a few minutes, the light that radiates from Motu slips into the abyss. During this time, the outside temperature shifts while inside the technology struggles to resist. Once the Bird is fully emerged in the event horizons curve, the passengers begin to briefly brrr. Unaware of what's next to occur, they brace for the worst. Behind, the lights from the Universe seem to reverse. Ahead, the dark blurs from adjective into verb. USED TO BE FLY Ee'ti and Wunda came too far to be afraid. The ship flew straight behind Motu who obeyed the blueprint laid. Flying ahead of the ship provides a bubble like field of heat waves that lit the immediate space but not more than 50 meters away. Hopefully the distraction would capture the dragon like feeding it bait. Ee’ti remembers lesson number one. She calls the dragon by it's secret name, “Margonos!” But not a sound came. She tried, “Emic G’sota!” But the results were the same. It's almost as if the beast awaited to greet them with grace, close enough for the Phoenix flames to paint beams on its face. Wunda's heart beat speeded into a race as he saw how it's huge wings hung in place. Not even a chase. What the Dragon hunters don't expect to checklist is a monstrous body with two fire breathing faces teeming with rage.
Is this Margonos? Are there more dragons or did they underestimate? Is it possible that Celph used ancient magic to grow an additional Dragon head on its neck brace to checkmate? The wrong dragon could increase the death rate. They were expecting the ship to play escort like a beast in parades, but that thinking could lead to the grave. The two headed beast was behaving strange, like one head is demon in the brain. This seem to distract the other head from thinking straight. Ee'ti and Wunda looked at each other at the same time and said, "Good thing we brought the blade." But the sound never escaped. With just minutes to gestate, Wunda thinks this will be the most important guess he ever had to make. As long as the demon brain persuades, the true dragon will remain in the Black hole shade. Oh no! The two headed beast fades out of range of the flames glow in the same slow-mo. Motu tries to follow but the visibility is so low, and motion so slow, there is no way to know where to go. As they wait for the next moment to anticipate their opponent, Slanglava can be seen projecting from the right side head, necks to shoulders, instantly frozen into Slang boulders. The impact sends the soldiers flying over the systems controllers. Ee'ti engages the motors but they only move slower. The impact of the lava rocks sent shock to the mainframes lyrictricity block. The whining alarm clock and blinking red dots indicated potential harm working. Ee'ti was sure to be on the lookout for live wires crossing paths, and the potential of blown circuits. She noticed the sensory super auxiliary was located higher. The current situation sparked a fire that required an extinguishing blow dryer. Ee'ti had always been frank about safety measures during flight. She strung herself to the base of a pipe so she could kite towards the blinking lights. Like sitting on death row, with little time to spare she floated in her air chair, executing repair and replacing fuses with care. Too focused to feel her leg was hurt, she rounded wires with megahertz grounded until no buzz buzz sounded. The Rocket ship controls were intuitive for a freestyle innovator with minimum training to re-fuse the power generator as easy as replacing a nine volt battery. Sixty seven amplifiers reactivated. Results regard recharging the Rocket ships lyrictricity capacity to perform with thunderbolt accuracy. In the black hole field...
Beheaded 02:49
The electromagnetic feel had no force for real. Polarity has no appeal in this one way deal. THE SHUFFLE Wunda changes into a special suit handsomely designed to withstand extreme temperature tantrums. He grabbed a rope lasso, grapple and the Slang Blade by its handle and then scrambled for the boombox capsules with Ee'ti the Admiral also admirable in battle mode like the Alamo. Fast to load, they hit the deck and eject from the travel hull. The magical animals withstand the cold as they navigate the black of the hole in actual float. If they could get close enough to play tote, Wunda could rewind from behind and press play on the Slang Blade, quoted to maim throats and reclaim hope for the estranged globe. MUST HAVE BEEN DRUNK The force of the black hole was taking a toll and making them slow. Under normal circumstances Margonos could raise up with folding wings as a dangerous foe able to roll, dive by way of its nose and split flames when it blows. Motu maintaining her glow enabled them both to make an approach. Wunda waited to bolt and make his assault. The left head debated the host. The Right head stayed in revolt aiming to roast. Fast forward, Ee'ti weighed in the most by playing her boombox capsule straight into both. Without pause, Wunda ejected from his station with the Blade and the rope trained in his hold, aiming to mount the Dragon and scale up its bones. He wrapped the chain around the frame he rode. The Slang blade pierced the throat and the left side moaned. The neck was severed at the shoulders which made the hexed dragon sober. Wunda said, “Emic G’sota!” as he rode him.
Inside the Hole's black dungeon, the Spaceship's mechanical function was absent for luncheon. In slow motion both animals could thrust in, but only the Dragon could tug them from within the Black Holes clutches. The power of the Phoenix's subtle red glowing colored bubble guided the shuttle with no trouble. It was the first to disappear before Margonos muzzle until it's capsule luggage reentered the universal puzzle. Some sail away, is a small sum to say in rebuttal.


DESCRIPTION (general):

More revelation inspires conversations that support fortification of relations. This foundation and preparation is needed to make the journey to unknown destinations beyond imagination. Soul searching requires faith in the most difficult situations, even Black hole domination.


Audo Khans
Phoenix Center
Rocket ship
Black Hole


14 tracks
27 minutes

DESCRIPTION (subliminal):


Ears Apart


Human vs Elements
Fire vs Water
Earth vs Air
Sound vs Silence
Light vs Dark
Fear vs Faith

PROPHECY (songs):

The Assembly

Slang Blade



Masters of the Universe

Dragon Slayer



ALL IS MINES - the mine filled landscape where captured slaves work for Celph under the watch of the Bird seer's bath lake.

AN - means protect or protected, and is a title accepted by Tereem and Onymous well respected.

AD - abbreviated parts for after dark.

AUDO KHAN - home of King Kared, the Tyrant who rules with benevolent merits.

BIRD ISLAND - A volcanic Island housing gems and hosting slave camps patrolled by Celph’s foul fowl friends. .

BIRD SEER - Large predatory birds that patrol the slave camps on Bird Island who never take cat naps.

BD - abbreviated parts for before dark.

EMIC G'SOTA - Known as the dragon sender.. It literally translates as, "Every mic I clinch, gets sent on this adventure."

FIRE TRAPPING - the Conquistador practice of burning shelters with people contained, who are captured in chains if they escape the flames.

KGB - abbreviated party for Kush Governing Body.

KIGPUSH - An uninhibited arctic Island of ice, whiter than rice.

KUSH - The First Empire to emerge, domesticate herds and herbs, dominate written words, master metals that merge and maintain splurge.

LIVE FUNERAL - when the underground ‘room and pillar’ mines collapse with quick sands of time and the miners inside buried alive.

LUPUS - A constellation in the southern part of the sky, that resembles a wolf. In Kush mythology, the Wolf deity Oge was cursed and chained to the sky, to assist the hunters eye.

LUZU - a tribal mix, that lives in the jungles of Tuwosiks.

MC - abbreviation short for Mighty Conquistadors.

MIS’ - A title given to Kush Kings and Queens to honor their beings.

NEW YAK CITY - Grand peninsula land, capital city of Yakistan.

OGE - A Wolf-god from Kush mythology who inspired Celph’s ideology..

PHOENIX CENTER - a temple near Audo Khan where the Phoenix is certain and the power of it’s flames harnessed for worship.

RHYTHM AND VIBE - a division of time that measures in binary vibes .

ROOM AND PILLAR - underground rooms built for mining skills drilled.

SSA - powerful phantoms created from magic fire and shadows.

SLANG BLADE - the legendary sword, prophesied to kill the Wolf lord and cut open the Sun from darkest of forms.

SLANG-OLOGIST - the Kushite priest trained to study the properties of slang.

SPOOKS (spontaneous peoples on other kinds of sh!t) - A tribe that migrated major push from KUSH and settled West on the continent in the bush.

SUBTERRANEOUS - an all around labyrinth of underground tunnels up and down.

TIHIR - a greeting in Sand Language that means to present your best self. The translation is literally meant as, "This is how I represent."

TRACKEZOID - Ancient trapezoidal temple built big, that precursor the triangle pyramids.

TUWOSIKS (206) - An Island-Peninsula resource mostly covered by a dense rainforest.

WOLVES AND FARMERS - a childhood game popular, similar to cops and robbers

YAKISTAN - Cold tundra home of Wunda.

ZHAO - A peninsula island deadly silent.


AN-ONYMOUS (anonymous) - Boy King of Kush dynasty

CELPH (self) - A half man, half wolf incarnate of Oge, the ancient Wolf-god.

EE'TI (E.T.) - an orphan girl who trains to become the baddest soldier in Water World.

HAN (here and now) - Wicked General of the Mighty Conquistador army of criminals.

HU-IZZY - King of Kush dynasty

JINNI - Oggie and Wunda's imaginary mother.

KHEMO SABI - King of Kush dynasty

KING KERED - The Tyrant who uses his technology to help forge the legendary Slang Blade properly.

LOFAT (lyrics over fat @ss tracks) - founder and first King of Kush

MIS' TEREEM-AN (mystery man) - Queen of Kush dynasty

MIS' TERHIDE (Mr Hyde) - Queen of Kush dynasty

MOSNAR (ransom) - Wunda’s childhood friend who was captured and enslaved on Bird Island to mine for gems.

N'ROBLITS (stillborn)- hybrid features, half cat, half gorilla demon creatures.

OBO (Original born ones) - A monkey Key with opposable thumbs.

OGE (ego) - ancient Wolf deity, reincarnated as Celph seemingly.

OGGIE - Wunda's younger brother.

OHNEE BELLO - King of Kush dynasty

POZE - a Kushite priest and favorite go-to in the Trackezoid temples whose powerful magic birthed Margonos. It's believed that he also fathered Motu.

MOTU (masters of the universe) - The Phoenix, cools the planet with clouds that quench thirst..

MARGONOS (Sonogram) - The Dragon protecting the planet is part of the plan.

SIN SEER - An evil wizard who teaches Celph magic that compels people to listen.

SSA (Saaya) - powerful phantoms, made from magic fire and shadows.

LUPUS (constellation)- The wolf constellation is the Curse of Oge, chained in space for public disgrace

MASEEVA MONKS (massive monkees) - A group who migrated from Kush, to preserve their beliefs, culture and skills high in the Beak in Hills.

MIGHTY CONQUISTADORS - army of conquered souls then reprogrammed to conquer men, animals and djinn.

MONK-KEY - advanced primates who train tough with the Maseeva Monks preparing for the battles to wake up.

ROBAL (labor) - A gorilla Key from Tuwosiks place to be.

SABLIMINO - Patriarch of the Sand people and grandfather of Ee’ti.

SAND PEOPLE - a tribe in rhythm and vibes ancient, that migrated from Kush and settled in the deserts near an Oasis.

SUTEF (Fetus) - The abbot of the Maseeva Monks, teaching deep in the rainforest trees and trunks.

TOT (Train of thought) - A Maseeva Monk responsible for training the Keys to punch.

TYRANT - King Kered

WUNDA - the protagonist also known as One Man Army.

YASNY (you ain't seen nothing yet) - Wunda's Grandmother, since the last time he checked.

YBAB (Baby) - A childhood friend of Wunda who was captured and sent to Bird Island. Also Mosnar's younger brother.


released October 31, 2019


Story written (literally on a flight from Cairo) by:
Nahshid Sulaiman aka One Be Lo aka OneManArmy

Narration by:
GNRLsbLMNL aka OneManArmy

Beat production and fx:
OneManArmy (Trackezoids, Autocons)

Audio Recording and Mixing:
Blaine Coffee (Phoenix)
MVG (Autocons) in multiple cities.

ConductorWilliams (KC,Mo)

Naim ibn Nahshid (Cairo, Eg)

Constellation and Map illustrations:
Savera Iftikhar (Chicago) and Nahshid Sulaiman

Cooper Neil (Colorado)

Cover graphic layout:
Cooper Neil







all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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