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Artwork: The Sand Foundation is a collective of Artists, co-founded by four siblings named Diaab, Naim, Sadaqa and Ayah Sulaiman. These young artists paint, draw, write stories, poetry, produce beats, design clothes, recipes and use whatever ideas they think of to express their individual creativity. Naim came up with the name S.A.N.D. based on the first letters in their names:

Sadaqa also pointed out that S.A.N.D. is also the first letter of their birth months:


The Sand Foundation encourages literacy, creativity and entrepreneurship amoung youth. This Saturday piece, drawn by Sadaqa and Naim after I sent them a spread sheet full of ideas for a forthcoming book that I am writing called 'I know why the black boy sings.' At their own discretion, they picked different subjects and translated them into their own voice. Many youth look forward to Saturday after every school week. As Homeschooler scholars and artists, Saturday is symbolic of everyday being a new day that we look forward to because even work is play. There are many people who don't have as much time, but it's always good to make whatever time you can for things that are important to you. Even if it's only a Saturday.

6. BORN on Saturday

Born on Saturday is a feel good track. Besides the throbbing baseline, this song is easy like a Saturday morning.

"Creation from Lo and Bean
We' making it for the streets
We rage against the machine
I pray I stay in my deen
Bust a cold sweat,
And wake up from a dream
Every day is the Seventh day of the week"



Verse 1

I remember back in the day
my stay was on the East
My game was on the court,
them players was' on a streak
Them books get me the grade,
but i ain't wanna read
It's too many kittens to chase,
and I ain't on a leash
Some people smile in ya face,
if they could only reach
For the blade,
when you turn around,
make it so you bleed
And even when ya physical heal,
remember 'Shids advice...
Even Christ had traitors on his team
They make it so it seems like,
They was only clean like,
You was only trippin'...
Vacation on a beach
Sometimes I use the N word, they don't give a bleep
Yo I'm saying what you thinking, I just say it over beats
I know you feeling my pain, but you ain't gonna scream
She seen me back in the day, but she ain't wanna speak
She see me rapping today, she think I want a freak
But she gotta go...
Her tank is on the E
I gotta flow,
So, them babies gonna eat
Creation from Lo and Bean
We making it for the Streets
We rage against the machine
I pray I stay on my deen
Bust a cold sweat...
And wake up from a dream
everyday is the second day of the week

Verse 2

It ain't a style that I can't touch
Some big shit dropping on the mic
To the point that I can't flush
The flow I maintain so stainless,
I can't rust
Got all the heads waving at me like a Dianne brush
Got all the labels waving contracts, but I can't trust
Anybody with pennies, prolly would sign that stuff
You'll be lucky if you make a quarter back
on the line, hut-hut
Full blitz you with the five man rush
Bullshit you with the right hand clutch
Hand shaking with the Devil now ya' soul needs a fireman truck
With hose and water leaking out the hydrant-
Groupie hoes sneaking out the Hyatt
Black gold written on papyrus
You would think One Be Lo fingers got the Midas
Beware of all the Pirates
One eye open even asleep,
Everyday is the seventh day of the week

Verse 3

During the week,
Most people got school or careers
Minds roaming elsewhere, bodies glued to a chair
Thinking, 'What they gon' do when its here?'
I'm talking 'bout the weekend
Warriors be like the Zulu with spears
For some, its a time to relax or go shopping
Have a little fun or get they' night life poppin'
Morning cartoons, so the kids stay calm
Yo I had to make it into a song
Saturday, yeah


from The Original BORN ONES, released February 27, 2016
Produced By: Bean One & OneManArmy
Lyrics By: One Be Lo
Recorded in Seattle, Michigan(InkLHB), Indy 500
Mixed and Mastered by: Autocons


all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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