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by One Be Lo

verse I It’s like here it, here it comes... The Midwest... You get blessed where I’m from A different drum But you can feel it when you hear it, here it comes Generations for some, Attila Hun My lyrics recorded we hung, in the studio Sample twelves, forty five, like a quarter to one Split the pie four ways, that’s a quarter to one My cousin’s rapped for fun, had a corner to run We would run to the corner store, hard to stop Them older heads took our money, brought our liquor to the parking lot We gettin’ faded like the barbershop Cops barely missed me, barely sixteen, barely five o’clock So much time in a rebels day Somebody said the idle mind is a house where the devils play We on our own shit, never fuck with them other cats This how the pots, and the kettle’s call each other black in Pontiac verse II A part of me, it’s hard to leave, like a tree in winter A line between sweet and bitter, being free or prison Difference between street beef, and what you eat for dinner I’m somewhere between the Silverdome and Phoenix center Searching my mind... Seek and you will certainly find, to earlier times My step father working his nine to five, to overtime, sometimes to provide some light, behind curtains and blinds, we shine- Yo Yesterday used to be tomorrow Let’s take it backwards, I paint the canvas, like i’m Leonardo Southern folks moved North, Industry was Auto Now you could feed your household, whip an El Dorado Pontiac was the place General Motors employed mothers and aunts, fathers and uncles The seventies paid’em of, then economy struggled The eighties they laid’em off, now the poverty doubled Tripled Quadrupled, thousands in trouble Now it’s hard to find a good job, so we back on the hustle... credits
Play the music It all was predicted in Asteroids They came to the city to assemble the fast toys Chiefs on the warpath, killing these Yak Boys The elders in the village thinking this was a bad choice Now ears in the streets, be addicted to that noise Blue uniforms, these original bad boys Silverdome, even the Lions was in a zone Even I-75 south, roll out to Detroit Or head up to Flint with Ju, we knew the whole joint You ‘Stuck in this voodoo doll? You missed the whole point Beats organic, whole food with no oink Mary had Lebanese Lamb, they keep it so moist You still green eggs with the ham? When will they learn? From heartache burns? Plus you gotta kill tapeworms I’m kill, stealing mics in the booth, I know you like that Pontiac we go way back, Woodward and Wide Tracks
Rahlo 03:24
verse I If I’m the necks/next biggest thing, I’m the height of Girrafe’s I see you snake’s sliding in grass, and silent assassin’s Some people find me in class, or right on the ave Or in the Church where the preacher Baptize’m and splash God Bless, see the new moon, we like to go Fast Now Muhammad own a liquor store, right on the Ave Pray God guide me on my path Fake cops riding on my ass Applying a diaper on a rash Night before last, with lice in they’ hat High as a kite The Lightening gonna flash right in ya sight Tyson and fights, Michael and dance That’s how they go together the mic and my hand They turn fist, when the Titans go clash I studied life in the past Truth is the light I’m bright as a lamp Bringin’ old to the new, like the Bible in halves If I don’t like it I pass, I like what I have Like Scooby Doo, biting a snack You crumb snatchers hiking with Ants Keep climbing them stairs, ‘til I reach the stars in the air King with a Queen braiding her hair Had a dream how the enemy invaded my heirs, They stay in my prayers verse II What’s the difference between Obstacles and potholes Rosco and waffles Rahlo Bravado or Pablo Picasso Competition enemy, Smooth Ice Cream, Rocky Road to victory I beat Apollo or Drago Adidas with shell tops, To Dell Microchips That’s taco or Nacho’s Diablo or Carlos Santana guitar notes I supersize combo’s, like cargo at Costco Same arsenal as the predator, barbarian, terminator Schwartzeniggas named Arnold My temperature, One Be Lo flames, this is the Charcoal If Lo compared to the Sun Your world is like a Marble You pushing a slave ship? A whip with a car note A car load of vinyl Upload in Serato I’m Lofat, back on that ass, richer than Harpo You fat free rappers on tracks, mixing that garbo I’m tax free, government cheese You get embargo’d They wrap you with the plastic, stamp you with the bar code
Free Dumb 03:25
verse I I learned how to voice at home For attention, the food and the toys- come’ on Anything that I wanted I would wine and moan Speech unknown, my words like a secret code “Ma-ma, Da-Da” I repeat what’s shown Who is that in the background? Queen of soul I would dance to the music, body got bigger Vocab’ bigger, I would speak my own Playmates communicate Mama used to say “ease the tone” Especially when you speak to grown I was so “damn” OOPS! upside the dome If my papa heard me cuss, my hide was “ohhh” “Where yo learn how to say that? boy you wrong” I said “I overheard you talking on the phone” See it’s a whole “lotta things little kids can’t do When they grow up, they wanna be just like... Free Dumb verse II Move along to an older me Music is a J to the O to the B The world know me as a dope emcee Make girls wanna dance like Josephine A whole ‘lotta emcee’s on the scene But i’m so complete And they don’t compete When they lost their style The contract was foul WHO? WHAT? WHERE? HOW? When they’ told to speak My soul is Free Even fans wanna lock One Be Lo in a box but I hold the key Old man said “if you don’t please Then you gon’ starve And you gon’ freeze And what they gon’ do when you on the street?” I say “You really wanna know? (nope) then play these beats” I aint here to preach, toil or teach but in the soil you reap what you sow I gotta grow these seeds- Free Dumb verse III The African American Slave Names and language not the same today Back then no choice, had to pick in the sun No voice could speak in original tongue They would work and sing devoted La La Learn and this english broken Massa’ really didn’t know what was going on when he heard we was singing about Moses, like Go Down, wade in the H-2-O Look around, everybody tryna save they’ soul It’s a Negro Spiritual, maybe so Break the code, it’s time to escape and go Underground Railroads knew the verses too Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth Denmark Vessey, Nat turner too Communicated in Private “the Truth shall set you free” The same words get you murdered too Catch a run away slave in return for loot That dash... back lash... quick to get’em hung Torture the old and send a message to the young President Lincoln said “instead of run, every nigga get a gun, and you free when it’s done” A fight for the white’s, if it really is true When they’ free... they wanna be just like...
verse I On ya’ mark get set... Go with the flow All I really wanna know, is you ready for the race Ain’t gotta be like Andretti on a date We can slow dance, both hands, heavy on the waste I read it on ya’ face I’m not even illiterate a little bit, check it out, test result- ace Multiple choice, I choose all of you above anything under the sun, Umbrellas for the rain Sound foreign or strange? I conquer ya love Now we speak the same tongue, like Mexico and Spain Me head’ll go insane livin’ life without you Make Freddy wanna chase, you a dream come true You told me how your X man, slept on all your traits Who he treated like Garbage’ll never go to waste I’m taking in account you’re a treasure in the bank And my interest, one hundred percentage on the rates Caught up in the moment, not trynna get away You could trap Whodini girl I bet he won’t escape The Aisles, ring, vows, confetti and the cake Stuff like this happen, stuff Teddy get replaced verse II Just think Justice Just us Just Ice on the ring finger, you just might Be the most beautiful seen up in the sun light Love life tailormade, gotta be cut right? Silence is torture, I gotta confess I don’t think about you I think about U-S “US” in the garden, picking some fruit, YES Knight with the armor, What should I prove next? I might saddle a stallion, battle a dragon Just to get you back and practice satisfaction, the whole time But all I needed is a fraction Talk is cheap baby, I’m lights, camera, action verse III Sometimes somebody can sneak up Hit you when you least expect to see love This relationship immune to hate, Because Feelin’ it He was, Feelin’ it she was And now tongues speaking in French like “we” was telling stories about the birds and bee’s buzz, honey Knock you outta ya socks like Pinklon One-Two, put you to sleep, what was you thinking?
verse I How you think he got a deal? I don’t think about it How you think he selling records? I don’t think about it I just do me, I don’t really think about it, talk about it niether, when you see me I just be about it dope beats, dope rhymes to complete the product A lil’ shine, lil’ grind, trynna keep it polished Wanna bee’s come around, trynna peep the knowledge They wanna know the recipe, but that’s a secret topic You politickin like a Bush n-gga beat around it Head up in the clouds, frown cuz my feet is grounded Two different levels and you aint reaching ours I know you sardines think you can, but I”m eating flounder Got bigger fish to fry, corn meal and flour I prolly be the topic, when you go speak the gossip You need to go and focus on ya own thing bridge Make One Be Lo, then Break the Mould Make time Make salat Make food Make sense Make jobs Make dollars Make moves Make music Make’m dance Makin’ art Makin’ love Makin’ babies Makin’ History Makin’ Memories verse II To make a long story brief recital I met this half breed mulatto, maybe she could be the one to leash this Fido No flee surprises, finally so we decided We don’t need a ring to be your Royal Highness, King Queen united In Eden we resided I plant seeds to harvest Now congrats, He’s a father, She’s a momma, Junior needs a bottle He’ll scream regardless, but I’ll always be beside you Family key survival, when you’re older, you’ll repeat this cycle A man’s world is full of Demon rivals I see a problem I address it, she confessed she held her secret quiet To feed that fire she advised we take a test His bloodstream was not O So now the Fat lady sing soprano
Hayes Jones 01:45
I be the One And Only Widetrax the homie Got some beats he can throw me, Master of the Ceremony Never Phony or Bologna on a Hoagie or a Coney Get to know me, friend or foe, S- Word play, Shinobi Here we play for beats, play for keeps, play for trophies Run and hide with these, I take ya feet and name you Toby It’s hard enough luck, trynna bag chips slowly Cuz I stay fresh dipped, like a bowl of guacamole I make a lot of points they hating on me like Kobe tell those critics they can blow me, they can stick me, they can stone me But names never broke me, shit call me Ginobli Name matter what you state, like Missouri just show me Cheese and Macaroni, just pay me what you owe me The new Sheriff in town, I son you like Opey We don’t compare it’s hard to bare/bear like Yogi I’m a birdee, you a bogey, gettin cozy, listen closely A dope emcee was, the potency of, a Key sold to the O.G. from A local authority buggin’ a rotary phone, he totally spoke free No need for further questions, evidence or testimony I’m the One
verse I I remember back in the day, my stay was on the East My game was on the court, them players was on a streak Them books get me the grade, but I ain’t wanna read It’s too many kittens to chase, and I ain’t on a leash Some people smile in your face, if they could only reach for the blade, when you turn around, make it so you bleed And even when your physical heal, remember ‘Shid’s advice “Even Christ had traitors on his team” They make it so it seem like they was only clean like You was only trippin’ Vacation on a beach Sometimes I use the N-word, they don’t give a “bleep” Yo I’m saying what you thinking I just say it over beats I know you feeling my pain, but you aint gonna scream She seen me back in the day, but she aint wanna speak She seen me rapping today, she think I wanna freak but she gotta GO No... Her tank is on the E I gotta flow So, them babies gonna eat Creation from Lo and D We making it for the streets We rage against the Machine I pray I stay on my Din Bust a cold sweat.... And wake up from a Dream, Every day is the seventh day of the week verse II It aint a style that I can’t touch Some big shit, doppin on the mic, to the point that I can’t flush The flow I maintain so stainless, I can’t rust Got all the heads waving at me like a Diane Brush Got all the labels wavin contracts, but I can’t trust Anybody with Pennies would prolly sign that stuff You’ll be lucky if you make a Quarter Back on the line, “hutt hutt” Full blitz you with the five man rush Bullshit you with the right hand clutch Hand shaking with the devil now your soul need a fireman truck With Hose and water leaking out the Hydrant... Groupie hoes sneaking out the Hyatt... Black gold written on papyrus You would think One Be Lo fingers got the midas Beware of all the Pirates One eye open even asleep Everyday is the seventh day of the week Speak verse III During the week, most people got school or careers Minds roaming elsewhere, bodies glued to the chair Thinking “What they gon’ do when it’s here?” I’m talking ‘bout the weekend Warriors be like the Zulu with spears For some, it’s a time to relax, go shopping Have a little fun or get they’ night life poppin’ Morning cartoons so the kids stay calm Yo I had to make it into a song Saturday...yeah
This is where the robbers get ya’ jewels The coppers give you a bruise A doctor in a suit, can’t ease the pain Real killers squeeze the thang Cock the hammer, shoot bang Tropicana juice, drain Squeeze ya’ brain More bodies in the tomb lay Bottom of the food chain Columns in the newspaper, read the page A lot of people lose faith, Jesus saved Now Osama and the Crusades, lead the way Niggas gotta get the loot They lock him in his youth, age Caught up in the glue can’t leave the game No holidays for who? A pocket full of loose change Mamma twenty two, got seeds for days Mix chronic with the Brew The army gettin’ recruits No condoms in the schools Herpes and aids It’s like- Sodom in this new age, plus Gomorrah Mix Gotham City, Bruce Wayne, Plus the Joker Black market if you choose The lottery seduce Godfathers and feuds The Mafia and Jews My rocket get the fuel when I need some space Because, this type of sh-t, happens everyday
verse I When I saw you in the store that day You was looking all good, with your body on display Them dudes kept trynna put their hands on you I walked over like I was your man, and took a stand for you You’ leaving with me, them jerks is gone You say you like the way I touched you, it turned you on You was all about affection even out in the street Whisper in my ear, kiss me on the cheek You know the program, What’s your name? What’s your number ma’am? You the type to have a number memorized like the number man Photographic, you thought I was cute We could stop by my house, I could offer you juice Get you all charged up, but it aint all for nothing I wanna spend the whole night, playing with your buttons Imagination runnin’ all over the place You aint say it, but I read it all over your face verse II My friends think i’m crazy or stupid You came to my house that day, that night I let you move in Not a lot of furniture, just a couple boxes You ain’t have no where to go, one be Low on options Communication is the key We were so connected, It’s like when people talk to you they talk to me Cuz we was hanging out together going everywhere You got us kicked out the movies out in Delaware But I aint really care, where we go instead? Acting silly on the stairs, but you fell down and bumped your head It felt like the longest night, I thought your life was gone You started blinking... Then the lights came on verse III Okay some things change, some things stay the same And now you always complain, and claim how you always feel drained That’s the same way you making me feel It’s only been four weeks, and you reminding me to pay your bills You said, you was trynna live together, work togther Through the best and the worst weather, yeah whatever Clever I’m on a treasure hunt, every month, paying up Just to get you to give me just what I want ‘Cuz I don’t wanna put you down They say i’m too attached, but no matter how it sound I still need your vibe in my life You don’t need a ring to be my wife That’s the Pri-Mary Method when I write credits
verse I Let me take you to a world I represent Pilgrims aint even settled yet One hundred and ten percent indigenous Sunny days heavensent Even on rainy days, umbrella’s say I’m never wet Team never dry beans, the green’s stay ever fresh Next obvious rhyme, I never get, effortless In ya’ chest, leaving you breath-less Arrest development You never met a nigga yet? say what I rather be a nicorette Only thing, I quitted was smoking on a cigarette And I didn’t regret, paying dues I see you looking sharp, like a knife in a fight i’m going Ka Ka Ka Open fire, onamonapia auto mat-ta-tat Bust, Ivory tusk Elephants, never forget Think you can play in my shoes? Okay, ready-set-go I don’t need a gold medal on my chest To rank best, You second guess? Follow in my steps This life, a mountian Everest Blood, sweat, hella stress But, only a test, if only we prep I guess verse II I see these bars like a convict, It’s time to behold I do a track/attract like magnets With opposite poles Apocalypto I like to rip shows She park her lips low I hope she think she not a bimbo I’m launching missles I’m stomping where ever I go Flip flop or timbo’s You thieves gotta whisper that flow You gotta tiptoe Remember when the spider bit Lo? Now peep the Venom Peter Parker learned not/knot How to tie you with rope My home page web site I drop a line on your folks You wanna fly high? I make’m say good bye to that roach You die in this life, survive as a ghost My instincts, eye of the tiger It’s close to extinction, like it I don’t I’m fighting for life on the rope Like the greatest of all time is the goat Horny High off this dope It’s time to float, like a butter fly and I don’t I’m more like a catepillar, crawling on the side of the road Go
I guarantee, you ain’t never heard a flow like thiiis That’s all understood You thought it was good Take a little time to ponder this Author and book I punch lines in ya head Sing along with the hook Do calisthenics and aerobics not as often as should I flip words like Vanilla Ice, talking to Suge See us Mobb so Deep Even officers shook We move ahead, like the King, Queen, Pawn and the Rook Operation like Jesse you could call it a “Push” Walk through the hood No clan members walk in my hood I’m the freedom that promoter slave calling to book Run up on me like Toby? That’ll cost you a foot Arm and a leg My pants sag off of the tush I see you rappers like Medusa, now you rockin this look Mark Twains, got me twisted like the Oliver book They up to par, but this game like Golf and I’m Woods Can’t touch this Hammer, wish you carpenters wood/would Talk trash... I show you where the garbage is put You ain’t hardcore, floor soft as carpet I put... More bacon on the table, more Sausage to cook And it don’t matter if you build with Bricks, Sticks or Straw When this rap shit blow, hold up.... It don’t matter if you build with Bricks, Sticks or Straw When New Yak shit blow, you in the jaws of the Wolf Aowwww!!! Aowwww!!! Aowwww!!! Aowww!!!


Keep it cool kid. People usually show hate.

That was my mentality when I first started making music in high school, growing up in Pontiac Michigan. 20 years later, that motto holds a different position in the career of One Be Lo.

K.I.C.K. P.U.S.H. was birthed in the wee hours of the night, while most people were resting and preparing for the next workday. After spending long days recording and mixing the LABOR album, it felt like going to Widetrax studio afterwards was more like taking a break from the actual job. The LABOR project is very conceptual. There are many layers in that project, and I expect people to take a while to get all of it. This K.I.C.K. P.U.S.H. is a fun record. Recording it was fun because there was no pressure to do it, but we still maintain the same work ethic. At one point, Pontiac was known for manufacturing cars, that moved people all over the world. Now that the auto industry is a ghost in our town, we carry on the tradition of manufacturing music that will move people all over the globe, whether you have a car or not.

K.I.C.K. (Keep It Cool Kid) P.U.S.H. (People Usually Show Hate) represents the raw energy that inspired me to make music over 20 years ago. We were always self motivated because most people around us didn’t understand what we were doing, or had the crab in the bucket mentality. In some instances we had to KICK down doors and PUSH our way in. For everybody that understands, sounds of Nahshid originate good rhymes and music. Something to interest Lo listeners beyond original recorded networkings. Real emcee’s bring intelligent rhymes to HipHop. Language arts based on Reality. Keep it cool kid. People usually show hate. That’s the motto.


released May 8, 2012

All tracks produced by the AUTOCONS
Mixed by The Tyrant and Gas Maske Daily
Sequence and Arranged by One Be Lo
Mastered by The Tyrant

Digital book designed + created by Drew Behringer


all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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