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Washington Bullets

from C Section by One Be Lo





Washington Bullets is inspired by a famous Malcolm X speech called ‘The Ballot or the Bullet.’ I thought it was appropriate with 2020 being an election year, to take a shot at Washington.


Verse 1

Eric B for President,
I was only 9
Trump way before my time,
Adaptor for 45
Recorded live, we’ shooting before the court is tried
Referee blow the Bhbbb If ya Nikes touch the border line
It's bulls#it
but more than that
Look in the mirror like
Horace Grant (54)
Without the payback to back
Watch the play
Instantly back to back
I be never that
Goals get Shaq Attacked
Never look back in fact
Take that
Magic pass
Flame it on the glass
Inspiration ash
Language over jazz
Slang be on the caaa-vities
Hang me on the walls with plaques at least
Sounding like masterpiece
Beethoven actually
Deffer/Deafer than his whole faculty
Y'all ain't hearing me
Smearing me
Magic, Eazy E
I'm the F'n G
Major on the bassline
Confusing my Harold Minor
Organized my thoughts in the Prince
and the Pharoah writings
Carry all the weight
on my own two
Tar Heels,
Christmas carol lines
for the cold assignment
One Be Lo, Dissarm
Symmetric kaleidoscope
Subterraneous, Armenians
West coast to Cairoast to coast

Verse 2

Couldn’t recall the mother lands name
and all her fame
think it's all a shame?
Slaveships crossin’ wit chains
had me lost in the game
I thought I left all my pain,
when I stepped off the plane
Isa walked on the water
yesterday I walked in rain

Gray clouds in the heavens even wet believers
See the bloodshed like crosses,
hanging on necklace pieces
In the name of religious thinking,
rejecting demons
pledge allegiance,
Grand Auto theft in Egypt

They say it's legal
So no court is accepting your grievance
Stay on the tip of my tied tongue,
like never speaking
So after enforcing their Arabic, French and the English
Americans and Europeans be checking for visa’s
They say our history repeats but it's never repeated
Many Lessons I'm positive,
but it's negative teachers
They disrespect my grandfathers,
nephews and nieces
Hear me telling people that Kush,
Was a hell of a Kingdom

Before the Moors ruled Spain for 800 seasons
Before Haile Selassie or Rastas getting weeded
Before Junior was Martin Luther or King Dreaming
Thinking alarmed freedom
Bullets ringing
To harm Lincoln


from C Section, released July 30, 2020
Lyrics: One Be Lo
Beat: Dissarm
Arrangement: One Be Lo and Dissarm
Mixing: Dissarm
Mastering: Wiz1der


all rights reserved



One Be Lo Pontiac, Michigan

One Be Lo is a HipHop writer/emcee/producer from Pontiac Michigan, currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Contact One Be Lo if interested writing, production, performances, book readings or workshops.

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